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  1. Hi. This morning I wanted to throw me a flawed with my Atari 2600 Light Sixer , wearing a month without being able to play with it. When I turned I took the surprise did not pick game. So simple that wiped with alcohol entry wound cartridges, which although now picked up the cartridges, the game crashes in 10 seconds , standing bw or interference .. I checked and resoldered some welds " that had worse paints " and he did not improve . I also changed the TIA on the other a broken Atari 2600 chip, and either. Just fix him ( even for a few seconds ) cleaning cartridges entry , but much to clean with alcohol (I have not tested with any other liquid or method) , do not get " completely clean " . Here I show you a video so you can see what happens . Sorry for my bad English possible , I'm Spanish . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E9LHeiH4YQw A greeting.
  2. PAL Light Sixer SN: 549001651 MFD.: December 19, 1980 in Hong Kong. Purchased in 1981 . Complete comes with its controls, the combat game , transformer , warranty, original manual, and other translated into Spanish by Audelec, who distributed the Atari 2600 in Spain in early 80s .
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