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    Being the best husband I can be for my beloved wife, Deb, of 17 years. Apart from that, collecting 1200XLs, but am also adopting a few other Atari 8-bit systems. Returning to Atari programming, as well! Contributing to the Atari 8-bit Facebook page with "Atari Throwback Thursday" posts and weekend polls.

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  1. Thanks, Allan! This one is in .xfd format until I can image the disk into an .atr (if even needed). --Tim disk0002.xfd
  2. Good morning, everyone! I thought I'd picked up a Kryoflux, but it turns out that the adapter was a FC5025 to go with this Teac FD-55GFR. They included a software that lets me dump floppies from a variety of computer formats, although I am pretty sure the dumps aren't on-par with the Kryoflux device. It's what I have for now, so gotta work with what I have. In any case, I found a lone disk from Novatari, but have been unable to turn up any sort of collection/compilation of Novatari's public domain library to verify whether this disk has already been archived for preservation. Education // Utility No. 37 General Ledger and Smart Sheet Thanks in advance for anyone who knows or can steer me to the right place...? --Tim
  3. I think you're correct about the copy protection because I had tried copying one of the copies I have here, and it bugged out somewhere around that point, as I recall. That was quite a while ago. I should try it again, and check the other set, too. In the meantime, here are the images I generated back in 2016... --Tim Fleet System 2.zip
  4. Good and glad to know about your experience with the ProSystem method, and I whole-heartedly agree with you RE: Synapse disks. The media's like tissue paper in their sleeves!! O.o --Tim
  5. Found a couple odd ducks that I can't seem to find either on AtariMania or a8Preservation... I've never dumped cassettes, however. --Tim
  6. Thank YOU, Allan! I combined the three collections (yours, mine, Pooldisk) and standardized the filenames to match your existing archive. I also included the catalog you had posted on Archive.org simply to bundle everything into a single location. There were two files named Typesetter that I could not find in the catalog, but they were included in your zip (above) so they continue on in the attached ZIP, as well. --Tim CT_ComputerActive_PD_Collection_incomplete.zip
  7. Good morning! I had several disks in my collection here that are missing from the archive posted (above), so I am including them in an updated ZIP archive. I did not verify a side-B on any disks unless the disk itself was notched. Also, if a filename has (E) after it, then there were errors and the logfile will hopefully provide the necessary information. --Tim An Atari owner Genesee Atari Group.zip
  8. Although it's taken me (so far) about 3 years to finally start going through all the floppies I picked up during my crazy Atari-adopting binges of the last 3 years, I am finding a few things to give to the Atari community. Among them is several missing C&T ComputerActive PD disks, so what I did was take the existing compilation and then added the disks I have here. If a filename includes (E) after it, there were errors during the atr creation process. I included any logfiles generated, however. Hope this helps! --Tim An Atari owner C and T ComputerActive.zip
  9. Good morning, Farb! I am FINALLY working my way through my floppy disk collection and found an original copy of Dodgeracer. I am attaching an .atr and .pro file as I don't know right now where I have my kyroflux or whatever it's called that provides a physical-level copy. I'm sure it's in a drawer... somewhere. /facepalm The log files may be helpful with cracking the program...? Hope this helps! --Tim DodgeRacer (Synapse) uncracked.zip
  10. Good morning, @evilmoo, I don't have anything to add to the responses you've already seen from others as to the unZIPping issue you're experiencing, except to say that the ZIP file I host from the Atari Preservation efforts is directly (via torrent) from the people behind the project and I have every confidence that they verify and re-verify an archive before releasing it to the Atari 8-bit community. I simply host the archive at my server as an option for people who prefer not to use torrent as a method of file retrieval. --Tim
  11. I continue to host the most recent archive here (link below), @andyhants, but there hasn't been a subsequent, newer archive released that I'm aware of: https://atari-owner.com/fun/atari-preserved-software/ --Tim
  12. Sorry for the delay... https://archive.org/details/gcp-manual-1986-games-computers-play-inc --Tim
  13. I'll certainly add it on the list of Atari to-do's, @evilmoo, for when things die down again here on the homefront. Should be a pretty straightforward task. /thinking --Tim
  14. Hey there, @doctor_x, happened to see your post. The only GCP materials I've come across is what I picked up off EBay a few years back as part of an Atari lot. Didn't even know there were disks (.atrs) available to go-with. 🤡 🤯 --Tim
  15. Here are .atr's of the requested floppies I have in the ANALOG set here, everyone. --Tim ANALOG 8-Bit Extra Disk1.ATR ANALOG 8-Bit Extra Disk1-B.ATR ANALOG 8-Bit Extra Disk2.ATR ANALOG 8-Bit Extra Disk2-b.ATR ANALOG Compendium Disk1.ATR ANALOG Compendium Disk1-b.ATR ANALOG Compendium Disk2.ATR ANALOG Compendium Disk2-b.ATR
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