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  1. Update from this Atari-Owner... The "50 Shades of Yellow" Atari 1200XL Collection is now in more capable hands than mine, and my remaining 1200XL serials are as follows: 72R DA 05870 173 72R DA 06306 173 72R DA 20861 233 72R DA 21198 233 83S DA 009504 103 83S DA 020560 073 83S DA 020571 073 83S DA 022716 183 Thank you, in advance, Tim
  2. ... Hi, toddtmw, The file presently available for download from Atari-Owner is simply a "boxed" version of the individual ZIPs which came as part of the latest preservationist torrent release. When extracted, it generates a mirror to the torrent's contents as they were delivered to me upon release, because the integrity of the official archive is as important to me as it is to both everyone involved in providing this important collection and everyone provisioning its distribution through various downloadable methods. Hope that helps, —Tim
  3. The Astra 2001 dual drive has been adopted. One of the Atari 800s has been adopted, and another 800 with original box and styrofoam, etc., is in the process of finalizing adoption. Be sure to check out the additional tabs of the spreadsheet for everything currently available for adoption. --Tim
  4. For those who prefer a torrent-free direct download: https://atari-owner.com/fun/atari-preserved-software/ --Tim
  5. My appreciation for two hardy Atari supporters exceeds my ability to put into words, but the "50 Shades of Yellow" 1200XL collection was adopted successfully. I'm now in the process of looking for new homes for the greater part of my Atari hardware collection (listed via Marketplace here). Thank you for asking! ^_^ --Tim
  6. I switched torrent programs and it's working now. Thank you for verifying things there, Mclaneinc! --Tim
  7. Nope, nothing happening here. You were right about manually pasting the magnet, but absolutely nothing more than BitTorrent attempting to find peers. Strange, since I've previously used the torrents to grab the file before hosting it for direct downloads at Atari-Owner. --Tim
  8. The magnet isn't loading for me here, and using a Torrent search doesn't seem to turn up any results, either. Is anyone else getting a working torrent from the link? --Tim
  9. Thank you for all of the interest! You have me looking forward to the process of rehoming these systems and accessories. Thank you! Please allow me to go through your posts and PMs. A couple of you I still need to respond to again, as well. If you haven't sent me your ZIP Code and are wanting to know shipping, I'll need that or you can use origin ZIP of 48872. If you are familiar with the average shipping weight of the system your interested in, you may already have enough information to run your own estimate with the origin ZIP in hand. I'll make my best effort to ship everything securely and protected and have always offered a refund of any overages paid on shipping. I only have access to USPS at the present time, sorry! I'll update if my situation changes. With appreciation, Tim
  10. The shipping cost may be prohibitive, but I'll try to get a rough idea on what it will run. The switch, I think, is to silence the on-board speaker. --Tim
  11. I live in Perry, Michigan, USA (48872) --Tim
  12. Whether you're looking for a backup system to have on-hand, or looking to enter the A8 world, I may have what you are looking for. Due to financial circumstances, I am looking to rehome as much of the hardware as I can. I've tried to make certain to price well under current EBay trending without setting things at give-away price. Too many items to list, so I have made my inventory spreadsheet available, and included photos. Shipping (Origin ZIP: 48872) is additional, of course. PayPal is preferred, although checks will be fine if adopter is okay with waiting until payment clears. Available Atari 8-bit hardware (Google Docs) Please feel free to ask any questions and I'll do my best to answer. If you are looking for something that isn't listed, drop me a message because I might have it and just not listed it yet. Thank you, in advance! --Timothy Kline
  13. Frank!!! How goes it, man!! lol I have no recollection on where I sourced those from, and I'm still slowly in the painful, tedious process of organizing the unsorted collection of files into their respective folders— which is bad enough. In fact, I didn't even load up the atrs before posting them; just did a file search to see if anything showed up and sure enough. . . Version 1, though. Hmm... I'll need to note that in the filenames for future reference. --Tim
  14. I had these in my archived collection, if they will help at all? --Tim Diskkeeper.zip
  15. Looks like it never arrived; was concerned that I'd missed it... although I did see that there are some PMs I didn't know about in there which I need to look at. --Tim
  16. Oh cheese! I didn't even think about whether it was readable with his MyDOS 4.53 when I checked it, because I'm always using SDX these days. /facepalm --Tim
  17. I just tested this .atr from my collection before posting it here, and it copied all the files cleanly for me. Hope it does the same for you, too. --Tim 352_A.ATR
  18. Not sure if any of the following will help, but this collection is what I found in my slowly-making-progress-getting-sorted software collection, as well as a link I found: https://www.atariarchives.org/cfn/05/08/0027.php QWK Collection.ZIP
  19. This sounds similar to the information I was checking out per @Curt's mention of the "Drop Networking" back in Post #22 in method, at least. --Tim
  20. The domain has expired again, and I presume there have been no further updates about Stephen? --Tim
  21. I'd love to see the info, if it's published anywhere publicly accessible? --Tim
  22. That information was a massive contributor to this whole LAN idea back when I first came across it, actually. Only instead of drives, there would be stations viewed as drives for all intents and purposes, similar to how I can map network drives and using the IOCB as a template. The server becomes N1: in my notion, System 2 becomes N2:, and so on. Let the big-banging commence. O.o Can you picture being able to boot "slave'd" Atari systems off the server, for example, when they didn't have a local boot drive? --Tim
  23. I may very well end up having to go the MIDI-based route, and I wouldn't shed tears over it, being quite content with being able to peer-to-peer or workgroup systems together for non-game software. At the risk of taking this PIA-based discussion off-topic, though, it has been my understanding since coming back on the Atari 8-bit scene a few years ago that SIO-based solutions are directly impacted by things like disk reads/writes or similar where timing/clocks demand the full attention of the POKEY. Since MIDI saddles on with SIO, isn't it subject to the same halt issue? For example, system #2 is reading from its floppy drive-- so the MIDI has to go into standby until SIO releases the lines again— in effect, preventing the system from communicating with the MIDI-based network. And if you have several systems on a MIDI network, all performing their disk reads and writes at diverse times, then it seems like this would impact the throughput of the data stream on the MIDI-based network. A PIA-based LAN would bypass the issue, it seems, by staying off the POKEY's duty roster entirely, and thus free from halts for disk i/o or similar. A second PIA would provide greater bandwidth for a LAN, with the caveat being a second 6502 to handle the bit-banging required in a 16-bit PIA configuration. At least in my head. lol Do Corvus drives, since they operate from a PIA-based connection, instead of POKEY-based, offer any insight into the advantages (or DISadvantages) of keeping the PIA data line separate as an I/O interface, since people who have/had Corvus drives likely had floppy drives (SIO) going, too. What happens(happened) at a machine cycle level when someone would copy a file from an 810 over to the Corvus drive, or vice versa? Did this consume all or a significant chunk of the 6502's time? --Tim
  24. Well, that's pretty much along the lines of what I was thinking, but I'm no longer sure because of FJC's and Kyle's observations, and have to defer to those who have the experience. My thoughts run along these lines (because of the potential for PAL and NTSC machines to somehow be on the same LAN): Since I know nothing about clocks and signals, rises and falls of current, and so on, I thought concocting a frame counter (FC) similar to the 6502's program counter (PC) would be an ideal way to keep things synced reasonably well, including the starting FC as part of the data block that gets transmitted at the start and at the FC at the end of the transmission. The starting and finishing FCs would establish the "drift" likely to arise, and allow it to be factored into the process. Again, I'm oversimplifying the actual process to make an illustrative point, hoping I'm making sense. --Tim
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