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  1. Just go here: http://www.ne.jp/asahi/shared/o-family/ElecRoom/ElecGame/AY3_8700/AY3_8700.html And also check: http://www.ne.jp/asahi/shared/o-family/ElecRoom/ElecGame.htm
  2. LOL!!!! Well there still one article he never sold, the toilet cover seat which has the Digital Press logo printed on it with the sprites of Mr. & Ms.Space fury....NO JOKE!! When i visited his store in Clifton, NJ in 2009, i went to the bathroom and there is was....i was so "?%$* laughing when i saw this. Ha! Finally found the picture: Don't know if it's for sale ....LOL!!!!
  3. I have mine that i'm thinking to sell as i'm still waiting to go back to work and the Canadian government has just cut in half the financial aid (for the pandemic) and i have bills to pay until then. If i sell it, i don't know how much to ask for it. Me and Daniel Bienvenu were the only two persons to get the game a week before they were officially sold at the CGExpo 2001. The one (and Daniel) we got are only the cartridge and the manual - NO BOX. And no box either were sold at the CGExpo. I wanted a promotional poster from the CGExpo but Joe sold everything related to Ms.Space Fury, people wanted anything marked "Ms.Space Fury"...hell, i think he could have sold a kitchen sink with Ms.Space Fury written on it...LOL!!!! And the official number of Ms.Space Fury sold is really 100, no more, no less. Two carts before the CGExpo, 80 during the CGExpo (which sold in about 10 minutes....dang!) and 18 after the CGExpo that were on special orders so 100 made.
  4. Great! Then i don't have to worry about scanning any overlays then as i have a small size scanner (an all-in-one printer/scanner/fax, etc). Once the overlays scans online, can i put a copy of them on my Archive account (for archival purpose) and i'll put a text note that these come from you guys at VML ? This way if anything happens to your website, they will be doubled backed-up. Oh and BTW, i have FINALLY received the Game Pack #2 two days ago after 6 weeks!!! I know that because of the pandemic all delivery are delayed but it's kinda ridiculous when it could take a 9 hour drive to get to Pittsburgh. And now, you just released Game Pack #3 and i think i'll wait 3-4 weeks before buying it since deliveries are still delayed. Haven't unpacked it yet but will do by the end of the week. - Sly -
  5. This is the first time i'm seeing this select screen, so don't know which variant it comes from. Maybe it comes from an Atari 2600 or 2600 junior clone with 128 built-in games or simply a cartridge with 128 games. There are so many pirate clones (like Rambo TV games) that needs to be cataloged Nice job find the two roms from MAME and they are both 338k size zip files. There is more TV-Boy clones i forgot: the Game Link 2001, the SilverStar (which this one has 64 games built-in) and the Akor Super TV-Boy III. Found a page that someone dumped a 128-in-1 cartridge: http://www.sromero.org/ext/atari/atari2600_128in1.php and you can download the rom. Other dumps but from a Junior PAL clone: https://www.emulatorgames.net/roms/atari-2600/128-in-1-junior-console-chip-1-pal/ https://www.retrostic.com/roms/atari-2600/128-in-1-junior-console-chip-2-pal-83429 https://www.retrostic.com/roms/atari-2600/128-in-1-junior-console-chip-3-pal-83430 https://www.retrostic.com/roms/atari-2600/128-in-1-junior-console-chip-4-pal-83427 Now i'm of to bed...RRrrZZzz......
  6. Another game ?! OOOOhhh....smells like a Game Pack #3 will be released soon! Like the name of the game in Latin which translate to "Are you Brutus ?" in English. Sorry but since i'm a Quebecian (French-Canadian), French comes from Latin so it was easy to translate. Can't wait to see the whole content of Game Pack #3.
  7. Hi MCA, Thanks for the scans of the Shooting Gallery, i already added it to the M.O.Archive! Since i have just an ordinary flat bed scanner integrated with the printer, the major problem i have are the overlays as i would need to scan a small overlay in 4 parts (iisshh!). So if you have a bigger scanner (or anyone here), i would so much appreciate 600dpi scans of small overlays (no need of the big ones). I also don't have the x4 1973 extra games in my collection so if anyone wants to scan them, i would appreciate it very much! But i think i still have Thomas Holzer original scans which i used for Interplanetary Voyage and W.I.N. Any contributions will be very appreciated! :):):)
  8. Oriskanytinterent has described on the nose the working of a TV-Boy and so far, the Akor Super TV-Boy has been dumped and also the Systema TV Boy II. Both these ROM dumps are playable in the emulator MAME: And if i remember correctly, someone did a dump of a TV-Boy 1 and put the dump on the newsgroups about 20 years ago. Apart TV-Boy's released by Akor, SystemA and Nics, there is also other clones of these like the Brazilian Dynacom Megaboy: Which has been also dumped. The "Master Boy": The "Mega Boy WS-11" and also the "Wonder Boy WS-11": The "PTG-2600": http://discreteconsoles.blogspot.com/2016/08/the-ptg-2600.html The "Nics Mega-Game NS-21": And some others i don't remember by memory...but are all Atari 2600 "Plug & Play" game consoles.
  9. As Voxel wrote, you need a CRT TV to be able to play with the light gun games on these old game consoles. Both Radio Shack TV Scoreboard and Coleco Telstar Ranger uses a GI AY-3-8500-1 but the Coleco Telstar Marksman uses a GI AY-3-8512 but it's uses the same light gun as the GI AY-3-8500-1. The Venture Electronics VS-7 uses a Mos Technology (not MOSTEK) MPS-7600-001 but can uses a AY-3-8500-1 light gun but you need to check the pins how it's wired. Light gun usually takes 4 pins: Voltage source (5-6V DC), ground, trigger and hit pulse. Check the schematic: Oh...there is an error on this schematic, the trigger pin (or shot) is #26 and the hit pin is #27 on the AY-3-8500-1. And here's the schematic of the AY-3-8512: Hit is pin #7 and Shot is pin #6 or check post: And as for the MPS-7600-001, i have it noted somewhere on paper (need to find it). Hope this helps.
  10. Hi MCA! Just to tell you that i have received the game yesterday and it's great! If some of you didn't received yet, it will be because i'm in Canada, province QC and it took 18 days total from PA, US to received it and with the pandemic still going on, delivery was pretty fast. Been 2 days that i'm scanning many documents and accessories for the Magnavox Odyssey and i still haven't finished yet. And thanks for the Shooting Gallery manual MCA, i've already uploaded it to the archive.
  11. Allright! Another new homebrew game! I'll check it out later! All the scans i'll be making will be in 600DPI but unfortunately, the Apex Blue Card and the instructions for Handball & Volleyball have been scanned in 300DPI back in 2012 before i traded it. I'm scanning all material stuff that comes with the Magnavox Odyssey first, then it's going to be the Rifle Gun (Shooting Gallery pack) and afterwards the 6 extra games of 1972. For Trumpocalypse, i have never gotten the instruction manual with my Game Pack #1 so that's why i thought it was never released.
  12. Now that is super to offer boxes (and overlays, instructions, etc.) which are released as "free" homebrews. I'll take a Space War box, small overlay and instruction but i don't know which box to choose as both are great! And i have just talked about this on the OdySim blog here: https://odysim.blogspot.com/2020/05/hunting-adventure-zombie-outbreak-space.html And you gave me an idea...🤪
  13. At $25 each, i'll take 2! I have almost wrote to Boojakascha back then when he announced his Odyssey multicart, but with time i forgot (my mind is not what it used to be...sigh!). This is super to replace/missing/don't have any cartridge from #01 to #12 and the only cart i don't have is #12 in my collection (i'm not counting #11 as it's the same as cart #8 with a thinner wall). But there is already two new game carts released that Boojakascha's multicart doesn't replace: Vibrant Media Labs #13 and the "ZO" cartridge from ManCaveArcade Zombie Outbreak (i dubbed it "ZO" (for Zombie Outbreak) as MCA didn't gave any number on this one (yet)). And also, Vibrant Media Labs has cartridge #14 to 16 already developed. VML cart#13 can't be done with the multicart has it's needs a switch to activate the wall full or half-long, you can still solder a mini-switch beside the multicart so it can do the same as cart#13. As for the rest of their carts, let's wait and see. Maybe you should put x4 (or more) extra micro-switch with unsoldered holes so some people could solder the necessary jumpers for future cartridges once release ? Just an idea.. And i still want two multicart no matter what.
  14. Glad to help out MCA! I have just made some corrections and also uploaded new files to the archive: Correction: * Magnavox Odyssey (US-1972).pdf is now renamed: Magnavox Odyssey (IB-2622)(US-1972).pdf * Magnavox Odyssey.pdf is now renamed: Magnavox Odyssey (IB-2662-2)(US-1973).pdf * ITT Odyssey (Germany-1973).pdf is now renamed ITT Odyssey Spiel (Gernamy-1973).pdf Updated/Uploaded: * Overkal (Spain-1974).pdf - has been updated with better scans * ITT Odyssey Spielkonsole (Germany-1973).pdf * Apex Blue Card.zip (Contains scans of Blue Card and instructions in 300dpi) * Apex-Odyssey-Manuals (US-197x).pdf (Only Volleyball & Handball instructions)
  15. Now i don't have any "New" homebrews to list ...BUT! How about downloading some files like the manual of the Videojuel ? I have uploaded a few hours ago some Magnavox Odyssey and clones stuff on Archive.org: * HiRez Overlays.zip (Has all 11 Pack-in oerlays in Hi-Rez + Soccer) Odyssey instruction manual & clones: ------------------------------------ * ITT Odyssey (Germany-1973).pdf * LEH Videojuel (Argentina-1975).pdf * Magnavox Odisea (Mexico-1972).pdf * Magnavox Odyssey (Export-1974).pdf * Magnavox Odyssey (France-1974).pdf * Magnavox Odyssey (US-1972).pdf * Overkal (Spain-1973).pdf * Panoramic Telematch J5 (Argentina-1975).pdf * Planil Odyssey (Brasil-1975).pdf I was so lucky to download a copy of the Videojuel before the link went to oblivion! Service Manual (i scanned it at 600dpi) * Magnavox Odyssey 1TL200 BLAK & BK12 Service Manual.pdf (Also those extra games i scanned at 600 dpi) * Magnavox_Odyssey-Baseball.pdf * Magnavox_Odyssey-Invasion.pdf (more to come in the future) And here's a back-up of three Odyssey "free" homebrews: ------------------------------------------------------- * Peacekeeper Command-O.zip * Red vs. Blue.zip * Space War.zip You can get any of these files individually here: https://archive.org/download/odyssey-archive Or Zipped/torrent: https://archive.org/details/odyssey-archive Have fun! --- Sly DC --- Come see by OdySim (Magnavox ODYssey SIMulator) blog: http://odysim.blogspot.com Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/slydc
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