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  1. 17270 Not a strong entry, but an entry none the less!
  2. As much as I'd still like to try, I don't think it's realistic for me to try to grind 2 of the 3 games to get in the top 4 in the next few days to avoid elimination. So, I will officially concede just to give the rest of you some relief that I'm not chasing. But, you better not pick Frostbite next week where I would've had a strong chance! 😀 GG and good season, all!
  3. Aardvark: 63610 Asteroids: 27370 Space Invaders: 2725
  4. I'll have some screenshots in the morning when I'm not half asleep, but anyone currently in the top 4 on any of the games have nothing to worry about from my efforts tonight.
  5. Alright, finally got some games in! Roadrunner: 89300 Klax: 53375 Xenophobe: 38200 Roadrunner - majority of the points are from the first stage. Potential for more if I can figure out how to navigate stage 4! Klax - this one is extremely frustrating to me. I'm not great at these kind of games generally speaking, but I do have some colorblindness issues and I really struggled telling the differences between the 2 blue colors and white/mint green. Caused a lot of mistakes. Pretty sure the score I got is going to be the best I can do. Xenophobe - even after reading the tips in the thread, still struggled with this and there's still just something I'm not "getting". I'm hoping I'll somehow survive and get a better game for me next week! Unsure if I'll have time again for more attempts.
  6. Improvement on both breakout games: 3541 = 1679 + 1862
  7. Oh, it is May 8th. I may not have been as aggressive with my plays if I read better that there's an additional week. 😄 Oh well, another week to sweat and hopefully get some improvements!
  8. Improvements in Gravitar and Super Breakout game 5 (but not 7) Gravitar: 134850 Super Breakout, game 5: 1555 (new total: 2867 = 1555 + 1312 )
  9. Gravitar finally clicked for me last night. It's still difficult and a test of patience! Super Breakout 5: 1410 Super Breakout 7: 1312 Total: 2722 Gravitar: 93900
  10. Favorites Frostbite - It's going to be tough for me to not pick my favorite 2600 game that's maintained this title for many decades. Aardvark - This was so good and fun. I know I've seen similar games from arcade and other consoles, but never played them. I always thought I would like it, and this one delivered. Surprising RAPTOR - Had a great time with this one and there's some subtle things with strategy that was fun to discover while playing it! Fatal Run - Never released in North America (I think), it seemed really cool. I really wanted to find a manual and give it another chance, but time didn't cooperate that week. Looked nice! Worst RealSports Boxing - I never figured out what exactly I was doing and just wasn't fun. Reactor - even after reading the manual and comments in the thread, I never really "got it" and it mostly annoyed me that the controls felt like it was in mud with all "things" constantly in battle for movement/smashing into walls.
  11. I had similar thoughts! Not sure it was the 2 I would've said "NOOOOOO", but they are close.
  12. 29700 - waited until the last minute and only one try. Not going to do that for the strikeout tournament!
  13. Dragon's Descent: 5834 Ace of Aces: 7500
  14. 265400 I still feel like I can do better on this.
  15. I'm not sure about this one, even after reading comments and the manual. 19930
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