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  1. This is normal with the conversions that you have done. You are starting with the absolute worst signal and trying to move up. You won't be happy with the results.
  2. I can come and get it today. Just let me know if someone hasn't already.


    -Pete Rittwage


  3. Maybe you are touching some part of the signal path instead of turning a trimmer? You are using a plastic adjuster and not a metal screwdriver, correct?
  4. I still can't figure out how to get SNES games to run.
  5. The cable is the same one I use on my MiSTer setup. I will try to swap it and see, though. EDIT: Nope, it's the monitor. I swapped the HDMI cable with the one that works on the ASUS display.
  6. Yes, it all works fine on one, but not the other. As far as I can tell, it's the fact that there is no sound handling on the monitor I had it connected to.
  7. OK - Strange experience. When connected to my HP 27" LCD via HDMI, it locks up when loading any game. Just for kicks, I moved it and hooked to my other Acer LCD. It works on that... The only difference I can think of is the HP has no sound support, and the Acer does... That locked it up? Oh well, I am happy now. Nice hack! I was unable to get SNES games to work at all. Maybe someone will make up some "rom packs" for this now!
  8. Mine is not completely bricked, but it doesn't work right. I can get to the menu and choose games, but then it goes to "Loading>>>" and hangs up forever. Even booting from the USB drive with CFW, it hangs when running games. Very strange. I can install the firmware from the ATGames page, and even tried older ones, but nothing fixes it. If you know of a way to restore it, I can try. Maybe if someone still has older firmware files available, I can reflash. Someone mentioned the 2.3 update would restore the rom and emulator partitions. Maybe I am now missing one or both of those?
  9. I can't my system to work anymore. I updated it to the latest firmware, and I get the menu, but even the built-in games just go to a "Loading>>>" screen and the system freezes. Is there some kind of system restore? I even grabbed the original 2.8.4 from the ATGames website and installed that. Same thing... All games stuck at "Loading". Even with no SD card even inserted... BTW, when I boot with your SD card files, the About menu says it's an 8660, which it's not- it's an 8650. Booting without SD inserted shows the proper firmware... 8650.
  10. I completely understand market demand, I would just be afraid of it dwindling over time for this particular item. There are crazier examples - The C65 (C64DX).
  11. OK, sure all computers will go the way of the Apple I and people will pay millions. Always... But yes, that is what I am saying. Not everything goes up in value forever, of course.
  12. Doesn't lose value? Investment? Come on now. I just explained how it loses value - the people that would buy it pass away.
  13. That's crazy money. There can't be THAT many people willing to drop $5k+ just to have one. I would be worried something might happen to those few people on Earth, so I would sell it. It serves no useful purpose to own one.
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