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  1. R-Type. It's the only version I can play well 😉
  2. Looks great. I was super impressed when Donkey Kong Jr. was ported over to the Commie 64.
  3. Wikipedia was good initially but has been a fountain of misinformation and is very political (and "politically correct" in their minds). In terms of video game generations, these are the types of games and systems I treasure the most (Atari 2600 not pictured but very much included).
  4. Completing all of the Jumpman levels after spending lots of hours playing.
  5. My Genesis collection has always been the largest of any game system i've collected for. It was the Genesis that sparked my interest in collecting in the early 1990's. Jack 'o approves....
  6. It does play the GBA games (atleast the few i've played) and the PCE/Turbografx games very well.
  7. Space is the problem for me. Between my current PC workstation, my classic video game collection, and my reptile collection (menagerie) I don't have enough room for another PC setup. I had a 486 DX/50 with Win 95 in a nice slimline case and tons of vintage software but I was using it less and less and then sold it on Craigslist. It's all great stuff but there are limits by space and time (which is a great title for a classic game by the way 😄).
  8. The Nomad is a great system but you need the TFT upgrade and preferably new capacitors. A few guys on ebay are doing upgrades for it and they're awesome. The D-pad is not as ergonomic to use compared to the Genesis controllers (my all -time favorite controller) but does the job fine. Would love to see Retro-bit and Sega redo the Nomad as speculated at the beginning of the year so we'll find out soon, maybe.....(vaporware B gone) Then again, if you want early Sega games on the go and can deal with a tiny but beautiful screen, the Bittboy v3 plays all Genesis, Master System, Game Gear, and Sega CD games very well and it uses Gameboy Advance SP batteries that are cheap and plentiful.
  9. Enjoying Sonic CD on the Bittboy v3

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    2. chuckwalla
    3. Flojomojo


      Nice. Is it as squeaky as the previous ones? 

    4. chuckwalla


      I don't have any other handheld to compare it against but the speakers are tiny and basically 'tinny" sounding as you would expect.

      But it does play the early Sega console games very well.

  10. Bigger and bigger BIG BRO until you're homeless and totally dependent on it. Digital currency? is it a good thing? of course not. No bueno.
  11. Beautiful console. I've had one for about 30 years and it one of the crown jewels of my (now slim-downed) collection. A classic is a classic.
  12. SNES games. I love many of the games but to this day I have problems mastering the SNES controller and without great control of a game character you won't be able to play the game for long. But I still play the games relatively often.
  13. Just received two Bittboy's from StoneAge Gamer - one for me and one for my bro-in-law that's having surgery.
  14. Excellent. Would have sold wildly back in the day - possible even today knowing many gamers!
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