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  1. Hi Marcel, Super Chip8 on the VIP ?? I knew it was possible as the specs for the CDP1861 (also CDP1862 & CDP1864) can go up to 128x64 but needs more RAM (1k more i think?). With Eproms now, why bother to upload a game or program into RAM when you just need to add a port to install ROM carts so this will leave the RAM for higher resolution, colors (also this one needs 1k extra RAM), and variables as the rest of the game/program can be stored into ROM (or Flip's multicart). Maybe ROMS (Eproms) can be inserted by the VIP expansion port ? (haven't checked that out yet). Anyway, i am amazed that you have succeeded to adapt the Super Chip-8 to the VIP, even if it's only one game but the first step is done! Can't wait to see the development for the VIP S-Chip, so hats off to you Marcel!
  2. Hi folks! Sorry if me and Marcel has been going a bit "off-topic" with the Chip-8 stuffs and all, but Chip-8 is related to the RCA Studio II/III since the COSMAC VIP is almost the same hardware as the Studio II, the big difference between the two is the tape interface and ram. The Studio II can be easily be modified into a VIP with ram upgrade and others little mods. And with Flip's multicart, we can even add Chip-8 games to play them (but not all) on a Studio II without modding it, so this expands the game library to more than 200 games as there is about 200 more Chip-8 games not typed from various newsletters/magazines. I have finally made mini-manuals, especially which buttons does what, for each Chip-8 games (existing in a ROM-type format) which is 163 as of today (Sept.19, 2020). I'm not sure if every mini-manual is exact as i've mostly copy-pasted descriptions of the games when they had one. There is only two games that the manuals aren't finished: Chesmac (no manual right now) and Space Explorer. So if anyone wants to check all 163 Chip-8 games works or not with Flip's multicart, be my guess as i'm trying to concentrate that each games as been correctly identified (title, author, year) and have their manual and later on screenshots. The Chip-8 Database will be updated during this week-end. Have fun!
  3. Hi Marcel! Yes i am very sure that Highres Blinky is the same as the original as i have compared both programs with a hex compare program like this: No problem for the explanations of some games, glad i can help. I also updated the Chip-8 excel sheet with these new fixes and problems, thanks very much! For the four games (Snake, Sokoban1, Snek and Tank!), i have compared them with 4 emulator (including yours of course!) * Snake: In Octo and Emma 02 it doesn't work but with Fish 'N Chip it works and with Kiwi8 it works only if the Load/Store & Shift Quirks are enabled. * Sokoban1: Same results as for the Snake game. * Snek: in Octo, it doesn't move and in Emma 02 & Kiwi8, it "bugs". But it works with Fish 'N Chip. * Tank!: This one works with all four emulators but is very slow with Fish N Chip and Kiwi8. I tried it with Emma 02 and works like a charm once you configured the hex keypad like this: 1-2-3-4 1-2-3-C Q-W-E-R 4-5-6-D A-S-D-F 7-8-9-E Z-X-C-V A-0-B-F And with the PNG manual sheet, i played a few rounds without any problems. As for the other three games, i'll put them in a folder called "not-properly-working". The "Chip-8 Database" took at least 5 years to gather all the programs and info and there's still a lot more to be done. Hopefully, all programs will be in a "rom" format with their proper manual, screenshots and hex list to all to enjoy (gamers, programmers, etc) for many years to come.
  4. Hi! Well in the near 25 years of game consoles collecting, i have seen so many types of RF plug (RCA, screws, x2 "U" shaped, etc.) but they all do the same thing: transmit the video/audio signal as Radio Frequency (RF) (oh and on so many Pong-type consoles, it is only the video which is converted in RF as the audio is outputted by a simple speaker). The best is try to find an adapter which can adapt both ends (one from the RF cable and the other to plug into a TV). Usually the best ones are those that can adapt from the 300 ohms (RCA-type plug) to 75 ohms (cable-input). And i was successful at playing an Epoch Cassette Vision Jr. on Channel 3 (VHF band) and the image/sound was perfect! But i live in Canada and it is NTSC here. So to play European game consoles, i have a multi-signal TV which plays any NTSC, PAL or SECAM signal on this TV. Try some cheap China/Korean TV's as they usually does that and the TV i have is a Daytek and it's not even listed in the specs...just discovered that feature when i plugged a PTG-2600 (a rare Atari 2600 clone TV-Boy type) and the image was crystal clear (no Vertical rolling, in color (not B&W) and can hear the sounds). So first step, find an adapter for plugging the console to the TV and if you have a bad image (like on your picture), try to switch from Channel 1 to Channel 2 underneath the Cassette Vision Jr., if i remember, i have selected Channel 2 under the CV JR and tuned Channel 3 on the TV and have a great image/sound. And if you tried all the channel on the TV + either Channel 1 and 2, then you will need a multi-signal TV. Those can be found anywhere worldwide. All the best! P.S. For Japanese 1st and 2nd generation game consoles, check channel 3, 6, 7, 11, 13, 22, 42, 55, 82, 95, 96, 97 which are usually the best channels that works depending on the selected channel (1 or 2) on the game console.
  5. Hi Marcel! Looks like you were pretty occupied. First, thank you so much for all the "fixed" programs and with text which described what was the problem in the program. I'll add these info with the proper manual program (if exists). I have made the corrections: The following code is Super-chip8: Super Square (tann)(2014).ch8 (is in the chip8 folder) Traffic (by Christian Kosman)(2018).sc8 (is in the chip8 folder) Hires Blinky (by Michael Wales)(2015).ch8 (is in the high res folder but is not a high res game) ## Those are in the proper folder except for "Hires Blinky" as i have find out it is exactly the same version as the one made by Hans Christian Egeberg. So have to delete this one. ## The following code is hybrid not chip8X: Bingo [Andrew Modla] (hybrid).c8x Blackjack [Andrew Modla] (hybrid).c8x Message Center [Andrew Modla] (hybrid).c8x Pinball [Andrew Modla] (hybrid).c8x Video Display Draw [TCNJ S.572.2].c8x Video Display Drawing Game [Joseph Weisbecker] (hybrid).c8x ## All in their respective folder now and change their extension also: ".hc8" (for Hybrid Chip8) and ".c8h" are for Hires Chip-8 (64x64) and put those in the "various" tab. ## Last the following games gave some problem or I don't really 'get them', if anyone has more info please comment: ## There is two i can't explain for now (the two already "fix") and the rest, i have made manuals on how to play them as clearly as possible. ## So here's the manuals for 12 of the games listed above, have fun all! P.S.: The Snake.png is what is supposed to look like from the emulator of the same author. Tried it in Emma02, was able to play with it but it crashes after pressing a few buttons. boot-128.txt Death Star vs Yoda.txt Deep8.txt Mysterious.txt snafu.txt snake - Daniel Jianoran.txt Snek.txt Sokoban1 - Daniel Jianoran.txt Super Block.txt Tank!.txt Warshaws Revenge.txt X-Ray.txt
  6. Hi Marcel, The best is trying to "fix" the games that have "quirks" and to tell apart an original game or a fixed one, we should put a "fix" notification in the identification like this: Blitz (fix)(David Winter)(199x).ch8 If the "load_store_quirk" can't be fixed in the games, then make a new Chip-8 interpreter with the notification: Chip-8 (VIP)(load_store_fix).bin so this way we will know that this interpreter fixes the "load_store_quirk" problem. And i completely agree with you, Chip-8 interpreters are deviating from each others over time....sigh. Oh and putting in each games that needs the "load_store_quirk" interpreter in the (how-to-play) text manual will also be very helpful before too many persons ask why (specific game) doesn't work. And if anyone wants to know how many different interpreters already exists, go here (and go crazy): https://gist.github.com/tobiasvl/a0e43bdcd64d9ef6be35f5c67fcff0dd
  7. Hi Marcel, Thanks very much for all the fixes you've made and they all work flawlessly on Emma02, now just need to test it with the multicart on a Studio II. About the Chip8.bin for the Studio II: Indeed that was fun and i still grateful that you did this as i've always wanted to play Chip-8 games on a Studio II, and now we can play more than 100 Chip-8 Games and there still al least 200 Chip-8 games that haven't been saved/typed-in so this will expand the game library by so much. And you also ported it to the Elf2K ? Is there anything you can't do ?! LOL!! As for other programs that has the "shift" problem, there is "Blinky" that when you try it, the maze is gibberish. And the author (Thomas Daley) of the emulator "Kiwi8" has made a list of games/programs that has mostly the same problem or have other "glitches". You can check his list/report here: https://github.com/tomdaley92/kiwi-8/issues/9
  8. Hi Marcel, Long time since we chatted, how are you ? Yeah all the BMP viewers don't work on a real Studio II or VIP and same thing for your Emma 02 (you emulated the VIP too exactly but does work on other emulator like Fish 'N' Chip or Kiwi8 (with the "emulation option: Shift Quirk". I wrote about it here on my blog: http://rcastudio2.blogspot.com/2019/07/chip-8-for-studio-ii-part-3.html So i found out the problem but since i'm no Chip-8 programmer, i don't know how to fix it....(sigh!) A few days ago, i discovered a tool called "OctoPaint Pictures" made by SystemLogoff which you can convert a picture and convert it to Chip-8 (the program is in LÖVE) and redone my "Hello World" picture and it works on Emma 02! But not all picture will work with this tool as i tried to convert other BMP viewer i've made and some crash right away or is missing a few to many pixels and if you have a picture with a white background and black drawing, then it will definitively crash so i had to invert my Hello World to make it work. Here's the converted file with OctoPaint: Hello World! (by Sly DC)(converted with OctoPaint) (2020).ch8 If there's anything else (beside programming...lol!), let me know! 😃
  9. Chip-8 Database is now online! Hi folks! For the past weeks, i have finally listed all the Chip-8 games, demos, programs etc...that i have find over the internet for the past 10-15 years or so and had many headaches to prove it. I also post this on my RCA Studio II Database blog - http://rcastudio2.blogspot.com/ As of September 01, 2020, there is in the Database: * x174 Chip-8 Games (and missing x213 not yet typed) * x146 Chip-8 Demos/Progs * x10 Chip-8X (with Hybrids) * x53 Super Chip-8 Games * x50 Super Chip-8 Demos/Progs * x25 XO-Chip Games * x28 XO-Chip Demos/Progs * x22 Machine Languages Games (and missing x46 not typed) * x41 Machine Language Demos/Progs * x09 Chip-8 Hires (64x64) * x05 MegaChip files So go here: https://archive.org/details/chip-8-games and have fun! Hoping that this will help numerous programmers and gamers (maybe even a dedicated Chip-8 multicart ?!) and if Marcel wants to add all the files which aren't included for the Emma 02, be my guest! Have fun folks!
  10. WHAT ???!!?!? I...i don't believe it!! No$^*%&* way!!!! He was the "Atari Insider", the head huncho of all thing Atari's...damn, he known more about Atari than even Bushnell himself! I only met him once in a PhillyClassic meeting and we exchange a few emails here and there and he was always so helpful and so dedicated. This is indeed the saddest news i've heard this year. =( So Rest In Peace Curt, we will cherish all the things you did for this community...bless you!
  11. Hi Magmavision2000, Indeed, as of today (August 31, 2020) there is officially no example of the Nintendo Odyssey (game console, box, accessories, etc) but Nintendo did made the gun for Magnavox. There is a few web sites that also talks about it and in 2-3 days, i'll have x2 Nintendo Rifle SP to really compare with the Magnavox Rifle, so watch the OdySim blog in the following weeks. There was an Odyssey that was sold on Ebay indicating it was coming from Japan (Ebay #113233003466 in October 2018) and had three pictures, but seeing these pictures, it looked like an ordinary U.S. Magnavox Odyssey with a photocopy of the manual. The seller was asking $4,711.03 in US dollars. Pretty hefty sum to pay for an imported US Odyssey with photocopied manual =( About the flyer, Leonard Herman contacted me saying the flyer is from the Nanyang Radio Co. of Singapore and not from Nintendo Japan. That was my goof on that part but the pictures are so tiny, hard to see. My bad on this, sorry!
  12. Hi folks! There is a new homebrew game that was released 3 days ago by azya52 (the same author that did Microbird & Tetris for the Milton Bradley Microvision), the name of the game is "Race" (i know, not very original) but he did a HELL of a homebrew!! Check it out here on Youtube: I just have one word seeing this.... WOW!! The game is not finished yet but i have never dreamed to see a game like this for the RCA Studio II. He uses a resolution of 64x128 (!!!) which we only see for Super Chip. What fascinates me is he writes that it can be played on a real Studio II !!! Anyway, check out the video and read his description. You can download a copy of the unfinished game here: https://github.com/azya52/rcastudioii Have fun (and start drooling....LOL!!!)
  13. Thanks for the info about the ST mouse, didn't know that. And again thanks for uploading the Diamond GOS softwares and all the infos on your Diamond blog! Really appreciate this!
  14. Hi again folks, OK, i've just tried the Diamond GOS v.3 (ROM format) into the UNO cart and here's the result: Sorry, doesn't work BUT...after that, i've convert the ROM into a CAR format with the option: Diamond 64 KB cartridge (10), here's the new result: Oh YEAH! It works! Would be better with the ST Mouse but does work with the arrow cursors but it's slower. So here's the ROM in CAR format: Diamond GOS v3.car Have fun and enjoy!
  15. Really ? Cool! It's been 18 years that this ROM has been dumped with and old Eprom programmer and was dumped corrected on the only attempt. Didn't even know if it was dumped correctly accept that them program to dump didn't have any errors once finished. At least know we know thanks to you Mrfish that both dump (k-pack and mine) are the same.
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