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  1. This pretty much summarizes how I feel about it, too. I'm not expecting myself to set any records on anything (nor am I really trying to do so). This isn't really the platform for that mindset (or at least I think most people aren't thinking this way, I could be wrong). All of that being said, if you're cheating in this platform (or cheating in anything really!)... you suck! You're a piece of garbage and a silly goose! I don't want you here and kindly go away!
  2. no screenshot until top 2! (may not happen for me this round) 30960
  3. 52.57 Sorry, classicgamer_27330, I will feel bad if no one beats our 52.77 time where we both would've moved on!
  4. Just for full disclosure (even though currently tied for 2nd), I'll still try to improve my time over the weekend. I just have this feeling someone is going is going to beat the time and don't want to get left behind!
  5. Actual thoughts/scenario: Me: (looks at AtariAge) Ah, man, my Barnstorming time has been defeated and out of the top 2. I got a little time this morning to see if I can beat it. (gets the Atari ready to play) Me: Hmmm, I never checked my difficulty switches. I'm sure they're fine, but better double check... crap, they're on A/B! My original time was invalid anyway! Maybe they don't make any difference? (after several attempts on B/B, I went through a barn where I was sure I would've normally crashed) Me: Oh... So all this time I was making it harder than it needs to be! 52.77
  6. 53.15 Beat my regular season time after many attempts. I'm guessing I won't try again until I'm knocked out of the top 2.
  7. Congrats! A really hard fought round! I'm cheering for you now to win the whole bracket.
  8. 35026 Can't tell you how many attempts it was to get to that! I kinda hate this game now after playing it so much!
  9. You weren't supposed to defeat it that quickly! I'll try again on Friday!
  10. I played for about an hour and was about to give up for the day, then I got HOT! Almost completed the 2nd loop! 24875 Your turn to slug back!
  11. I have been sufficiently informed! Back at it again tonight, hopefully!
  12. Yeah, I've been keeping an eye on this, too. Hope everything is ok with NIKON!
  13. 18407 Had a real good run this time with a death at the end of a level that ended up giving more points than I deserved with a reset timer.
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