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    Being the best husband I can be for my beloved wife, Deb, of 17 years. Apart from that, collecting 1200XLs, but am also adopting a few other Atari 8-bit systems. Returning to Atari programming, as well! Contributing to the Atari 8-bit Facebook page with "Atari Throwback Thursday" posts and weekend polls.

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  1. As always, the latest official preservation archive can be found mirrored at the URL below for Atari enthusiasts and collectors: https://atari-owner.com/fun/atari-preserved-software/ --Tim
  2. Here is the collection from Allan, according to how I filed it here in my archive, so it's either available via Archive.org, or he had shared it here on AA, but I added it to my archives here in late May of this year. Credit goes to @Allan for his perseverance in getting all of this software up on Archive.org! --Tim C&T ComputerActive (Allan).zip Found a link for you at Archive.org: C & T ComputerActive
  3. At the risk of sounding like a necro-filer here, given it's been just over 9 years since you asked, @Allan, did you ever find this? If not, I'll pull my ANALOG disk collection and image it up if it's in there. --Tim
  4. I recently went with the SuperCard Pro option since the Kryoflux continues to be blocked for shipping to the USA, and I'd been using a TEAC FD-55GFR with a previous floppy capture device-- but I didn't see it mentioned in the list here. Should I expect any problems, and are there any specifics I need to be made aware of before I return to disk archiving, this time with the SCP? So far, someone noted to read to 41 for extra information, but is there anything else? Thanks, in advance, --Tim
  5. Yeah, not to mention the racism of the place as well as the sexual harassment I had to see the women put up with (who didn't quit the place). Bygones. Bygones. --Tim
  6. This is interesting... Alright, so as I mentioned, the specific MIDIMate II package might not have its manual (I'm going to assume no at this point) but... In one of the MIDIMate III packages there IS a MIDIMate II manual with the MIDIMate III Addendum for the 130XE release... whereas the other MIDIMate III package has a spiral-bound manual specific to the III. --Tim
  7. I must've been typing up an edit of my post... but the only one that doesn't seem to have docs/manual is the MIDIMate II box/case. . . just the original disk for MIDIMate II. I have the original manuals/docs/disks for the MIDIMate III set, however. Hope that was less confusing? --Tim
  8. Hey there, @Allan, The three larger boxes (one was mistakenly inside the storage cabinet) are their MidiMate packages (2 x MIDIMate III, 1 x MIDIMate II), and the smaller but similarly-styled case is their MidiPatch. I haven't made it to the sound apps yet (I had adopted a compatible Casio keyboard to go-with for when I finally do), but a brief glance just now and it looks like (not counting the included MidiMate devices themselves) the manuals and floppies are present and accounted for. I believe I have maybe 3 more orphaned (no case, no docs, no discs) MidiMate devices, too, but those I keep in a storage drawer. --Tim Addendum: The MIDIMate II is lacking the manual/docs but I might have put them in my file cabinet with all the other documentation I've accumulated. But maybe not. I'm still in the process of inventorying everything, believe it or not! /facepalm
  9. I'm just happy that I had the disposable income at the time to build the collection and workstation to where it stands, because a year ago March that all ended when I lost my job of 10 years-- bringing to a close the EBay and Goodwill Stores hunting and adopting of Atari items. My first sacrifice was rehoming my "50 Shades of Yellow" 1200XL collection to two very kind and generous Atari-Agers in order to have some emergency funds while I sorted out what to do after being shown the door by my employer for asking that a workplace bully be redressed. The stress of that whole situation took a pretty hefty toll on my health over the previous six years to the point where the doctors were warning me I was headed for a heart attack. I finally put my foot down and so the company did, too. The co-owner's son's still there, still being enabled... but I'm slowly on the mend. This is my dream collection at this point, and I'm more than content with it and appreciate it because the time may come when I'll need to rehome it, too. --Tim
  10. Great setups! I only have a few pictures of my original Atari system (one is below), before I parted with everything except my then-limited Atari books collection (Compute! books only) and was unceremoniously sucked into the PC and Microsoft vortex... A few years ago, burned out from the PC life, I decided I needed Atari back in my life and— apart from a boatload of Atari gear NOT pictured that I have in storage right now— here's where things stand currently with my 1200XL workstation and accompanying collection... ________ ________
  11. @griff3125, not sure if this information will help you out, but... https://console5.com/wiki/Commodore_1702 --Tim
  12. Thanks, Allan! This one is in .xfd format until I can image the disk into an .atr (if even needed). --Tim disk0002.xfd
  13. Good morning, everyone! I thought I'd picked up a Kryoflux, but it turns out that the adapter was a FC5025 to go with this Teac FD-55GFR. They included a software that lets me dump floppies from a variety of computer formats, although I am pretty sure the dumps aren't on-par with the Kryoflux device. It's what I have for now, so gotta work with what I have. In any case, I found a lone disk from Novatari, but have been unable to turn up any sort of collection/compilation of Novatari's public domain library to verify whether this disk has already been archived for preservation. Education // Utility No. 37 General Ledger and Smart Sheet Thanks in advance for anyone who knows or can steer me to the right place...? --Tim
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