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  1. Made an edit to the OP of this topic. It worked, thanks. Haven't tried it on the non-topic forum posts yet, but it should work the same.
  2. I was trying to save edits I've made to posts but no post edits saved. I even gave the reason to edit but when I press "save" it just does nothing. (Test edit)
  3. I'm not allowed to save any edits to my posts since this upgrade.

  4. Decade* not even six years. Don't know why I'm not allowed to edit my post even though I literally just posted it.
  5. I thought Halloween should have had an ending so around 6 years ago I made a Windows remake of the game with an ending where you fight Michael one last time in a way similar to Friday the 13th on the NES. Was a fun little project.
  6. My favourite game variation is the foosball one and it's probably less straightforward to align "one of the paddles, probably the closest one" with the ball in that variation.
  7. Unless I'm mistaken, Oregon Trail seems to play out the same every time you make the same choices, making it a non-randomized game. I've always wanted to see a version where the factors were more random and less predictable, so maybe the port could consider those? I've never once lost at the game and it makes the choices you're supposed to take extremely obvious so I was always bothered by the lack of variety after I won three times on my first 3 goes and they seem to play out the same.
  8. I always enjoyed Submarine Commander on the Atari 2600 but I was always dissatisfied that the game essentially runs on a timer. Would it be possible to make the game harder? I always set the game to the most difficult game variation but even so I never really get hit. I was wondering if it was possible to ramp up the difficulty (a lot more) and essentially make the game run on lives or health (which only gets depleted if you're hit) rather than the time/fuel limit.
  9. There seems to be a bit of a cool down time between the 2 shots as I realized the shooting speed is a bit different from what I'm used to, and I found that out by pressing fire in quick succession and finding out only 1 shot is fired. I understand this was to make holding down autofire possible in difficulty B, but just wondering if it'd be an option to do no cool down anyway for (difficulty A).
  10. Listening to it now. I'm glad there's Atari music albums being put out, music on these machines need more love! Kinda amazed at the sound, almost sounds like NES more than Atari a lot of the times.
  11. Having played the 2600 version as my first form of Joust I always found it weird how in most of the other versions the egg hatches into a person and the eagles or whatever come pick them up rather than hatching the eagles and then the riders come and sit on them

    1. save2600


      Having played the arcade version first and being a fan of nearly every version since, I still find it strange that little dudes are on ostriches that fly while jousting! lol

    2. Eltigro


      I have very vague memories of playing Joust in... maybe a pizza parlor?... Anyway, I know it was one of the first games I got for my NES. Don't think I've ever played the 2600 version.

  12. The atari homebrews site is gone??

  13. I'd have liked to see those lines removed to make it seem more like underwater, and maybe a dark blue background
  14. Holy crap I didn't think I would see a Baby Pacman with an actual pinball game in it for an Atari system! Thank you for making it happen! I haven't gotten the hang of the controls yet (it seems the ball always jumps back down the drain right after it's shot up and hit the rebound) but I was very excited to see the pinball part! The ghosts' movement seems faithful to the original since they seem to change directions without pattern there too, unlike in Pacman and Ms Pacman.
  15. I see. Thanks! The quadrants are actually very nice ideas, though I wasn't aware there were Midway/Namco level differences, if it meant the original 2 arcade versions had different levels.
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