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  1. Aerosmith was as guilty as anyone of robbing the land of good music, especially by the late 80's. Once your songwriting is done by Desmond Child, well... You make money but it's trash. "More coins!"
  2. Is that the game that has the awful Steven Tyler sampled voices in it? A friend of mine used to make fun of this that it constantly said "more coins!" because it was a really terrible quarter-sucker. "MORE COINS!"
  3. Agree 100% on this one. There is something to be said for dead-simple games that you can progress in and gain skill... Kaboom! is another like this to me. H.E.R.O. is not as simple, but I keep going back to it... A little futher each time. A friend of mine said when he got his 2600, he had nobody to play Combat with, so he would hold/press the other controller with his foot to have an opponent. How sad...
  4. Sounds like the weird things that can happen from overdriving the signal and/or a serious impedance mismatch. I did a simple transistor mod to my Coleco, but I remember that the top of the screen was a little brighter than the bottom until I adjusted the voltage down.
  5. Most cores are on both- there are still a couple that are only on one or the other. Mister has NeoGeo, Coco, and TI994a unique. Mist has Atari ST, Apple IIe and maybe a couple others that support 15KHz where Mister does not on all cores. There is an ST core for Mister that is unfinished and doesn't work for me correctly (abandoned). May are unfinished on both. I have both...
  6. It was definitely cost-reduced to be affordable to the masses, which is why some corners were cut. However, I think the "unreliability" of them is overstated. Of all my circle of friends and their friends and their friends from 1984-1988 we never had machines die on us. Now, a couple of disk drives - yes for sure they got wore out/broken/misaligned but I don't recall failing machines. Heat sinks and power supplies are a modern "hindsight" concern to keep the old machines going a little longer- it didn't happen back then in the few years that they were in use in the 80's and everyone left them on half the day or more, flicking that power switch dozens or hundreds of times a day. I'm sure others had a different experience, but that was mine. I used the hell out of my VIC-20 for 2-3 years until I got a C64, then used the hell out of that for 4 years until I got an Amiga 500, then used the hell out of that for another 4 years.
  7. Even with a little streaking, it sure looks a hell of a lot better.
  8. For the brave, the DevBIOS and RAMCart thing has been around and working for what, 20 years now?
  9. I always figured this was one of those games that originated on the Atari 8-bit...
  10. It may work, but you shouldn't. The transformer may be running at 10-20% over the voltage it was designed for, and consequently will output that much more power over 10v. Best case, it gets a little warmer and nothing bad happens. Worst case, it fries it- maybe not immediately but later. As mentioned, it's best to get a 10v (9v probably is fine) center negative AC adapter made for your country and use that.
  11. Both my 130xe's have 16 * 4164's in them... Did they make a revision with 4 * 4464's?
  12. I don't think so. They are probably Sega Mark III games.
  13. Pardon me for attempting to help. It seems they stopped providing the binaries and instead there is a script to build it now. It looks like the script file actually downloads the ROM and everything, so it should do it all for you. When I downloaded it a year ago two ago, it was just a bin file so I figured it was still like that. There are some instructions with it on how to do it in the readme files, but it requires some familiarity with shell commands, etc. If you are on Windows, it uses Cygwin/Bash.
  14. On that page, there is a link that says "The binary release". Not sure how more clear that could be.
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