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  1. I noticed that during the Initializing screen, when the game normally enumerates the disk drives it detects, it doesn't show 128K as I'm used to seeing when playing on hardware with 128k or more. Is that normal or is there something I need to do to make the game see my extra RAM when playing off the Cart? Or is that not possible for some reason on the Cartridge version? Thanks for the conversion! I've been playing it for hours now, and it's so nice to not need to flip disks! Even on an emulator it was annoying. Now I'm thinking of strats for speedrunning the game.
  2. Sorry it took me so long to get back to this. I had to shelve my Falcon project for the moment and almost forgot about this post. Anyway, I'm glad this will get archived for posterity. I had to ZIP the LZH archive because for some reason it wouldn't let me upload a .lzh file. fx_1_90.zip
  3. Greetings Atarians, Recently I've been playing with my favorite Atari, the Falcon. I've inherited it from my dad, who in the mid 90's was a big Atari fan, and also an electronics technician. He installed a BlowUP FX in the falcon and 4MB of RAM which I'm sure at the time was all he had handy. The BlowUP FX always was a little flaky, and would crash or cause strange artifacts when the Accelerator was on. Because of that I mostly stopped using it. Recently I've spent some time re-learning how to set up an Atari properly, and have started playing around with the BlowUP. I installed the 1.7 drivers which are easy to find online, and lo! The Falcon is rock-steady at up to 36MHz! Anyway, long story short, in my investigations online into the BlowUP FX and the software, I learned that there was a rumor of a newer driver which would allow the Falcon to use RAM over 14MB as TT FastRAM, but no one knew for sure. Well, in my dad's stash of floppies I found the 1.9 drivers! The README file says it was a pre-2.0 release, and that it allows using RAM over 14MB as TT FastRAM, as well as a few other upgrades. My dad was in contact with the engineers who made the BlowUP when his install didn't go as planned, and they sent him the more recent driver for testing. I would like to release this so it can be preserved, but I don't want to get in any trouble either. In testing on my Falcon it seems one of my SIMMs is likely bad, and that might be what was causing the issues I saw before, so I can't really comment on how stable the 1.9 drivers are quite yet, but I've got them. Would posting them here be appropriate?
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    Just wanted to let Minnesota people know that SPACE, the St. Paul Atari Computer Enthusiasts still meet on the second Friday of each month at the Falcon Heights Community Center. Last time I was there, it was about 5 people including myself, and 3 were officers. However, they still have an 8-bit Disk of the Month every month and the core are very devoted. They could use some new blood for sure.
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