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  1. Fired everything up, sequentially. Everything is getting power. I really get the impression this bad boy just needs a screen. Everything internally appears to be very clean and I see zero signs of corrosion on anything. I kinda want to keep it now. Digress, thank you for the link! Making that investment now.
  2. Oooh I just realized how it goes together lmao. Okay, so does the CV maybe get its power from the ADAM and that's why there's no seperate PS for it? I'm away from it, at the moment, but the CV has a female end and the ADAM has a male end built into it. These go together, I assume. Also, when you say coupler, are you referring to the female opening in the front of the CV?
  3. Thanks a lot for the detailed instructions, NIAD! As soon as I began reading them, it occurred to me that that there is no power supply for the CV. Go figure, right? I have everything else to test the ADAM, but no way to connect it to the late model "smart" T.V.'s I have in my house. There's a really great electronics depot not far from me that might have a solution. May just be taking a trip to a pawn shop for an older tube T.V. As far as the CV, I guess my only option is to find a replacement PS.
  4. I'm hoping the lighting made it look more rough than it is. I've started unpacking everything. This unit and the games, etc. we're clearly out of the box for some time. I'm gonna clean it up a little and take some better pics I'll need for selling it, anyway. In the mean time, I really appreciate the responses so far. Any advice on powering it up?
  5. Despite my efforts, I'm honestly a little confused, my self. I think the story is that they had surplus exp #3's, so they figured they could bundle them together. It is the stand alone game system with computer and printer, from what I understand. I just found this video:
  6. I'm not entirely sure if I posted in the best area, but I'm going to sell my ADAM/ColecoVision combo and was hoping maybe someone could take a look at my post. I'm trying to gather more info before I list it and it seems like people are pretty knowledgeable on this thread http://atariage.com/forums/topic/251340-adamcolecovision-combo-box-questions-about-selling-it/ I hope I don't get in trouble for cross-posting... Thanks, guys.
  7. Hi, everyone. I'm new to the forums, found it yesterday, what an awesome resource! So, a couple years ago, a lady that worked at my company was getting rid of some of her deceased husband's things. She had an ADAM/CV and I decided to give her $20 for it, not really knowing much about it other than kind of what it was and that it was probably worth more than $20, if it worked. Well, she wasn't kidding when she said it was a big box! I can confirm it's about 50lbs, at least. I wanted to play around with programming it and maybe show it off to some friends, but it's ended up sitting all by it's self in my storage room for the last couple years. Anyway, I decided it's best to see if I can't sell the thing. After looking around, pretty fruitlessly, I found one reference from like 4 or 5 years ago on this forum saying it was probably worth $350-$400 and others saying it could go much higher. So, My first concern/question is testing it. I don't have a T.V. to plug it into, but I'd at least like to fire it up and make sure it at least does that, but I have some concerns regarding the procedure. From what I understand these things can be finicky. Secondly, what would be the best means of selling it and how much should I expect to get for it? It appears that everything is present and in good shape, in the original (unsealed packaging). The games are not packaged, books are all in good shape. The original plastic packaging is present, as well, but opened obviously. Game cartridges included: - SwordQuest: Earthworld - BlackJack/Poker - War Games - Mouse Trap - Trick Shot - Frogger x2 - Enduro - GORF - Zaxxon - Donkey Kong - Subproc - Omega Race - Masters of the Universe: The Power of He-Man Also, Buck Rogers (ADAM Super Game Pack) Extra data tape 1 contents (untitled): - Word Pros - Letter/Story - Resume - IBM Server - NAIMY Extra data tape 2 contents (Untitled): - Cone - Renegade Robot - Holiday Note - Thief Puzzle - Icecream - Robot - Holiday - Thief There are 4 original volumes to the ADAM Home Software Library, including SmartBasic and an additional bootlegged version of Library Games & Graphics (maybe the original stopped working?). Extra daisy wheel and replacement ribbon are there, too.
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