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  1. Every time I reach Level 4 on this game I feel like i'm having a nervous breakdown...
  2. Sega Genesis Sonic 3 SNES Axelay SNES Super Adventure Island
  3. Two great classic games with strategy elements. Boulderdash: 1,125 Popeye: 61,850
  4. Chef Pepper needs to go on a weight loss diet so he can move faster and not get nailed by a snausage... 86,950
  5. I use either the 13" Sony Trinitron or Magnavox (CRT of course) for 8-bit games connected by composite and RF, and the Samsung GXTV for 16-bit games to get the premium music effects connected through composite. Just don't like HDTV's for video games.
  6. Great Homebrew from Pixelboy. Very addictive and keeps you coming back for more. Would have done ok as an arcade game back in the day too. 32,960
  7. DK VCS is really great. Always nice to play different versions of a classic and this remake is super fun.
  8. Being a huge fan of Sonic I think it's great to see a port on the SNES. Right now i'm living a bit of a video game fantasy (since the early-mid 1990's) playing Sonic CD on the Samsung GXTV via the Mega Everdrive Pro. Maybe we'll even see a port of Sonic on the Atari 7800 or even 2600 before long. Keep the classic video gaming innovations coming...
  9. I forgot how to defeat the monkeys, haven't played this in a while and it's a great classic.
  10. My first software was a few cassettes of games I got from a tech my Dad worked with to run on my brand new VIC-20 computer paired with an old black & white tv that I actually used in my room (it was my first 'setup' and I had it all to myself instead of competing for time on the big living room console tv when I was playing the Atari 2600 a couple years prior). I loved it and played those games all weekend long, it was the coolest thing in life then and Skramle was one game in particular that I remember. Then my parents bought me few programs like Scott Adam's Adventure Island and Pirates Cove and Omega Race and Gorf. The beginning of home computers was a great time in history.
  11. Before 1985 I was playing games mostly on the C64 and Gyruss, Commando, Jumpman, Moon Patrol, and the Archon intro music was the coolest.
  12. It's easily one of the best home video games ever and a reason just to own the 5200.
  13. The Atari 7800 collection looks the best (never played it, though) but when I feel like Pac Man it's usually on the Atari 8bit or ColecoVision (either the arcade or Atarisoft versions).
  14. Wondering how much the SpaceX 'zero-g dinosaur' would go for on ebay if it was listed

    1. Albert
    2. Magmavision2000


      $420.69 to be specific.

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