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  1. Actually the reason I wanted Hack'em on the portable is for the Pacman Plus game. That version doesn't have it, right?
  2. I just looked at the spreadsheet again. I don't find Hack em on there. So was this list you mentioned separate from this spread sheet? Cause basically I'm interested in playing Pac-man Plus on the Flashback Portable and I don't know which version would work on there.
  3. I think I came across the VCS Music Cart when I was looking at demo carts. As you can see from the video, it has lots of tracks in here that you can cycle through with the joystick, and even change the visual style, tho it may not be as varied as Atari Video Music. The ROM can be found here: http://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=71561 And as for Hack 'em, I've only tried that version. Thanks for letting me know about the alternative.
  4. Why is it that I can only select games 1 and 2? How about games 3 and R? I keep pressing select, up, and right, and I can't get beyond 2. I do have the final version. (Never mind, read through the thread and found the answer, but i would recommend making a note in the Original Post). Good fun, but shame it relies on memorization, reducing replayability (once you have beaten it once).
  5. VCS music cart works, although it's a bit sped up and has minor graphical glitches. Hack em 16K doesn't seem to start. Star Castle arcade doesn't work
  6. Just tested Spies in the Night 2. It seems to work on the original Atari Flashback Portable, although the timer is glitched and the minute count simply replicates the first digit of the seconds count (which can hamper gameplay/judgement since the game runs on the timer). The title and floor count screens are also glitched graphically.
  7. I've been hoping to see more spy-related games and I'm pretty happy with this one. I like the graphics, the stylish silhuette during the doors closing, the icons, the computer animation, and most importantly, the variety. I was never really that big on the original Spies in the Night because it felt too repetitive to me. This one has lots of mini games so you aren't always doing the same thing, plus it still has the kind of lighthouse gameplay in the first, so even if you are a big fan of the original's gameplay, you will be glad to find that it hasn't been removed in the sequel. I still find the precision needed very annoying though. The style and graphics are I think the spotlight definitely, cause they are very well-done. I just had my first run of the game, didn't beat a single level but I don't think I ever beat a level in the first game either. Thank you also for the full manual. I would have preferred an easy game (say a game of 10 to 25 stories tall) with randomized rooms since I really dislike predictability in games this way. Say if I beat it, I didn't want it to be simply that I've taken the cheap way out by going through the easy rooms having memorized the game.
  8. I mean, what I said was my cents about the AI matter. That it's not so straightforward to implement. But that's been dealt with now.
  9. Made an edit to the OP of this topic. It worked, thanks. Haven't tried it on the non-topic forum posts yet, but it should work the same.
  10. I was trying to save edits I've made to posts but no post edits saved. I even gave the reason to edit but when I press "save" it just does nothing. (Test edit)
  11. I'm not allowed to save any edits to my posts since this upgrade.

  12. Decade* not even six years. Don't know why I'm not allowed to edit my post even though I literally just posted it.
  13. I thought Halloween should have had an ending so around 6 years ago I made a Windows remake of the game with an ending where you fight Michael one last time in a way similar to Friday the 13th on the NES. Was a fun little project.
  14. My favourite game variation is the foosball one and it's probably less straightforward to align "one of the paddles, probably the closest one" with the ball in that variation.
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