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  1. Though my first system was a telegames light sixer, the centerpiece of my collection is a Sunnyvale I have a 7800 in our room with a wye cable for quick use of the paddles (my wife has an unnatural addiction to Super Breakout) I admitted to having a Jag in the loosest sense, as I have only played AVP and Pitfall on it. When the gameroom is fully constructed, it will have a place of honor
  2. Bump--> Just at a half hour and an hour left, respectively
  3. Nice uniform. The people who deliver my packages never look like that. I wonder if she's covered in the delivery charge?
  4. "Last Gen". . . Sort of has a vague air of finality, don'tcha think?
  5. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...p;rd=1&rd=1 http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...p;rd=1&rd=1 Just a couple of bundles from cleaning out my hobby space.
  6. You make it sound like Atari collecting is some sort of business venture In the end, isn't it? The fact that we do this for enjoyment doesn't take away from the fact that we're all engaging in the 'buy/sell/trade' game. Granted, we aren't all so deluded as to try to sell some of our stash for obscene prices. Uh ..... No! Not all of us. For some of us Atari is a hobby, not a profit making undertaking, which is how you would classify industry. Point taken. For me, it's just an avenue for affording more atari stuff
  7. You make it sound like Atari collecting is some sort of business venture In the end, isn't it? The fact that we do this for enjoyment doesn't take away from the fact that we're all engaging in the 'buy/sell/trade' game. Granted, we aren't all so deluded as to try to sell some of our stash for obscene prices.
  8. You mean there's no way you could do that. Because I did it! I, as well
  9. This is not my usual bag, but I picked these up for a good price from one of my usual outlets. These are soft, protective MP3 cases with built-in speakers that let you listen with no ear buds. I use one, myself, and they're great for the gym or game room (assuming you don't have a megabuck sound system installed And, no, the MP3 player is NOT included $12.00 shipped, I think, within the U.S.
  10. This whole thing reminds me of an exchange I had with a Circuit City employee when I was on the prowl for a TV connector switch for my Jag. Of course, I could have gotten one easily from eBay, but I wanted to play now, dangit! Suffice to say, it's a little hard for someone born in the Playstation era to grasp the fact that sound and video were both carried by just a single cable. Hey! I think I just felt a new liver spot pop out. *ugh*
  11. RiffRaff failed to mention the dangerously addictive effects of Circus Atari
  12. Atariage is responsible for the worsening of my condition, but not the sickness itself. I have always been a 'game head', though not anywhere near as deep as some I've run across. I play anything I can get, but the 2600 and the early PC games have a warm spot in my heart. My collection is still under 200 carts for the 2600, as I collect to play, rather than display. I also have NES, SNES, and Sega Genny collections, though they are much smaller. I have picked up a Jag with a couple of games out of curiosity, and I'm also starting to pick on PS1. Both those systems and their contemporaries passed me by when I was in my 'Starflight' and 'Leisure Suit Larry' days. As far as how much I play today; It's not nearly as often as I would like. Those marathons that ensue when we have the chance, though. . .
  13. My dad used to complain horribly that the games looked nothing like the artwork on the cart Thank God Activision came along. Truth in advertising!
  14. I've also got a Sears Sunnyvale model in my collection, now, as well
  15. These were pretty common. Sears always had strange model numbers. Our first 2600 console was the Sears light sixer. If I remember correctly, we got it Christmas of '82. Not long after that, my grandparents got themselves the four-switch model, as my grandmother had gotten herself addicted to Pac-man and, later, River Raid. In fact, we shopped at Sears so much, I'm hard-pressed to remember the first time I saw an actual ATARI console
  16. Grab a router, dremmel tool, and some plywood and build from scratch. One of these days I'm going to build a cocktail table around a 7800.
  17. Not really. For early games, it was common to have a list of options to pick from (so that they could advertise the number of game variations on the box). Because the omission of UFO's causes the game to be MUCH easier, it was probably reassigned to the game difficulties instead after already in place as a game variation (only a single instruction to handle their appearance, so it would be simple enough to throw into the console switch routine). Makes much more sense as an "easy"/"difficult" selection. Lord knows, the 'Game Select Matrix' at the end of each game manual didn't need any more complications.
  18. I'm keeping an eye on 'em >.o I need to complete my Coleco collection
  19. Amen, brother. I've run across carts in WAY better shape than my originals. Sometimes I think about swapping, but not often. There is quite a bit of sentimental attachment to my original 72 carts. As for the box/manual thing, I've always kept every manual, but I've never kept boxes. The few exceptions were for odds and sods that I had nowhere else to put. My mother kept my boxes for Frogger and Star Raiders just to keep her crocheted Christmas ornaments. I collect to play. Anyone got a quarter?
  20. The Wico Bat has always been my stick of choice. I still have the first one my dad bought when they first hit the stores in Louisville. I always had a soft spot for the stick button. It made the flying shooters seem more 'Viper-ish' Yes, I was a 'Galactica' freak
  21. Don't feel bad about a slight pang of paranoia. When I collected comic books, I could never leave the 'Special Bagged Editions' unopened. I could just imagine all those 'Death Of Superman' bags containing some filler crap like 'Care Bears', or something.
  22. Babbage's is one place I'm glad went out of business. I repeatedly got hold of used merchandise that they had 'opened to demo'. Sad thing was, they were the only game in town for a long time. My worst experience was buying the 'Sorcerer's Trilogy' only to find that the disks for 'Sorcerer's Appliance' had been replaced with 'Dig Dug' and 'Tapper'. Cool games, yes, but not what I was in the mood for.
  23. A friend of mine, the only one of our group that was into SEGA at the time, had this system. His little brother proved to be very hazardous to the cards' health. I'm not sure how extensive his collection got before he got fed up and went with another system (I think he had them all, non- ATARI, that is).
  24. What are these 'CDRs' of which you speak? He was copying them onto 5.25" floppy disks. That, and, no worries... He's been on the straight and narrow for a long while, now
  25. So, that . . . was . . . YOU?!!!!!!! Just kidding. A friend of mine did almost the same thing with PC games. He'd go to Target, buy a game, copy it, then return it, saying that it didn't work on his system. They never questioned, since these newfangled home computers were so mystifying to so many. I think he bought ten games with the same twenty bucks.
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