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  1. Yep they came like that, but they are all mostly lost, of course.
  2. With MAME, you either get screen tearing, or audio stutter, or both. I've never found a way around it. There are custom builds that some people swear by that may help in some circumstances.
  3. I can go back and check on it, but it had wear and tear on it that did NOT look like paint coming off or flaking. I need to look again to be sure.
  4. If anyone has any spare boards or keys, let me know before I go and order more...
  5. Saw this at the flea market today. I looked it over, and while I can't really tell if it's factory (I doubt it) but it's not something a kid did, or a bad rattle can job... It was actually taken apart and done reasonably well.
  6. What settings needed in Altirra? For me it just hangs going back and forth from sector 270-271. (Never mind, figured it out).
  7. You will want some kind of proxy (modern computer) in the middle to handle that part for you.
  8. Strange. I dropped the roms into a ROMS folder with this, but it's not found. EDIT: Got it, had to rename them to what it was looking for. Thanks.
  9. Very very risky. You may have lost your money if you sent with no way to recover.
  10. Just the game is $200 or so. Make sure you get a legit version and not a copy. Finding a working Turbo CD setup is much more challenging.
  11. Funny enough, I think I traded you a modded 600XL for a 65XE a couple of years ago!
  12. I know you asked about XE's, but mentioned you wouldn't mind 600XL's. I have a couple that are basically new in the box (well one in the original styro, but the box is gone, and the other has both). I haven't tried them but they look still wrapped in plastic and unused. I can test them this weekend if I have some time and you're interested. Here's one: https://photos.app.goo.gl/kvbbQbkZDhsxmfRo6
  13. Nobody is that dumb. They just "play" dumb. Same when I visit relatives and notice they have pirate IPTV. I don't even bring it up anymore because they get mad and embarrassed and defensive.
  14. Seem to be gone now... I can't order.
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