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  1. Good game and really big back in the day. Played it on the C64. Epyx could do no wrong then. 8:43
  2. Took out my Atari 6-switcher for a workout and played: Asteroids Defender H.E.R.O.
  3. The best home version of Galaxian and IMO better than the arcade... 40,510
  4. Every time I reach Level 4 on this game I feel like i'm having a nervous breakdown...
  5. Sega Genesis Sonic 3 SNES Axelay SNES Super Adventure Island
  6. Two great classic games with strategy elements. Boulderdash: 1,125 Popeye: 61,850
  7. Chef Pepper needs to go on a weight loss diet so he can move faster and not get nailed by a snausage... 86,950
  8. I use either the 13" Sony Trinitron or Magnavox (CRT of course) for 8-bit games connected by composite and RF, and the Samsung GXTV for 16-bit games to get the premium music effects connected through composite. Just don't like HDTV's for video games.
  9. Great Homebrew from Pixelboy. Very addictive and keeps you coming back for more. Would have done ok as an arcade game back in the day too. 32,960
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