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  1. reopening my atari discord server https://discord.gg/YB6Rta5

  2. Awesome! This has the varied levels of the arcade version, right? Always was a bit bothered that the Atari version only flip-flops between 2 room layouts.
  3. Made an Atari chiptune: 


    1. SlidellMan


      That is pretty sick, I like it. By the way, I think you should consider signing up to BandLab. It allows unlimited uploads when compared to a normal SoundCloud account.

    2. Tangentg


      Thanks. I use Bandlab now. Really good tools for what I like to make.

  4. Oh I found the details of the game variations detailed in the manual provided on the bjars site, just not in the manual in this thread. Though there is some green circle with a black hole in it power up that I got that I still don't know what is and can't find a mention of it in the manuals.
  5. Oh man, I've been on a lookout for Indiana Jones games and this looks like it would deliver! I had a run through it for the first time. The inclusion of minecarts, traps, treasures, fog of war/flashlight, and boulders are just what I've been looking for! Great job on the stylish manual too. I realize this is unlikely to get further updates, but the thing that bothers me about these kinds of games is that once you know where everything is, you always do, so I would have liked seeing some sort of randomization. I haven't really seen the minecart yet but I like the shaking rooms with falling rocks, and the boulder, unlike most boulder chases I've seen in games, is actually a challenge here. Great job on this game, if you're still reading this. Edit: I don't see any instructions regarding the select switch but I'm guessing the 3 games are like in Adventure, with game 2 being more difficult and 3 being randomized? If so then that takes care of the randomization aspect, so long as they won't be in impossible to reach locations like in Adventure where the keys are inside the castles. Great graphic on the explorer too. The differently-coloured rooms are a nice way to keep things fresh and memorable.
  6. Anyone knows how to fix the mojibake problem in Lady Sword? I tried applying the translation patch off of romhacking and the result is all mojibake. I tried it twice and it's got the same results, and the same after I tried renaming the .pce file.
  7. anyone knows how to fix the mojibake problem in Lady Sword for the PC Engine? I tried applying the translation patch off of romhacking and the result is all mojibake. I tried it twice and it's got the same results. Again when I tried renaming the source file.

  8. also i find pinball to be like Atari 2600 games in the sense that they both require imagination.

  9. Are all the roms removed from the Atari pages or something

    1. DragonGrafx-16


      I get a 404 when I try to look at the 2600 ROMs page...

    2. TwentySixHundred
    3. Tangentg


      I know atarimania exists but I meant Atariage. Did they finally come at this website for the ROMs is what I meant

  10. My point wasn't that you can kill multiple GRUNTs but rather that they clutter up into a single space and I was meaning to ask if the cluttering was intentional, although I don't know if this was the case in the arcade version. Certainly in the 7800 version I've seen them get very close to each other but most the time they were still distinct.
  11. apparently my atari controller drawing is good enough it's been reposted to png sites and used as advertisement. the 2600daptor guy used it in his ad without my knowledge. But since I wanted one anyway I just bought it.

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. dualcam


      The electronics are based on the NES controller, though not exactly (an NES controller won't work on an FB1).

    3. Tangentg


      I didn't know the adaptor works for NES controllers.

    4. dualcam


      The D9 version does as part of Famiclone support.  For NES, will also need a NES to DB9 cable/adapter.

  12. Well I already mentioned how it looks super flashy and great on your Facebook page. I noticed how there's sometimes more than 1 GRUNT cluttered up into the same space and it'd take multiple shots to the place the destroy all the GRUNTs occupying there. Is this intended or would that be changed? Also, a minor issue, but are you planning to change the wave-initial sound for the Brain waves?
  13. So I tried to join a session yesterday but when I clicked on a link shared to me by the host, all I get to is the emulator screen with no game running or cartridge inserted. I tried hosting later but my partner told me they're seeing the same "no game" screen as I do but that it says "establishing connection". I'd see client2 joining a second before client2 dropped. Another problem, I previously tried loading a ROM on there and today I wanted to try loading a different ROM but it doesn't work. All I could play is the first game I ever loaded. I'd click on the cartridge space and there's a button that says "open ROM file" but I clicked it and no window opened like the first time. The thing simply disappears.
  14. Oh I thought the "power button" literally just turns turns the console on and off so I only looked at the gear icon. Seems a bit unintuitive, but thanks for clearing that up. Hoping to see mouse support for paddles in the future as well.
  15. Not sure if it's appropriate to ask here since it's 2 years old but this is the relevant Google result I found. Someone asked about whether there are Javatari Netplayers and playing Atari multiplayer has been on my mind for years but I never knew it was possible. But... How do you set it up on Javatari? Also, any chance of making a mouse-input for paddles? Medieval Mayhem and Joust are among the first games I'd like to try netplaying.
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