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  1. Wow, there's been lots of inquiries! Thanks for the interest and, please, keep the questions coming. Regards, Oz
  2. Then you can only imagine how good the sound quality is on the actual cassette.
  3. Hello forum! I finally have gotten around to listing a true ATARI oddity and a genuine ONE OF OF A KIND ARTIFACT from the company's lustrous history. What I've put up is the only known recording of legendary singer CHUBBY CHECKER singing the "DIG DUG" song that was suppose to originally have been used with the theatrical commercial that came out in 1983, but was abandoned. You can read about the item and it's history at the link provided below. Here's the EBAY link - http://www.ebay.com/itm/152320119914?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Those wanting to hear the song can do so here (PLEASE NOTE THAT THE SOUND QUALITY OF THE SOUNDCLOUD CLIP IS SUBPAR ON PURPOSE, AS I WAS TRYING DISCOURAGE PEOPLE FROM RIPPING IT. THE ACTUAL SOUND IS QUITE GOOD AND PERFORMS WELL WHEN PLAYED ON A DECENT SOND SYSTEM) - https://soundcloud.com/theozman/dig-dug-sung-by-cubby-checker This is truly a rarity and should prove to be a TOP COLLECTIBLE among the most discriminating of ATARI fans. This kind of item is obviously very rare and likely with never go up for auction again. Also note, that in addition to the cassette with the song(s) on it, I'm including the actually CLIO AWARD CERTIFICATE that was awarded to the production team who worked on making the commercial a reality. If you have any questions, then please ask. ONLY SERIOUS INQUIRES - THANKS!!!!! Oz
  4. This item has officially NOW SOLD!!!! Many thanks to all of you who inquired, made bids or just reached out to chat privately. I've got more items pending to auction, so stay tuned! Best, Matt Oz
  5. That's really cool, Zwackery! I get a real kick that people LOVE their ATARI stuff enough to make an effort to display it with such passion. Thanks for posting. Oh... and the item that I've listed has pretty much SOLD, just awaiting final confirmation of the transaction then I'll officially update this post that it's a done deal. Best, Matt Oz
  6. Hi Atari Age forum, I've gotten several bids on this item, so if anyone has been on the fence with deciding to make a reasonable offer, now's the time to do it. I'll be choosing on a final bidder this week. As always, thanks for your interest. Matt Oz. ozfridayATearthlink.net
  7. Hi ATARI AGE community! Thought I'd share this here for those who might be able to appreciate it. Here is the Chubby Checker version of the ATARI DIG DUG song that was originally to be featured in the Clio Award winning DIG DUG commercial that came out in 1983 and that was shown in theaters nationwide. I haven't been able to uncover why it wasn't exactly used (replaced by an unrecognizable band playing the song in the actual commercial), but I own the only known copy of the song. SONG - https://soundcloud.com/theozman/dig-dug-sung-by-cubby-checker HERE'S THE ACTUAL COMMERCIAL - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WmFZnpnur4U Enjoy! Oz
  8. Thanks for all the inquires and replies on here. It's great to see that ATARI is still as alive as it ever was and is appreciated for all it's unique coolness. This isn't an auction item, but I thought I'd share it on here for you guys. It's taken from a cassette tape that I have (the only known, existing copy) of Chubby Checker singing the DIG DUG song. https://soundcloud.com/theozman/dig-dug-sung-by-cubby-checker Enjoy! Oz
  9. Here's a preview of an important ATARI artifact that should make fans on this page drool. This is a hand made ATARI logo, circa 1982, that ATARI art director (and original designer of the iconic ATARI fuji logo) George Opperman created to commemorate ATARI's 10th ANNIVERSARY (see attached photo - also seen on pg 622 of the recently published book, ATARI: BUSINESS IF FUN). This particular piece, an 18in X 25in sheet of plexiglass with multi-colored strips of plastic on it. As far I know, it was only used at the ATARI 10th Anniversary ceremony that was held at the Hilton Hawaiian Village in Honolulu, in April of 1982. I haven't seen it's design used anywhere else, but this specific piece originally adorned the podium at the celebration where everyone got up and talked about the evolution of the company (It can easily be seen in the video that was put together of the event - which I have a copy of and will offer a DVD of with the sale of the art.) Again, this will be offered as a true ONE OF A KIND item and, likely, will appeal to die-hard ATARI collectors who're looking to acquire high end collectibles. Enjoy the preview and stay tuned for an official announcement of the auction. Oz
  10. lol! Well, I certainly hope that I come across as reasonable. My overall asking price for my item is only reflective, I believe, of it's coolness and importance as a true piece of ATARI history. Stay tuned as I'll be previewing a real ONE OF KIND piece of ATARI history that a true die hard fan would likely kill to own. Oz
  11. Thanks for your feedback, CPUWIZ. Please note that item is, actually, a "Buy It Now" auction, where collectors can make an offer of any price. I am very open to this. So far, I have have gotten 9 offers, some low and some high, but I'm waiting to make sure that the auction runs long enough to reach as many ATARI collectors as is possible, so that they get an equal chance to acquire it. Thanks again for your feedback. It's very appreciated. Best, Oz
  12. I've received some messages asking to confirm the authenticity of the item being auctioned. All that I can add is further proof that my father was, in fact, a top executive at ATARI during the time these ATARI COLLECTORS PINS - FIRST EDITION were assembled. Here is his business card, laid across a sheet of his ATARI company letterhead. If anything, being that the card is well over 30 years old, it's just really cool to look at. I have tons of ATARI artifacts and memorabilia that I'll be parting with and I'd like them to eventually get into the hands of collectors who really can appreciate them for the shear nostalgia and for their historical significance. Thanks and please feel free to forward your inquiries to my email address below. Matt Oz. ozfridayATearthlink.net
  13. The only HULK related ATARI item that I have is the glass backing from the Pinball machine, which is similar to the one in the link below. https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/61/13/41/6113412e8ae3924815368e7ed34fa261.jpg Best, Oz
  14. Hi guys, As far as I know, the reason that there are only 10 pins represented here is because these were the ones that were hot off the press, so to speak, and any others that were to follow, such as FOOD FIGHT, STAR WARS, etc, hadn't been minted yet, nor had they been released to the public. These 10 pins were exclusively packaged in the framed boxes and then presented to top ATARI executives, such as my late father, Don Osborne. Any inquires that I've made to fellow ATARIANS (i.e. past ATARI employees) has led me to discovering that no else has kept theres. That doesn't mean that there aren't others out (maybe sitting in someone's closet like our has), but there is a high likelihood that they wont show up anytime soon on the collector's market. Thanks for your replies here. Matt
  15. ***AUCTION NOW OVER!!! ITEM HAS SOLD!!!!*** Hi ATARI AGE forum! SUPER RARE and YOU'LL LIKELY NEVER SEE ANOTHER ONE OF THESE OFFERED - Take a moment to preview the link towards the middle of this post and read about an auction that I have going on for a genuine ATARI artifact. What I'm auctioning is a framed set of ATARI COLLECTOR PINS - FIRST EDITION - of which there were only ever 10 made - Hand numbered (this one is #2) - which were to be given out to ATARI's top executives, way back in 1983. My father, Don Osborne, was VP of marketing (thats him in my avatar) at the time these pins were released in April of 1983, so this is an original, personal item that's been in our family ever since. The only reason that I'm parting with it is because I have tons of this original ATARI stuff and it's only been sitting in a closet for 33 years. Seems a shame that some fan doesn't have this adorning their game room wall, so if you're interested, please let me know? DETAILS IN SHORT: Farmed set of the first 10, 1st EDITION, ATARI COLLECTOR PINS - Hand numbered set (this #2 of only 10) Here's the link to the eBay auction - NO LONGER AVAILABLE!!!!!!!! Thanks and please let me know if you have any questions concerning this auction? Matt Oz I can be reached at - NO LONGER VALID
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