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  1. You're right. I'm going to be adding more carts to the list this afternoon. I may bundle these with some others to make it worthwhile.
  2. Commercial, shommercial. . . I remember that Christmas fondly.
  3. I know this is a bit off the wall, but I stumbled across two Ford transponder keys that have never been cut. I don't have a Ford anymore, so they're useless to me. Both are Ilco # H72-PT. These will work for some Ford trucks and some mustangs, and there are other crossovers too. I figured I'd ask here before putting them on eBay. These retail for $25. I'll let them go for $11 each, including shipping. Thanx! Bob W.
  4. Shipping to that zip code (1st class) is $1.51. Call it two bucks, even for the works shipped
  5. Yes, friends, using the poor economy and a changing work environment as an excuse to hit the 'career reset button' I have embarked on a multi-month vacation, of sorts. My new position begins two weeks into next month, but the mortgage still has to be paid, so I'm liquidating some of my usual standby ATARI stock. None of these carts are remarkable (the only one above a 3 on the rairity guide is Pitfall II in one of the ebay auctions), but all are playable. Most are in excellent shape, while some have marginally plaquey to horrid labels. If you want to see individual pics, let me know. Questions, likewise. Prices on this list are negotiable, as I will give a break to people buying large quantities, and as most of you who have bought from me know, I do actual postage rates, and not that eBay 'I'm gonna make a massive profit on my shipping' crap. I will combine shipping, too. Auctions are here Lists are below the pics. Thanks! prices marked do not include shipping This is an eight-cart binder labeled with the Imagic-style font. Close inspection of the edge will reveal a small split on the crease. It still seems sound, but I wouldn't let the kids play with it SOLD ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These are all in fair to great condition, label wise: Chopper Command -- $2.00 Fishing Derby -- $2.00 Fishing Derby -- $2.00 River Raid -- $2.00 River Raid -- $2.00 Pitfall -- $2.00 Grand Prix -- $2.00 Barnstorming -- $2.00 Stampede -- $2.00 Kaboom -- $2.00 Star Voyager -- $2.00 Cosmic Ark -- $2.00 Trick Shot with manual -- $2.00 (not Pictured, but in the same condition as the rest) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These carts are in a little worse shape, label wise: River Raid -- $1.00 Pitfall -- $1.00 Chopper Command -- $1.00 Starmaster -- SOLD ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These hurt to look at, but they play well. Free to a good home--just pay shipping Message me or email with questions. Thanks!
  6. M-Network sucks monkeybutt for storage and the like... Plus, I do miss a good label.
  7. As I've stated before on numerous occasions, Circus Atari is Frakking addictive!!! I actually never owned the game until a couple of years back when we got our hands on my wife's old collection of carts. I've been hooked ever since. What the h-e-double-hockeysticks were they thinking of when Jakks Pacific put that game on a joystick controller?
  8. perhaps there intention was eight in the slots and one in the console? maybe they just couldn't fathom someone ever wanting to put all of their games and console away for awhile Smeg. . . I never thought of that
  9. This may have been hit on before and I just missed it. Did Atari ever come out with a cart holder bigger than eight slots in the early days? I've come across several over the years and they've all been either eight slot or interlocking eights. TEN would have been a logical choice. It seems odd that all of the cart organizers were always eight slots when their initial offering of game carts was nine. . . Just a thought...
  10. That has to be it. The other one he has is only 8 cents.
  11. *looks around* You know, somewhere around here, I have a text copy of superman...
  12. The first link is working now. I've added some game packages to the auction list too!
  13. Okay, It appears that link isn't working. Until eBay updates its site, here are the individual links: Atari VCS 4 switch Sega Genny System Enjoy
  14. Okays, I'm running kind of late with my Christmas auctions, so these are just up for five days, to give me plenty of shipping time. Check back over the next couple of days, as I will be adding items. Thanks!! My Christmas Giftage Auctions!!!
  15. I agree. The playstation is very flat when it comes to retrogamers. Could be the fact that the PS2 is reverse compatible to most all of the PS1 games. I'm sure we'd be seeing more of the same with the 2600 if it was just a cookie-cutter system and the 7800 had done well enough to have lasted longer than it did. Of course, with the 2600, you still have the 'love of your first game system' and so many variants to choose from which, in itself, is a cause to make collectors need a drool bib.
  16. When I think about Atlantis II, I touch myself. I honestly do. WAY too much info.
  17. Halfway bump. If anyone from Atariage wins this auction, I'll throw in a notebook PC carrybag, gratis.
  18. Well, it finally happened. I have to upgrade, thanks to work and school demands. My old internet cruiser is up for bids on eBay. Here's the specs... Mobile AMD Athlon 4 1.19GHz processor Windows XP DVD-Rom drive PRISM 3 IEEE802.11b wm168 wireless LAN adapter 14.1" XGA TFT Display Dual full-duplex Direct Sound Channels One parallel port One S-vidio TV out port Video port for external VGA analog monitor 4 USB 2.0 ports Mic in, headphone jacks with adaptor for 5.1 channel SP/DIP support SiS AGP4X Video controller RJ-45 Jack for LAN RJ-11 Jack for fax/modem External AC adapter/charger 4-cell Li-Ion battery pack All manuals and recovery discs from the manufacturer System measures 13.14" (W) x 10.78 (D) x 1.33" (H) System weighs approximately 6 lbs with battery and DVD Rom installed (less packing/shipping materials) And here's the auction link... Crunchy eBay Coolness!! Thanks in advance!!
  19. Don't remind me. K-mart really sucked about that. I don't have a single CD from that era that doesn't have a cracked case from trying to take that damned thing off.
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