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  1. That's about going rate... There's a guy in the US that refurbs them and includes a game and a Y-adapter for power for $60-75 on eBay sometimes.
  2. I have one I got cheap as broken- it of course needed a new belt, and alignment was not very fun. However, once I got it right, all my disks booted. I have about a dozen of them, and most I cannot understand how to play.
  3. Just the "CP" variants, I would assume.
  4. No. The Amiga monitor (with an Amiga) does display PAL but only because that's RGB. The 108x will display 50Hz stable, but with no color via composite or luma/chroma.
  5. The 27CP128 is an odd beast. It has the A14 address line redefined as a "block select" switching between the two banks. Why they sold it as a "dual block" 128 is beyond me. There must be some reason in the specification somewhere that makes it different.
  6. It sounds to me just like the little jingles they play before movies in the theater... Or the premium movie channels in the 1980's.
  7. The mind really plays tricks on you with dates and times on old memories. I have tried to go back and piece things back together by date and it's really easy to misremember or get things a whole year off.
  8. I think this does level the playing field with online vs local seales. However I am against punitive and excessive taxation. I believe that taxing sales of used items is wrong. The tax has already been paid. The way the system works now, every dolllar is taxed over and over again whenever it is exchanged, and I think that is wrong.
  9. They are commonly $750-1000 now in good working condition. They have approached the price I sold my first one for in 1994.
  10. The NES was *not* a "test release" or a "test market". The launch just began in New York, then slowly expanded. “We’re launching in New York,” Yamauchi said, his daughter translating, “because that’s where success happens.” https://www.mentalfloss.com/article/62232/how-nintendo-conquered-manhattan-1985
  11. Nice! I don't know how it hasn't warped that TV stand over the years.
  12. This is one of those things that doesn't make sense to me, but the burner I use makes a big difference. You would think they are digital and just all do the same things, but it seems that's not the case. I have an old IDE LG burner and the discs I burn with that usually work, but my newer machine with a SATA DVD burner makes non-booting disks. PC's can read them, but very little luck with Playstation, 3DO, and especially Gamecube (that thing is a pain). I'm not sure slower or faster burning makes a difference, but it may be on certain drives it works better than others at different speeds. It's very frustrating. Also the fact that almost all the media we have now is 10+ year old stock doesn't help.
  13. R.Cade

    Paddle Shooters?

    Yes, the 2600 version is great. I like it better than the Intellivision original...
  14. Boiling really does work well. It's like new afterward as long as it wasn't damaged.
  15. If you need 100% compatibility to a 1541, get a Pi1541. I still use the sd2iec also primarily just because it is SO MUCH faster than a disk drive (well unless you cound DolphinDOS or other boutique setups). Yes it is not 100% compatible, or even 90%, but it's FAST and you can usually find a version of something that works.
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