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  1. You've definitely proven that it's the cable at fault and I really appreciate all the info. I'll order a new one asap. Apologies for all the questions - I'm still learning how analog RGB video works so I can troubleshoot this stuff myself, and a lot of it is still way over my head.
  2. Makes sense. Since I prefer to use c-sync cables (which all attenuate the signal) is there any way to modify the adapter to pass through SNES-style TTL sync?
  3. Thanks for the reply! Is it possible that the adapters would work better with cables that don't use c-sync? Almost any Genesis/SNES SCART cable that uses c-sync will attenuate it to 75ohms for safety, since both consoles output TTL sync unless they've been modified to behave differently. That's why the page has a note about modded consoles possibly needing a different cable. The HD Retrovision cables (and most affordable SCART cables) use sync-on-composite instead, which is already 75ohms. Either way, I'll definitely try to fix the grounding issue! That should (hopefully) improve their performance on any console.
  4. I just got my Jag2SNES adapter and I'm having the same issue. It reminds me of the problem pre-1Chip SNES consoles have with smearing colors, where the voltage rises and falls too slowly during brightness changes, so maybe it has a similar cause? I've posted several pics here that show the horizontal smearing/streaking/color bleed/whatever you want to call it. It's visible in all colors, but most dramatic in bright-to-dark transitions. I'm using the Jag2SNES from @Doomy Doomer and Helder, plugged into an Insurrection Industries SNES/N64 RGB SCART cable, plugged into an OSSC. For these pics it was set to generic 4:3 and 5X, although the issue looks basically the same on any scaling or sampling mode. Is this normal for the Jaguar? Or for specific revisions of the Jaguar? If not, is it likely to be a problem with the adapter? I've had the OSSC and the SCART cable for ages, and they work as expected with other consoles.
  5. PM sent for the AV pack. Also, I can confirm that the SFC Super Game Boy (like most SFC games) will work perfectly on a USA SNES as long as you've removed the two plastic tabs in the cart slot, or use a pass-through device like a Game Genie. It's a very easy 'region lock' to bypass.
  6. I'm definitely interested in the mystery box. A raffle sounds fun.
  7. Bought the (current) complete set of Jaguar overlays and love them. Communication and shipping were top-notch. The overlays look and feel extremely professional and were packaged well. I'd definitely recommend them to anyone interested in new overlays.
  8. Does anyone here have one of the upgraded CX-40s from Best Electronics? I can't find any reviews, but based on their website it seems like they're much more durable than the originals, but should otherwise feel very similar.
  9. I bought a Jaguar game, which was shipped very quickly and packaged extremely well. I would definitely buy from him again!
  10. They were never unsafe, a few just have minor issues that are easy to fix. Based on this thread, it seems that the original controllers have the same issues, so they’re just quirks of the original design. How many production runs have there been? Are there plans to produce more if these run out?
  11. The core has been officially released! I've been having a blast with it and it seems to work really well, but it's also been a long time since I played a Lynx, so I'd be curious to hear what you all think. Does it seem to be pretty accurate? Have you found any bugs yet?
  12. I haven't had this problem myself, but I think I read about this recently while working on an unrelated problem with my 32X. Let me gather a few links... Console5 claims that problems in the regulation circuit can cause a whining noise in the inductor coil. Replacing the inductor coil might fix it if the flaw is with the coil itself, but there are multiple things that could cause a perfectly-functional coil to whine, so it isn't a guaranteed fix. I found this (long and interesting) thread where a number of people smarter than myself failed to fix the problem: https://shmups.system11.org/viewtopic.php?t=58183 Looking around a bit more, it seems like this issue can sometimes be caused by capacitors failing to smooth out enough of the ripple before it hits the inductor (source) so that might be the issue. About a year ago, Kevtris suggested that some 32X video issues are also caused by the same power ripple, and discovered that you can solve it by swapping out a few capacitors for higher-value ones (source)... so I'd start with a capacitor replacement, and make sure to use the higher values that Kevtris suggested. If you'd like to get a pre-made kit with the right caps, Console5 sells one here. Sorry for rambling a bit, it's late here. But I hope that helps!
  13. Spilling liquid on electronics is usually bad... but if it wasn't turned on while it was still wet, it probably didn't short anything. If nothing is shorted, you'd only need to worry about residue and corrosion, which are usually repairable. It may work perfectly after a good clean, it may just need a new switch, or it may have a bigger issue. There's no way to know without taking a look inside. If you have any experience repairing electronics, or know someone who does, I think it'd be worth getting repaired. Especially since these have become pretty expensive. People in this forum (myself included) would probably be willing to give you repair advice if you need it. You could also sell it for parts (even broken Jags are worth a decent chunk of change these days) but it'd be kinda cool if the original owner could fix it. 🙂
  14. Excellent seller. He provided lots of pictures and was very polite and helpful during our conversations. My stuff arrived yesterday and was packaged with extreme care and tons of padding material. It could have survived a hurricane! I'd definitely buy from him again.
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