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  1. Just a bump We're at ten hours and counting, so don't miss out!
  2. Maybe he's a really good cook? Steven Segal before he got all horky and pretentious?
  3. If it was an actual Heavy Sixer, most (?) of those had no channel select switch. I believe these were factory set to operate on channel 3 (It has been a while since I've had mine hooked up). I have had problems with the newer carts working on a Heavy Sun before. Solaris woudn't give me the time of day, but I could play Cannon Man all night. Try testing the power supply and make certain your connections are all good. As old as the console is, if it were used a lot around pets and children, it could be that the power adapter has been uncerimoniously removed on more than one occasion
  4. Same here (though techincally, if the rumors are true, Atari killed atari by not buying out Nintendo when they had the chance) Transformers...and Atari. Those were the days. WTF version of Megatron is that supposed to be anyways? I'm not familiar with it at all. That's a Happy Meal version of Megatron from the recent new live action movie. He's not in most of the movie, just thawed out for the final battle. Doesn't have many lines, but he sounds like Agent Smith. Here's an image of Megs: http://us.i1.yimg.com/img.movies.yahoo.com...00493880518.jpg I haven't seen the movie yet. What does he transform into? A giant wad of twisted metal?
  5. You know those little epiphanies you get out of nowhere? I had one today. My son was playing with a little bit of plastic he got a little while back from Sandwitch Monarch . It was the Megatron action figure pictured here: A Transformers collector from the early days, I took a closer look, wondering what the heck they'd done to Megatron for this new movie. Turning him around, I was perplexed to see what? An ATARI Fuji on Megatron's ass?!! Of course, I drew the only conclusion possible... ATARI didn't collapse. The best parts of it left this world to conquer the Universe! Peace Through ATARI Tyrrany!!!!
  6. Yes, I AM still alive!! It's been a while, but I'm back with some 'new' stock. Check out these auctions: Crunchy eBay Auction Goodness!! Also, for you guys who've been asking, I have more of the circuitboard keychains. I'll post some pics later, but I have some made from actual cartridge guts!!!! Stay tuned. . .
  7. It's always in the back of everyones' mind. We just try to sing really loud in our heads and ignore it. Just like George Plimpton's swimming pool foundation of 2600 carts
  8. I remember that one, but can't remember if it sold or not? Didn't they want like 150? Yeah! It sold the 1st or 2nd day it was up! Wasn't that the one that also had the SNES game description in the listing?
  9. Shameless bump. Just over seven hours left!
  10. I can tell you that, because of the nature of the items I trade in (mostly retrogaming, some systems), eBay ate up a good chunk of my profits last year in FVFs and the overall monthly charge. If you have good-selling items to auction in good numbers, you will probably do well. If you're looking to sell a bunch of small items (carts, cards, etc.), you'd probably be better off building your own internet store. With sites like freewebs.com and the like, it is pretty easy to do. I am in the process of doing this, myself, though I still use eBay for the occasional auction. My store, under construction. Pardon my dust, and please don't step on the duck.
  11. This week's eBay special is an Atari Junior with Carts. Junior!!
  12. Night Driver used to freak my dad out. He couldn't get over the fact that you were actually driving the road, since the car never moves
  13. I just realized that the kid in the Subway commercial playing the 'fat kid video game' is using a 2600 joystick with a 'Stick Stand' ball stuck on it
  14. But look at all the rare titles!!! When was the last time you saw Bowling?!!
  15. Just a little bump. This auction ends soon!
  16. So, did you have to run around the Obelisk to reset the game? Arcade-style play and exercise, too
  17. It's that time of year. . . Spring is in the air, the kids are a few weeks away from summer vacation, and it's time to liquidate some of the systems I've had around for a while. First up is a nice, little Vader with sticks, paddles and five games.(Okay, prolly we can say 4 games, since everyone here has a thousand 'Combat' carts ) Freaky-Clean Vader System!
  18. Oh, sure. . . Now they have them. I've already drilled and soldered! Just kidding. Thanks for the heads-up
  19. It's called 'built in demand'. OEM-specific parts means two things: 1) No one else can make them, since they are a copyrighted design, therefore, 2) You have to buy replacements from ATARI, and not Rat-Shack The result: If you want to fire up your old video game console, you have to be a Gyro Gearloose or an eBay scavenger (both of which I am guilty)
  20. I have read of someone doing this before, though I can't recall where (probably in these very forums). Combat worked fine, but when a cart was inserted, they got the annoying, screaming vertical lines.
  21. Indeed! If I don't know it, I'm guaranteed to find someone in our community who does Whassamatter, Col. Sanders? Chicken?!
  22. I've gotten some bad hardware, yes, but not much that I couldn't handle. Some people have taken excellent care of their systems, though, even in storage. My last 'golden win' on eBay was a shiny-clean Sunnyvale light-sixer in a game case that their children didn't try to use as a step stool. Granted, the other day I was cleaning out a system that had a funny smell (you know the one; that 'musky-basement-smoke-filled-lounge' smell--call it 'Busky') and some former lifeforms of the insectoid variety cluttering up the inside of the console and even the inside of the joysticks Every time I recussitate one of these systems, though, I get that old feeling again. Games that didn't get lost in some convoluted backstory or require you to memorize combinations of buttons with funky symbols on them. Durable technology from a bygone era. Besides, like Omega said, there are so many games I had no idea existed until I got back into collecting. Besides, let's see one of those 'latest generation' systems take the kind of physical abuse an ATARI console can
  23. Vintage characters for me. We could argue until we were cyan in the face over which games had the best plot, premise, story, etc., but when it comes down to it, which character kicked the most pixels? Roderick Hero? Pitfall 'just who is this 'Indiana' guy, anyway' Harry? Mario? That poor, skinny guy who keeps running into electric walls? I can see it now. Can't you hear the 'good, bad, & ugly' theme, already?
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