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  1. You had to love it, because it posed an actual challenge. Pac-Man was just . . . there. Sure, the ghosts got faster as you went, but when it comes down to it, you just keep following the same one or two patterns through the maze. Ms. Pac Man, like most women, is complicated. At any rate, congrats on finding her again.
  2. The lids are the hardest part of the centers to come by. Usually, they have been broken by someone's kids dancing on them I finally came by one the other day with a Sunnyvale six that was intact, though
  3. That's the only way I can remember what I have, as well. It sure beats carrying around pictures of your collection
  4. Indeed. We also had a 'Volstagg', as well. I didn't qualify for the 'dashing' part to go by the name Fandrall
  5. Not without physically moving the cart in the socket. That is odd.
  6. I've been a sci-fi freak for as long as I can remember (I think it started with 'Lost in Space' and 'Star Trek' reruns when I was ~3 or 4). I earned the name 'Starhopper' back when the special edition of 'A New Hope' first hit theatres. A friend of mine (who goes by the name Hogun the Grim, of all things) gave it to me as a badge of honor for braving the costumed masses on opening night to see it. Later, it became the name of a class of ship in my personal sci-fi universe, which you can see here. Oh, if you stop by, sign my guestbook, willya?
  7. Smeggin' hell. . . I'm glad someone else watches that show
  8. Let me get something straight here, I didn't say anything specifically about religion, send me a political nonsense brochure and I'll be just as bothered. I don't need other peoples believes or political views with Atari purchases. Thank you. My personal philosophy is: Never argue Religion, Politics, or the Great Pumpkin.
  9. You know you want to. What's the fun of a collection if you can't enjoy it to its fullest? As far as how to play, try here!
  10. I've gotten systems that smelled of smoke, mildew, even mustard ?!!! Orange Blast and a stiff toothbrush work extremely well on the outer cases. As for the circuit boards, I take to them with alcohol and Q-tips. It takes a while, but it cleans the boards without damaging them. The rubber joystick boots can be run through the dishwasher on the lightest duty setting on the top rack. Now, if these people will stop sending their dead cockroaches as a bonus. . .
  11. I first learned on a TI-99/4A (which was quite different from regualr basic in a few respects). I honed the skill on an IBM XT 8086. I'm going to go over there---> and feel old, now.
  12. Excuse the dust. . . I'm building a display case for the little bugger. . .
  13. Here's a pic of the mystery monster (I apologize for the hugeness of the image)
  14. My latest acquisition from e-bay was fraught with wonderful surprises!! The auction was for a light sixer in an Arcade Center with a couple of regular joysticks, a slik stick, paddles and 20 games (one of which was that darn Smurf cart that's eluded me for so long). Besides Smurf was a copy of 'I want my mommy' and 'Dark Cavern' that I needed to add to the collection, plus a mystery cart with no labels and a suspicious blue socket on the top side. I have no idea what that one could be, so any ID-as anyone has would be greatly appreciated (I don't have a console hooked up at the moment, so I'm not immediately able to test it). The best was yet to come, though! On a whim, I turned the console over. . . Made In Sunnyvale, CA!!! And, here, I thought today was going to suck... WOOT!
  15. So, did I miss some fine print that says the console/carts are made of gold? I wonder what these noobs would bid to for something really rare like, oh, say. . . a pile of Combat Carts?
  16. I had one of these, I'm sorry to say. The processor was actually an 8086 that ran normally at 4+ Mhz, but could be clocked at 8 Mhz in 'turbo' mode. It was a total pain in the ass to switch between function modes on the keyboard (to make up for the lack of the 108-key keyboard), and, since you were going through the XT's CGA card, you had to have a monitor (which was NOT included for the $500). I used it for all of two days, then went to the local computer store and dished out $75.00 for a keyboard (the going rate at the time), and boxed my TI. I ran with the XT for quite a number of years, as working on it taught me basic system workings/repair, but I'm sure I could have gotten off cheaper just buying the actual computer off the shelf. In fact, I never got the 8087 math coprocessor. Since it was my first 'real' computer, though, it has always held a warm, fuzzy space in the geek center of my heart. In fact, I took a dremel tool to the case not that long ago and dropped current tech into it. (As I said in an earlier 2600 post, I don't like to make things easy for myself)
  17. I remember the droid factory. I kept trying to build replicas of the Viking lander I tried to trade it to a friend of mine for a snowspeeder, but I don't remember whatever happened to it, ultimately.
  18. I never said I liked to make things easy for myself
  19. Not really. I've been wanting to get one of those Arcade Centers for a while, too. Seems like every one you find in the wild has suffered from someone's kids doing a dance on the cover.
  20. I've broken one open before and none of mine look like that. Those are pretty slick looking
  21. Gargamel's castle. It doesn't seem to be so hard for most people to have gotten. It just eluded me for so long for a lot of dumb reasons AtariAge calls it a 4 on the rarity guide. For me, it's been a personal 10 forever. Back when it was new, it seemed like all the local stores only got a limited suppy and never reordered. In fact, it was about this time that I got Zaxxon, because the local Children's Palace got them in their stead. Didn't matter at the time, since I loved Zaxxon (the arcade game). That was my first, really big disappointment in arcade ports
  22. As I've mentioned before, one of my 'holy grails' has always been Smurf. It's a fairly easy game to find, I know, but anytime I've come close to obtaining one (even back when they were new), someone has always beaten me to it. Not last night/this morning I bought a system with twenty games, two joysticks, two sets of paddles, a working (we'll see) four-switch woody, and a complete, unbroken 'arcade center' case and organizer. . . just because one of the games was Smurf. Now, a lot of that will be fixed up, cleaned, and find its way into my collection anyway but, does this seem obsessive? Who cares? I GOT that little SOB!!!
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