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  1. I brought these out a while back and they went over very well. I found a nest of Combat carts breeding in a corner of my basement and harvested the chips for projects, tinkering, target practice, etc. $2.00 each or three for $4.00 Price includes shipping!
  2. Right! Every labelless-PB cart I've ever seen is a Frogger. That's what happened to all the Hulk protos... they're Froggers now! ("I'm chaaaaannngggiiiinnngggg!!!!") You guys hit both nails with the same hammer! I hate to jump on the bandwagon, but Parker Bros. is the worst I have ever seen for just giving up and turning nudist. I keep a glue stick on that shelf specifically for any PB carts I find in the wild. (I have three with no labels--you betcha! FROGGER!!) Also, I have yet to find an Apollo with an end label
  3. I have a pile of combat carts that I have harvested the chips from for *ahem* other reasons Does anyone still need these for their own productions?
  4. As I've said before, the beauty of the older games is the actual game play. We didn't have those awesome graphics, so we had to get by on actual content! I'll take old, blocky graphics and quirky sound effects any day over a game with no plot or point.
  5. Last chance coming up on auctions
  6. Oh, by the way... If you win one of my auctions, message me with your Atariage username and I'll discount your shipping
  7. Some more crunchy, Atari Goodness. . . All I can say is ' ' to eBay. For games, anyway, I'm done. Too many non-paying no-shows and way too many costs. After these auctions are over, all my Atari stuff is going to CTCW. eBay is just too big to be fun anymore.
  8. Two gone Auctions are coming up too... Check them here!
  9. First game I got was 'Slot Racers'. Pack-in was 'Target Fun'. First game played? Activision's Grand Prix! w00t!
  10. Hello again! As before, these are all mostly commons. One buck for most, fifty cents for some, as listed. All work, guaranteed. If you want pics of anything, PM me, please. *Price does NOT include shipping* Shipping costs will be actual price, as determined by USPS.com per your zip code and preferred method. I WILL, of course, combine shipping on multiple items. Thanks in advance! Carts with Less than fair-excellent labels--$1.00 each Frogs & Flies x2 Space Attack x2 Air-Sea Battle Asteroids Berzerk x3 Big Bird's Egg Catch Breakout Bowling Centipede Circus Atari Crystal Castles Defender x3 Demons to Diamonds Dodge 'Em Indy 500 Kangaroo Missile Command Phoenix Realsports Baseball x2 Realsports Football x2 Slot Racers Space Invaders x3 Star Raiders x3 Super Breakout x2 Swordquest Earthworld Target Fun Video Olympics Video Pinball x2 Warlords x2 Yars' Revenge Donkey Kong x2 Freeway x2 Laser Blast Q-bert Strawberry Shortcake -- SOLD These Carts all have either severe end-label damage or no label at all-- $.50 each Air-Sea Battle Berzerk Circus Atari Cookie Monster Munch Frogger Haunted House Ms. Pac Man Outlaw Pac Man Popeye Vanguard Video Olympics
  11. Most likely. I'm just going to keep both, as they are a curiosity
  12. I have been and ever shall be an Atari addict, but sometimes I like to play those other systems too... I have spent most of today reorg-ing my collection, and now I'm diving into the NES, SNES, Genesis, etc. Are there any other places like our little community here that cater to those systems with such detail? I'm about to wear myself out finding the info I want without having to go through a bunch of 'drill-down' sites, or on colloquial forums where the general mood is to laugh first and answer questions later when people ask about systems older than the average member.
  13. I have to vote 'economy' on this one, too. I've been out of work for three months now and, though I have a job starting up in December, you still have to pay bills. I have been limiting my sell-off to duplicates, as I have thinned the collection down to a few systems that I am still really rabid over (i.e. 2600, NES, SNES). I'm hanging onto my Jaguar, even though I only have one game for it. I really only bought it as a curiosity, but I haven't given up on finding carts in the wild. Has anyone else come to hate eBay lately?
  14. Good show and good idea. There's no real "science" involved, but they may get to blow stuff up. Wasn't much science when they were looking for Hoffa. At least they would be searching for technology
  15. See? Now THAT's the mentality that I have. Bullox to what the rairity guide says. I have kept some of my original carts rather than take ones with better-looking labels just because they have been with the group the longest. I collect to play, not just to view safely from the other side of a protective case! Then it sounds like you've already made up your mind... generally, I feel the same way. I don't have a lot of interest in the newer variations, but will keep them if I get them. I want complete NTSC boxes for original releases, have zero interest in the late grey boxes, etc. Still, since you have them both, and neither is worth much (the torn label old one probably approaching valueless), I'd just keep them both. But then, I collect #, text, and pic variations, so... Speaking of... I am still missing four of the original nine # carts. I need 12, 03, 11, and 61. Will trade
  16. See? Now THAT's the mentality that I have. Bullox to what the rairity guide says. I have kept some of my original carts rather than take ones with better-looking labels just because they have been with the group the longest. I collect to play, not just to view safely from the other side of a protective case!
  17. Here's one that may have been asked before, but I can't find reference to it... I have a couple of Star Ship carts. They are both the large yellow text labels, but the end labels are different. One is yellow, one is white. At first, I thought it might just be faded, but normally you see some type of color left behind, or the black background would be sort of reddened. Both end labels have the same label ID number engraved in them. Ideas?
  18. True on both counts. Not only was I torn, but so is the end label on the older one. Hey, keilbaca, Long time no hear!
  19. Okay... Homerun picture label from 1988 Homerun picture label from 1978 ????? I'm torn. Which would you rather keep in your core collection? Sorries. Letting my inner dork out
  20. Arguably, the slik stik was one of the sturdiest constructed sticks for the 2600 (from a concept standpoint, anyway). . . Has anyone else had any issues with theirs just deciding it didn't want to work anymore? I had one from the early days that decided it no longer wanted to go right. In the last few months, I've gotten my hands on five more that don't work in one or more directions. I've even tried to buff the contact points and ball with emory cloth. Is the universe against me, or have others suffered this?
  21. What are the dimensions on an FII's case? I haven't been able to lay hands on one. I do have some woody and vader cases that have no internal organs, right now. . .
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