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  1. That's good to know. I will get the SD interface soon I'm on TOS v1.02 as well. Can you let me know which SD image you used and how big each partitions must be to get it working on TOS v1.02? Thanks!
  2. I would like to order a pair of Intellivision II Flashback Controller Adapters. Are they still available?
  3. ok, i've figured it out, needed to configure input for controller 2 in the main menu of retropie.
  4. is there a way to get two player controller working with atari 2600 (lr-stella) running pc ultimate 2 (intellivison controller)? i tried with stellarc and retroarch.cfg (http://www.intellivision.us/raspberry/retro-intv-42.zip) but my 2nd controller won't get recognized.
  5. I can mount the ATARI handheld on windows 10 while powered with batteries via usb-micro slot. The device is called "ProtectExecuter". The drive is only 60kb big and inside there is a file called "setting.bin". I opened that file with HxD and there is the following text: d:\apps\ While USB attached on the display there is a text in chinese which means something like "usb not connected...". setting.bin https://www.dropbox.com/s/z608gf5g9rmmv6g/setting.bin
  6. I finally got The Sinclair Spectrum ZX running with the Intellivision controller (only Player 1). It's set for the Kempston Joystick. Enter should work fine as well on the Intellivison controller. You still need a Keyboard attached for selecting the game menu settings (mostly some numbers to choose Kempston Joystick. In the Zipfile is the retroarch.cfg I've compiled for you. Just drag and replace it in the opt/retropie/configs/zxspectrum folder. Hope it works for you too. retroarch.cfg.zip
  7. Got advmess running now . I can now swap between lr-mess and advmess. funilly all my gamelists and boxarts covers run on both emus even I have made just one section for each system in es_systems.cfg. all I had to do is fedding advmess with the needed .bin images and put the lr-mess and advmess lines in the emulators.cfg file for each system. To me performance-wise there's not really a big improvement running advmess. It maybe depends which system you run with it. I haven't yet really figured out how to map my intellivision flashback controller in the advmess.rc file. some systems have weird video resolutions (for example arcadia or vc4000). Creativision doesn't work on advmess but it's running ok on lr-mess. in the advmess menu, most of the keypad buttons won't get recognized in the "input (general settings)". they only work on "input (this system)", so I have to map my controller settings for each game manually. Of course lr-o2em runs the videopac/odyssey2 much better. Just tried odyssey2 to learn how to run advmess.
  8. you could do a gamelist.xml in .emulationstation and use utf.
  9. i need your help to get advmess running odyssey2. in es_systems.cfg I added this: <system> <name>odyssey2</name> <fullname>Odyssey 2</fullname> <path>/opt/retropie/configs/mame-advmame/image/odyssey2</path> <extension>.bin .BIN</extension> <command>/opt/retropie/supplementary/runcommand/runcommand.sh 0 _SYS_ odyssey2 %ROM%</command> <platform>odyssey2</platform> <theme>odyssey2</theme> </system> in /opt/retropie/configs/odyssey2/emulators.cfg I added this: mess="/opt/retropie/emulators/advmame/bin/advmess odyssey2 -cart %BASENAME%.bin"</command> mess2="/opt/retropie/emulators/advmame/bin/advmess odyssey2“</command> default="mess" in /home/pi/.advance/advmess.rc I added this: dir_image /home/pi/.advance/image dir_rom /home/pi/.advance/rom in /home/pi/.advance/rom/odyssey2 I put the bios files: g7400rom.bin o2bios.rom vplus.bin and in /home/pi/.advance/image/odyssey2 I put all the game roms with .bin extension. In emulationstation I see the odyssey2 section but unfortunately the games won't launch.
  10. Wicked. Haven't heard that RetroPie already has AdvanceMess installed on that hidden location. In es_systems.cfg I find this: <system> <name>mame-advmame</name> <fullname>Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator</fullname> <path>~/RetroPie/roms/mame-advmame</path> <extension>.zip .ZIP</extension> <command>/opt/retropie/supplementary/runcommand/runcommand.sh 0 _SYS_ mame-advmame %ROM%</command> <platform>arcade</platform> <theme>mame</theme> </system> Why is the extension .zip if the roms and bios are stored in non-extracted formats like .bin and .rom (as for example "channelf") in "rom" and "image" directories? I've found these directories twice, in configs/mame-advmame/ and pi/.advance/ About "lr-mess": I figured out, that "lr-mess" would fully support retroarch.cfg mappings. The question is just which button goes to where. I duplicated the atari2600 retroarch.cfg and tried out. Some buttons like "start" & "select" and "exit" (6+enter) already work fine on the systems. This is all new territory for me but I would be interested getting my mappings set properly for each system. I really want to try out AdvanceMess if you let me know how I can run it, cheers.
  11. Hello guys. Yesterday I just installed "lr-mess" on the RetroPie-Setup (experimental-mode) and can now run the following systems: - Bally Astrocade - Fairchild Channel F - Interton VC 4000 - V-Tech Creativision - Emerson Arcadia 2001 ... When I start MESS and want to map my Intellivision Flashback Controller in the MAME 0.171 Menu, no buttons except the Disc-Pad gets recognized. Does somebody of you know how I can get the Intellivision Flashback Controller over the UPCI running, so that MESS is able to read and map all the keypad and side fire-buttons? The Intellivision Flashback Controller would be the best choice as all the mentioned systems have similar controller types (especially Emerson Arcadia 2001 or Interton VC 4000). Do I have to put all the mapping infos into the retrocharch.cfg of each system? Maybe some of you have already set up a running controller script for some of the included MESS systems. It would be awesome to put this in a future release for the Ultimate Flashback Console Project. If you would like to know how you can get MESS running please let me know. There are some hints on the wiki page: https://github.com/retropie/retropie-setup/wiki/MESS Thanks and have a great weekend.
  12. No. Hot-swapping joysticks only work by unplugging the UPCI USB from the Raspberry Pi and pluggin in with the needed buttons. I just tried it by switching from Intellivision -> Atari2600 controller (while holding firebutton). It won't work without booting the UPCI. Anyway, my RetroPie is fast starting up so no worries about that. If I want to play Atari, I switch the controllers before I boot RetroPie and then the UPCI will recognize it.
  13. sorry i don't get it. for what do you use those two usb-ports oh the backpanel? with the switch-option I meant using different controllers without booting raspberry pi. To change another controller the UPCI needs to be rebooted by removing and plugging on the usb cable.
  14. That's great. My QuickJoy 120 and Competition Pro (Amiga) controller works great as well. Atari Paddles won't work because they are analog, which is such a shame. No fun on Video Olympics/PONG then. Maybe I will mod an original Famicom controller to 9-pin, which I still have as a spare. Unfortunately the first ones were hard-wired ;(.
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