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  1. Thanks! I was contacted by Côté Gamers for the module but that was 2 days ago. And for now, the project is on hold as i was trying to mix the CV & the module signal and by accident, i shorted out the D3 on the board so the video signal of the module is very dark and the vertical is rolling constantly. I will repair it but it won't be until this week-end.
  2. Directly to pin #31, no Op-amp or amplifier.
  3. Hi fellow Canuck! Apart the Super Game Module by Opcode, not much but you should check out on FB the group Colecovision Lunatics a new recent module.
  4. Berzerk, Kangaroo and Tron looks damn amazing!! They look almost arcade perfection!
  5. Hi Nicholas, Hummm, pretty good thinking! Only someone who worked at Magnavox in that time could answer and finding one after 48-50 years won't be easy.
  6. Hi Stupus, I think it's more because of the light that any Odyssey changes color (white to faint yellow) with time. It's the same with other Pong consoles that are white, even some Super Nintendo has changed color (grey to yellow-grey). The YD7001 has a brown top instead of a black top, it is white instead of black where you insert the cartridge and has a light-brownish/creme color body instead of white (same for controllers). But what is weird is that Magnavox used the YD7xxx numbering for export versions.
  7. Hi folks, If you are a Magnavox Odyssey (1972) fan or you like reading about unreleased stuffs, then go here to read all about the unreleased Odyssey model, the YD7001. Thanks! https://odysim.blogspot.com/2021/12/the-unreleased-odyssey-model-yd7001.html
  8. Please do! Oui S'il-vous-plait! Because it is not listed/showned on your web site. If you want people to buy, you should advertise FIRST on your web site, then on other web sites/forums. Plutôt logique non ? Especially if all the profits goes to a child caring beneficial (like Sainte-Justine Hospital ?)
  9. How about an NES/Famicom to ColecoVision adapter ?
  10. Sorry but i was just able to test it today and this is a heck of an improvement! There is a lot of flicker for the two bats in the Pong 1player game but that's ok. So, when we will see a multicart Chip8 for the Channel F ?
  11. Hi! Sorry for the very late come back. I've tested both edition (ed3 & ed7) and boy that you were right. Speed is awfully slow in the edition#3. Is it the same speed in MESS and on a real Chanel F ? As for edition #7, the hexpad 7 and D uses the same button (W) and is missing the hexpad C & E (tried many keyboard buttons, couldn't find any assigned to). If the speed is the same in MESS and on a real channel F then it was worth the try.
  12. LOL!!! At least you know that the trick works on Ms.Pac-Man
  13. If you have a Quarter Arcade, please do let know if this also works on Pac-Man, Bubble Bobble, etc. And you're welcome!
  14. Hi folks, I've brought my first Numskull Quarter Arcade (a Ms.Pac-Man) last week at a very good price and while trying to find something by doing some buttons configurations, i have discovered that there is a hidden test mode which you can test all the buttons and joysticks plus the volume knob to see if everything functions. Here's a few pictures: And i have also posted a video on my Youtube channel. To learn how to access this hidden mode, just read the text underneath the video on Youtube.
  15. Hi there! On behalf of everybody who enjoys Interton VC4000 (and clones): Thank you so much for all 4 homebrews and the demo you created! I have in my collection a Interton VC4000 (need to fix) and a Fountain Force 2 (need to A/V mod it) with a few cartridges for each consoles and once i have one of them running i'll burn your homebrews and your demo to a ZF-socket cartridge so i'll be able to play on real hardware. Thanks again for all and hoping you'll continue the great work you're doing! - Sly -
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