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  1. Hi Zack, same here! Oh and it's Sylvain but it's easier to write Sly (or say it..lol). Exactly! By connecting the vertical ball with the vertical pot of player 2, this gives you a "robot" mode. But i must apologize as i was wrong (well semi-wrong) as i tested this back in March 23, 2013 and not 3 years ago as i've checked my notes this morning. The first test i've did was putting a jumper to connect the vertical ball with the vertical pot of player 2. It works but... when player 1 hits the ball, player 2 (now robot) jumps instantly to the position of the ball and you have 2 blind spots (upper screen and bottom screen) that the robot doesn't go. This was my first try and after a couple more tries, finally got the robot to scroll very smoothly (and not jumping) and has very small blind spots by the next day. After that, connected player 1 the same way for player 2 (robot) and seeing the Odyssey play versus itself was pretty cool! Oh and for future projects, you should take one of the pins of J2 (cart port) that not in use and ground it has the team at Magnavox back then forgot to ground the cartridge port, so if you need a ground you either take if from the ACC port (pin#4) or from the AC adaptor input. Talked about this with Mr.Baer (before he departed) and he too agreed that this makes sense. So take pin#1 of the cartridge port as it is not connected in either BLAK and BK12 models and ground it. This will be very helpful for future projects (and less fuss too).
  2. Hi again Mr.Horton, It's been quite a while we haven't spoken (err..written). The last time, you were asking about scans and the source code of the OdySim. I'm glad that someone else is also trying to preserve the Magnavox Odyssey and like Chris, i would also be interested in a copy of your 3 games and controllers. For those who doesn't know, card #8 and the unreleased #11 are almost the same, the only difference between the two is that the width of the wall in card #11 is half compared to card #8. So if your Odyssey is opened, plug in card #8 and after variate the pot R17 (Wall Width) on the Wall Generator board, you can resize the width of the wall as you like (very thin to very large). And if anyone wants to play versus the game console (vs AI or Robot, etc...), you only need one..yes, ONE jumper to be able to play vs the Odyssey itself (i implanted the AI on the OdySim in the same manner for the "jumper"). But when playing vs the game console, it is unbeatable (it follows the ball like a cat with a laser pointer...lol!). Discovered that option while toying around on a real Odyssey three years ago. So if the price is good, sign me up for the 3 games and accessories!
  3. Hi Shawn, I would love to help out but i have sold my Kid Vid lot a few years ago to a fellow game collector. The dumps of the tapes that are available are made and modified for the Z26 emulator so these won't work on the real Kid Vid tape deck. I did dumps of these tape so long ago that i don't think i still have them (multiple hard disk crash over the years) and sadly, i have never had the chance to try out any tape decks if they could be compatible or not. The only thing that was preserved from my Kid Vid lot are the scans of the manuals in PDF format, which if i would still have them, i would rescan them to 600dpi for better preservation. And lastly, the schematic of the Kid Vid cable i did is good since i have made a replica for Sandy Huner back then in 2001. But, you still can play the Smurfs Save the Day cartridge without the Kid Vid as someone documented how to play all three games by flipping certain switches on a 2600 system. Sorry if i can't be more helpful than that.
  4. The Tele-Games Pong unit you have is one of the first ever model, as it has silver borders and then decided to scrap that for production costs and how to tell if you have an early version ? very simple, the On/Off switch has it has "Atari" written on it and Sears didn't liked that so they just taken off the plastic cover switch for another production cost. So any "Atari" on/off button are from the first batches produced. And as for the carrying/traveling case, this one was made by an "unknown as yet" third-party as it wasn't officially sold by Sears and Atari. Same thing as a carrying/travelling case for the Atari 2600 and the carrying case for the Magnavox Odyssey (1). Robotkingnes (aka magnavoxodysseyspecialist on Ebay) had a carrying case and a Sears Tele-Games Pong with the "Atari on/off switch" (back in May 13, 2010) and the serial number was 59423. S hats off to you John, you just brought one of the earliest Tele-Games Pong model (as it has a silver lining) !
  5. Hi Chris! How you've been doing ? Last week, someone on Ebay sold a copy of Dodgeball and the last picture shows that Yar's Revenge advertised at the last page of the game manual. So my question is: Do you intend to release Yar's Revenge for the Magnavox Odyssey one day ? Oh and also what about the game Six² ? Because i'm about to continue the work on OdySim (and the blog) and was wondering if by any chance these two games will ever be published/distributed. Take care & keep in touch! --- Sly DC ---
  6. Cool find ubersaurus! The Blockout game exists for the Chip8 and Chip8X The picture is from the Emma02 web site (https://www.emma02.hobby-site.com/vip.html) Hope Marcel won't mind! But as for the Soccer game, never saw it on Chip8. This game must be quite slow if there is two teams of 11 players on screen but would have been a great game to had (or have ?! ... if any homebrewer is up to it =) ).
  7. All the European & Australian clones were made by Conic, but a casing can and/or could have been made by a different company. A good example would be the Academy Apollo 80 which is more "square" than the Conic M1200. Maybe it was Conic who have the casing as per asked specific...for that who knows...?! The Conic M1200, Mustand 9016, Sheen M1200 and Trevi M1200 have the same casing. The Hanimex and the Soundic have both the same casing BUT have have a slight difference with the boards, the Soundic has the built-in games but the Hanimex version doesn't have the built-in game, that's why it came with the "Grand Pack" cartridge. And finally, the Toshiba Visicom COM-100 is a unique clone and the RCA Studio II of course! But did you know that there is 3 prototype Studio II/III clones ? First the Victory-III prototype featured in Creative Computing Sept/Oct 1978 issue (page 39): https://archive.org/details/CreativeComputingbetterScan197809/page/n39 Second, the RCA Video-Mate Electronic TV Games: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/209519-rca-studio-ii-gold-mine-an-interview-with-the-studio-2-production-manager/page-47?do=findComment&comment=3872331 And third, the Toshiba prototype: See the weird triangle thing in the down-left corner ? Wait, here's a zoom-in: Well this prototype has a CDP1802 cpu and play the game Bowling so pretty sure that the prototype of the Toshiba Visicom. I don't remember where the hell i've got those two pictures (comes from a Japanese magazine) and that prototype was shown at the 1976 electronic show (in Tokyo ?). The only mention of this prototype on the web is here: http://www.ne.jp/asahi/cvs/odyssey/videogames/never/nrsystems.html And beside the very (same) small picture, here's the translation: Okura Shoji's video game (from the '76 electronics show) * Perhaps this is a different version of RCA Studio II (see ⇒ Vidicon system section) At that time, Okura Shoji was RCA 's Japan' s agency, and the installed CPU was the same. So that's it for now...! =) --- Sly DC ---
  8. I never wondered what "MPT" stand for but now... (lol!) Exact, the Conic or Sheen M1200 are identical except for the company name label. Conic made various OEM game console, especially Pong consoles. I think they have made at least 15 different models back then. Not only Conic made OEM version, also Radofin, Sands, etc..(just to name a few) made EOM version and sold them to other companies. Hence, that's why there's more than 1,000 Pong consoles worldwide and because of that, that gave the first videogame crash (in 1977) and thanks to Fairchild, Atari, Bally and of course RCA, the crash hadn't much impact as the one in 1983 thanks to "game cartridges". BTW, Hanimex wasn't a a company that produced game consoles, but was in fact a videogame consoles distributor as Hanimex had a worldwide distribution network for their well known cameras and accessories. This was repeated with the Interton VC 4000 clones as those were made by Radofin, but that's another story as we are drifting off the main subject. --- Sly DC ---
  9. If you wanna see what the game console looks like (the Studio III prototype) which was shown at the CES, check post #283: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/209519-rca-studio-ii-gold-mine-an-interview-with-the-studio-2-production-manager/page-12?do=findComment&comment=2738151 And you are absolutely right about Conic, it was them who made those European clones and they had at least two affiliates: Accurate Electronics Ind. LTD (US division) and also Soundic, which the office of Soundic was in the same building as Conic! The address of Conic was: 12/F Conic Investment Building, 13 Hok Yuen Street, Hung Hom , Kowloon, Hong Kong And as for Soundic: Soundic Electronics, Ltd. of Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. 11/F - Conic Investment Building, 13 Hok Yuen St., Kowloon, Hong Kong. Raymond Ho, Director (Only one floor below Conic!!) And more info: Soundic Electronics Ltd. (Hong Kong) [Owned by Conic Investment Co.] Started: July 2, 1975 Dissolved: October 5, 1990. And the "Conic" trademark was owned by: Chee Yuen Industrial Co. Ltd., 36 Tai Yau St., San Po Kong Kowloon, Hong Kong which was first used in Dec.31, 1974. And finally, the picture of the building: Picture from: https://www.hongkongoffices.com/en/conic_investment_building/1461/building_info P.S: I love the name of the ownership described on the web page ( Ownership: Big Landlord ....LOL!!!!)
  10. You're welcome! And yes for your question, you absolutely need to ground both signals (audio & video).
  11. Hi there, If you have some electronic know-how then you can download or read the Odyssey 4000 service manual here: https://archive.org/download/MagnavoxOdyssey/Magnavox%20Odyssey%204000%20Service%20Manual.pdf Or simply, connect on IC2 pin#5 for Video output and connect on IC1 pin#13 for Audio output. Voila! Simple as that. And to anyone reading this, i have uploaded many Magnavox Odyssey game manuals and service manuals here: https://archive.org/download/MagnavoxOdyssey
  12. I agree with CatPix as many of Pong consoles had realistic/semi-realistic guns back then. Also, some Coleco Telstar guns like the Telstar Ranger, Telstar Arcade, Telstar Gemini, etc...were made by Nintendo. (source: Geek Vintage web site (http://www.geekvintage.com/coleco-telstar-arcade-hardware.php) So this is weird...the very first Nintendo venture in video games were "guns" (ok..toy guns or light guns) before themselves sold their own Pong consoles.
  13. Well, there is a few clones of the Odyssey(1) like the Telematch de Panoramic, Kanal 34, etc... Mium...(Pizza Hut)...you're making me hungry! LOL!!! And no problem if you want to copy a picture, they all comes from Ricardo Saucedo.
  14. Hifolks, I know i don't post here quite often but since we are starting a New Year today, what about sharing information regarding an unknown (but will be now known as today) Magnavox Odyssey clone called the "Videojuel". I won't copy and paste what i posted on my blog so here's the link to read about it: https://odysim.blogspot.com/2019/01/happy-videojuelerr-new-year-everyone.html And happy New Year everyone! =) --- Sly DC ---
  15. You forgot to mention how to access the Tennis game by pressing "SELECT". Can anyone convert this CAS format into an ATR format ? (like Roger Rabbit would say: Ppppllleeaaasseee ?!)
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