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  1. Thanks a lot to everyone who has helped me in this forum - Good eggs all! My final verdict appears to be is that Steem 3.8.1 Works beautifully on my laptop that has Windows XP installed and does Not work (and this is ALL MIDI-WISE-SPEAKING) on my Windows 7 64 bit so, I will just have to stay on the XP for the oldies but goodies - btw, while it was a little better, it did NOT work correctly in XP Mode in my WIn7 machine - I wanted to come back in to Thank all again and to hopefully help someone else - Now, on to Studio Pro 2 for all my new Songs!
  2. Hey Galax and Atarifanboi, I already visited this link (Thanks btw) where I download Only that Zip file called "hatari-1.9.0_windows64.zip" (Just that one; am I needing other files to go with it?) And, I am using those ROM files you mention (TOS 104US.ROM), including the Images I made using Floimg, but w/o any success - I'll fiddle some more - Thanks again!
  3. I did try Hatari without any luck - I installed it on my windows 7 and I "think" it only goes up to XP (which I do have on a Laptop and will try when time permits)...the experiment continues...yea!
  4. AFB - Probably a good thing for me that my meter doesn't measure Amps (Ha!) - I think your theory is spot on though, about the over-all output necessary to make the machine run properly so, it most likely is the Power Supply and its age that are the culprits - Still trying the STeem & PC approach, hoping that will remedy itself or I'll have to breakdown (read cheap-o) and buy one - Also, I'm currently trying to learn a DAW called Studio One 2 (free, of course!) It's real nice, but boy is it complicated - That's what I liked about the Atari & MTPo = Simple, but effective - Thank You for your time and all of your Help, Atarifanboi!
  5. AFB - With the unit powered up, if I measure 12v, 5v & 5v, would I still not know the Amps at that point? or might my Actual readings of 12v, 4.95v & 4.95v indicate that it's a little low on amps? - I assume a more professional multi-meter does measure amps? (I have a Radio Shack Digital M-M with DC, AC, resistance and continuity)
  6. Thanks Everyone for all the info - I agree! Hey Atarifanboi, I do Not have access to a working unit to test anything - Sounds like you (and many others) thinks that it is a simple matter of just replacing the power supply? - Surely the PS AND the Floppy didn't break at the same time?! Also, I guess if I measure the Floppy PS wires (yes, mine are Red & Blue), it is still getting it's juice from the main PS anyway so, probably wouldn't tell me much and that was causing the clicking - Thanks for PS link, too - If I can ever just get the STeem emulator's Midi working, I'd be a happy person at the campsite!
  7. Hey Atarifanboi - And heeere they are: With my unit fully powered up, (110v plus my 12v DC "PS Bypass Blue pin) I read the two Red wires (specs say each should be 5v) and they did measure that (actually 4.94v each but close enuf, right?) So, that trio of wires are getting what they require (I think I already mentioned the PS intact measurements were 4.94v x 2 + 10.75v <-- That's why I'm puzzled my 12v bypass didn't work?!) - btw, Do you know what the Floppy's 4-Pin Power Plug Voltages are, by chance? - I've been searching, with no luck so far, and I'd like to measure those, as well - Onward and upward!
  8. Thanks for posting Atarifanboi - I will check mine next chance I get and post'em
  9. And Thank you Atarifanboi for all your help, too!
  10. Thanks Rod - The 12v "bypass" adapter I added in did provide 12v, but while the FD clicking went away, it did nothing else - I did flip over the Cable = no change - I don't know how to chg to DS0 - Since my PS Did put out 10.75v (but needed 12v) so, I can't imagine the problem being anything other than that, but it must be somewhere deeper inside the unit(?) I downloaded Hatari and at present trying to see if that will work for me...I need more Hatari-study time
  11. Thanks, but I've tested the two 5v DC (which came in at 4.95v each - close enough, I assume?) so, since they Were working, me adding in the 12v separately (which also measured correctly at 12v) should have worked, although, it didn't - If all 3 measured correctly when they were 120v AC powered-up, I can't figure out why that's not the fix? At the moment, I'm still stuck on getting STeem to make Master Track Pro's MIDI to come in accurately - MIDI kinda half works, as is...Maybe I'll look into Hatari instead
  12. On the PS both were 4.95v (which I think should be enough), but the Blue wire Did come up as 10.75v, that's why I thought for sure was the problem - the P-cable and ribbon and pins look great - I put in two floppy drives that I know work and while the green front light was on, it did nothing else - maybe it's a component on the MB, but I don't know how each are identified - for now, just going with virtual STeem and Master Tracks Pro Music Studio on PC where currently, using a Midi in/out to USB cable that's brand new, I'm having a Midi Piano "Chords" reading problem - Single notes are fine = Electronics: Yea!
  13. Hi Rod, all I know is that when I powered on the Atari, the Blue wire requiring 12v 0.9A (according to the Atari specs I found) WAS being supplied 12v 1.25A (which I understand it only siphons off 0.9A) and it still was not working - All of my measurements were done With the all of the Atari's components connected, powered up and running
  14. I did my "Splice-in" idea with external 12v 1.25A and they measured correctly as working, but my Atari still is not doing anything (In fact now, it doesn't even make the clicking noise - Also, I "think" this is new: The light in the middle right (below 1040ST) comes on with power, then dims way, way down quickly - My Reds were both measuring 4.95v before so, I can't believe if needs 5v that 4.95v would cause problems - I press down all the Chips (carefully) before I did any of this - I thought for sure the Splice-in would've worked....wah! I did however get my Steem to PC up and running Master Tracks Pro, but the MIDI in/out to USB cable, while working, is jumbling up the output data to my instruments - e.g., my Multi-Channel Tone Generator notes gets stuck, but some data works great (Drum mach. on CH. 16, for instance)....still trying to fix this = it's probably an internal Steem setting I need to reset correctly, I guess? I saw some kind of MIDI "Volume" slider in the Steem MIDI section; maybe it's in there?
  15. I got it! I needed to (and did) click use Full Editor, but now I also see More Options button = THANKS!
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