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  1. I assume it's wired so that the +5v is actually required on pin 5 to power the 8Bitdo... unlike the original Genesis design "flaw".
  2. Because applying +5v to pin 7 (select) on a Genesis controller still is enough to "power" it, backwards through the 74157. It ends up acting the same as putting VCC on pin 5...
  3. Classic! - I have had these and used them in emulators for years. There are a few games that don't work on the XL, and some in later disks don't work on original 48k 800. I've never seen disks 21 and 22 all these years.
  4. The 7800 is tough because of the two video chips and the odd color choices of some games (to me). I did a composite mod on mine, and I can't get the 2600 side to have the same tint as a 2600 Jr. It just always seems a little "off". The 7800 I can make one game look good, but then another will be odd. Brown instead of green, and vice versa...
  5. That is pretty normal for other emulators, and most Windows applications... Just for kicks, I ran AppleWin, VICE C64... They paused when moving the window.
  6. You can turn this off in the configuration... System->Pause when Inactive
  7. I would think an Atari computer used in Japan would be extremely rare.
  8. Fishy smell = bad caps in late stage of problems. Piss = cats. Always cats. I've had them piss in electronics before for unknown reasons. Some say they are trying to send you a message that they are sick or unhappy when they do it.
  9. Wow, very nice and clean. Like Christmas 1980 or whenever. I have several or I might take you up on it.
  10. Oh yes... post from a long time ago. Both my 600XL's have the RAM upgrade. Both have this issue that's not really an issue. The SDrive NUXX I have should not work at divisor 0 without the newer firmware, which I don't have. It's just some kind of fluke that it works with the 800XL.
  11. It has a certain charm that may be lost on someone who never played it back in the 70's. And yes, they do always seem to be boxed. Isn't that odd? Maybe it's because the packaging is glossy and fancy, so people didn't throw them away? At least with the cartridges, it is sort of a case, unlike Atari games. That leads me to a really odd realization. I have dated more than a couple girls/women who had Odyssey 2's as a child. This includes my wife.. and I inherited the system from her parents. It seems strange that I attracted, or was attracted to, former Odyssey 2 owners. I never had one- My first "game machine" was a Radio Shack Pong clone, then a VIC-20.
  12. Seems like the keyboards are better on the original IIe's I've used vs. the Platinum. Maybe they cost-reduced that also? It seems less "solid" and more "hollow" maybe...
  13. Hey guys, I put this up on eBay, but always open to offers off-site. All-original XEGS, except the OS ROM was replaced with one that has Hias' high speed patches. Atari XEGS Game System w/Manuals, Controllers, Games (4) - All Tested Working | eBay
  14. It all depends on your personal definition of "ridiculous" and "reasonable". The time to get them dirt cheap was the 90's and up to the mid 2000's. Now, they are getting back to their retail prices (minus inflation, of course).
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