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  1. Why search for a torrent when you can download them here: https://archive.org/details/MagnavoxOdyssey Have fun!
  2. Hi Ikrananka, Humm...good question! I'll have to check with your commercial released if both your and mine (legacy) matches. Ok, for now i won't rename it and when i'll do, it won't have "Phoenix" or "AtariMax" in the title so they won't be any confusion. And thanks! No problem if you (or anyone) wanna use my list, that's what is for in the first place. Just glad it's useful.
  3. How about "Multiribs Cart" ? LOL!!! Another French joke (RIBS = Cote in French - like Côte Levé / Rib Steak) Nah...but how about "MultiVision" ? Like in the old tv ad" Your vision is our vision....Colecovision!" 🤔 - Sly -
  4. Same here! And you're THE pillar of the Coleco ADAM/Colecovision community! I was thinking of renaming the checklist to "AtariMax Ultimate Colecovision ROM List" as it is now more fitting since i only list the: Title, Author/Publisher, Year, Rom size and sometime Info, Manual and Overlay section, and that i have used the list to put ROMs on my AtariMax Ultimate SD cart. And i just discovered that the CollectorVision Phoenix files on GitHub has four ROMS inside the master zip file: x3 are Test ROMS and the other is a multicart rom(?) * JOYTST.rom (32k) - 201x by ??? * SGMTST.rom (32k) - 2018 by Silicon Sex. * WGSTST.rom (32k) - 2018 by Silicon Sex. * multcart,rom (16k) - 2020 by ??? They all work in Colecovision emulators but haven't tried them yet on the AtariMax cart. The Joystick Test rom is very basic, just a simple 0 or 1 to tell if it's working. The SGM test rom only displays "7F BIOS/RAM SWITCH PASS" on the CollCV and "BAD" on the VColeco emu. The WSG Test is a tone generator test rom and the last (multcart.rom) only displays "Error.......reset". Does any knows more about these test roms ?
  5. Hi NIAD, Yes i did see Ikrananka list and yours but only compared them with mine to see if i was missing any information. I started my list based on Andrew Krieg Colecovision list years ago (same for all the other classics consoles) and i started to change the format from TXT to XLSX last year. Both your lists were very helpful, thanks! Well, CAT S.O.S. and Energy Quiz were made back in the 80's and both weren't sold on the market back then. I remember that Toby (Coleco_Master) at a CCJVQ reunion that he told me and Daniel he had Energy Quiz and that he sold it to another collector. I asked him if he dumped the content but he didn't know how to do it or knew anyone who could do it back then. And after many years, Toby finally brought it back and was dumped not long after and CollectorVision sold a few of them. So for me, they are prototypes, finished or not, as they weren't put on the market back then. As far Toby (or anyone else here), only one copy of Energy Quiz exists (and not counting the recent re-editions/copies). I may not very active (more a zombie...lol) on any forums but i still out there...somewhere...
  6. And Youki....Smurf-That! Tu est un vilain petit canard, héhéhé......LLLOOLLL!!!
  7. La grande chiasse 5 ?? A fantastic game ?? LLLOOLLLLLL!!!!! Well, if it didn't had a bit of gameplay (driving/dodging and shooting), i would have classified it as a demo only. Still, good for a laugh or two! - Sly -
  8. Yes i have, in fact if i remember while verifying all the roms i have accumulated over the past 20 years, that i have two version of Biplane which the first version is listed in the list (26.1k version) and the second one has 26.3k, which i renamed "Biplane-2.rom" as this version is less playable than the first version as we only see crashes and heard a lot of explosions. But how i obtain them is a mystery to me as even myself discovered that i had a lot of roms that i even didn't know i had until recently when doing the list. Think i've went thru over 5,000 Colecovisions roms i have (multiple copies, many different versions, etc). I even have copies of Kill Barney On Mars and Killer Instinct 2 which Amy (Daniel) thought were lost in oblivion! Just to say that i consider myself lucky to still have all these copies intact after multiple (more than 10) hard disk failures and retrieve them from dead hard disks and old CDR's back-up (even some few were unreadable after all these years). And thanks, it was a heck of a job to verify & catalog each roms. I did the same a few months ago for the Vectrex (see FB Vectrex Fans United group). And continue the great work you're doing and i very like Mr.Turtles as i wanted that game when i was a kid, now it's a dream come true! - Sly -
  9. Hi folks! After updating my old Colecovision list for the past five months in my spare times, i have finally completed it! Of course since we are all humans, there will be a few errors so hoping that if you find one or more), to post it here. And please, don't ask for any ROMS in the list, as there is many commercials games still available and i respect all their hard work to bring us so many new homebrews in the last 2 decades (and still going!). But if you wanna see a video of a specific ROM, then i'll gladly do it.Just for fun, i have uploaded a few Colecovision videos of demos ans games never released/available (or almost to my knowledge). Go take a peek here: https://www.youtube.com/c/SlyDC/playlists And i also invite you to take a peek at the Colecovision list, thanks! - Sly - Colecovision Database List-May-25-2021.xlsx
  10. How about "Kao-Roo" ? (like the game: Kao the Kangaroo) Buy Youki and Insertclevernamehere suggestions are also great names. Also, maybe "Hoppy" or "Skippy" (like the old tv show)
  11. Serguei2 did tried to compile his game with sounds several times but his computer still is "glitchy" so he can't recompile it, and his last attempt was Febuary 22, 2021 - see here: Can't wait to play it with sounds! P.S.: The link to the manual is dead
  12. If anyone is using CoolCV, press "Tab" for fire.
  13. Ahh.....buttox again! Seems i'm always late.....
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