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  1. Thanks for reply tmp. Yes and yes Have the 800xl.
  2. Just bought one pre-assembled. The memory is internal/on the pcb, correct? Wondering what is the exposed connection is for? thanks!
  3. Here are some more if anyone is interested: btw, some of these are based off of others work, just made some chenges, etc... Feel free to make your own changes in photoshop... -Cases are from Stone Age Gamer -Cases used: NES & SNES -Below are files for: Harmony Cart 2600, AtariMax 5200, Concerto 7800, AVG Cart Atari 8-bit, AtariMax Colecovision, Vectrex Multicart. -Here are the Photoshop files: 7800ConcertoFinal.psd Colecovision box artFINAL.psd VectrexMultiCartFINAL.psd Atari8bitAVGFinal.psd 2600Harmony Box artFINAL.psd Atari5200 Box ArtFINAL.psd
  4. So the PAL Amiga and more specifically the 500? I'm in a similar situation as the OP.
  5. Hello, I love the Amiga (500?) especially the PAL variety. There are soo many great games for it. I live in the US and I do have a few Sinclair Spectrum computers that work on my LCD TV with my Scart to HDMI converter very nicely. I really don't know much..well actually nothing on the Amiga 500. Is it worth buying? Could I buy a NTSC version and 'convert' it to a PAL version? Does it have RGB/Scart output? Is there a way to add modern HDD and add games and programs? Any suggestions would be much appreciated! T
  6. Hello, Just re-capped my vectrex as well as installed the sound board mod. I also used a shielded type cable, it wasn't coax because the coax I had, I believe, had aluminum shielding mesh and the solder would not stick(I did find something similar). My Vectrex is the GCE brand and version 2GE. The hum wasn't too bad to begin with, so if all else fails I can go back. From what I understand the buzz or hum doesn't change with volume. So, in my case, low volume the buzz/hum is lower and at higher volume the buzz/hum gets louder. Wondering if anyone might have some suggestions on anything I can check that may be causing this. * Just noticed hardware section, apologize for posting this here. T
  7. Just bought a nice 5200 which included box, manuals, etc.. 2 port model. l
  8. Hello, I haven't seen an insert around so I decided to make an insert for a Stone Age Gamers NES Clamshell case. The AtariMax cart fits nicely in the NES one. The file is in PSD or Photoshop and has different layers so you can move, add, delete anything you want. Atari5200 Box ArtFINAL.psd btw, The dimensions of the insert should be: 12.25" wide and 7.125" tall Should be all set in PS. You could probably modify it if you want to make a box(5200 cart box)
  9. Sorry for reviving this post but was interested in the new Concerto Image. I bought a clamshell case and wanting to make an insert for it. Can anyone point me to a decent to high quality image of the new Concerto label? T
  10. Hello, Just wanted to make sure that 0.95 is the latest bios file, also I only found 0.94 version for the cbi file. Is there a version 0.95 for the cbi file? Also, after using the Harmony programming tool to load the eeprom and then do the copy HBios onto SD card. I add the .cbi file to root directory of the SD card. Insert SD card into Concerto Cart, insert it in 7800 and turn on. In the menu do I 'update the bios' using the .cbi file? thanks, T
  11. Ahh Thanks CrossBow, So the CO12294 = Pokey CO12296 = Antic Thanks!
  12. Hello, Going through my spare IC's etc... and found these 3 IC's I believe are POKEY. I'd like to use one in my Concerto 7800 SD Cart as well as some homebrew games that require a Pokey IC. If they are all Pokey is one 'better brand' than the others or preferred to use in the concerto sd Cart or Hombrew games with pokey IC's? Here are the IC's: Thanks, T
  13. Thanks for the reply! Just wanted to make sure.
  14. Hello, I'm interested in purchasing Concerto SD-card multicart with empty socket for pokey. Are there any available atm? thanks, T
  15. Hello, Just received an Atari 5200 which is in excellent shape including mainboard. I'm planning on doing the UAV mod to it. RF shields were in place and appears that no modifications have been done. I noticed chip A5 (GTIA)? had pin 11 lifted. Was wondering if this is something Atari did at factory. It's a 2 port model C021376 REV. 1 Here is the picture:
  16. Don't mean to go on a tangent, what is that blue pcb w/jumpers and wires going toward right side of the case. Scart connector? And lastly the small pcb with what looks like a relay on it on the left side of the mainboard? (right behind the UAV)
  17. Hello, Are there any plastic clamshell style cases that can be used to store the Harmony cart (or Typical Atari 2600 cart)? Here's one for NES from Stone Age Gamers:
  18. Thanks for the reply, I did some searching and found this: MC13077 encoder It has R-Y and B-Y inputs Here's the datasheet MC13077P.pdf
  19. yes i have some of the original 64k ones but you lost me after that... So do all the 256k ram ics stay (x8), do you replace soe of those with 64k? I noticed before all ram was socketed, all but the 3 closest to the user (upper U's i believe) Also, I wouldn't be changing anything to the RamboXL pcb would I? t
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