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  1. @Vocelli - officially conceding. Congrats on your win, good luck in the next round, and enjoy the rest of your weekend! Fun fact - my cat walked in front of my screen during one of my last attempts today and I still managed to survive the barrage by blindly twisting the paddle! Bad kitty!
  2. I've been trying everyday, but still haven't beaten my own score (or have come close). I'll give myself a deadline of Friday at 11:59. If I don't get it by then, I'll officially concede so @Vocelli can enjoy the weekend. :)
  3. Kaboom: 6956 (beat my season score by a lot!) I was worried about your first score you posted and felt I got lucky to get this one! I'll keep trying and see if I can get in the neighborhood. Really nice score!
  4. Favorites Pressure Cooker - This one has held up for me over the decades! As I said back in the thread when this was played, it reminds me a lot as a super early concept for the current Overcooked! games that exist on modern consoles. Fantastic Voyage - It's fun and I like shmups. It's maybe not what most people would call a vertical scrolling shmup, but a lot of elements are there. (Hard to pass on H.E.R.O., but so be it. I like these two more!) Surprises Dragon's Descent - Really cool concept and was fun! Star Wars: Return of the Jedi: Death Star Battle - Maybe not a super great game overall, but I thought the concept was interesting and entertained me more than I would have thought. Worst Halloween - Despite liking the idea of a game based on this horror film, it tires out very quickly and is not that fun. Spitfire Attack - This was very boring to me.
  5. I mean... they could at least fail a little! :) Should be a fun week! I'll have to get my actual 2600 out since paddles don't work in my 7800. Best of luck!
  6. 222746 Not missing this week! First try! Also, I'm SO mad that I missed shooting that right as my game ended! I do really like this game, though! Also, does anything think it's weird that they made a game about this movie 16 years after it was released (movie 1966, game 1982)?
  7. Possibly! Does anyone know what the vendor situation is like? I can't seem to find great info about what's there, but my main draw is if there's lots of vendors selling game cartridges/discs from pretty much any system. Arcade and pinball is cool, too, but I like browsing the wares.
  8. This is the first week I've missed since I started participating in the HSC! 😢
  9. Basketball 4 = 38 - 34 I had an 8 point lead (almost 10!), but blew it! Also, trying to imagine playing against a spazzy person like this in real life basketball. Ice Hockey 18 = 20 - 2 I got a ferocious defense, man! Think I may sneak this game into a mini-tourney next time I have friends over to play games.
  10. I have procrastinated long enough for this block of games! Scores Pac-Man 4K: 13040 (bet I can do better!) Seaweed Assault: 3290 Dragon's Descent: 5345 Commentary Pac-Man 4K: Pretty cool! I agree with other comments that say the ghost AI feels a bit different, but it's fun to imagine if that was the version that came out originally vs what actually did come out on how that may have affected the industry. Seaweed Assault: After reading about getting more points by destroying multiple pieces of seaweed with one shot, it made it much better for me. Yes, one mistake and you're done at the later part of the game! Dragon's Descent: I went bold and took gems at every opportunity! I think I made it to the 5th or 6th (7th?) maze before I finally ate it. I made sure to find a gem on each level before attempting to find the exit. I only shot at monsters if I had to do so. I like the game's concept!
  11. Just to echo everyone else, thanks for running this, Grig! I had fun with this (my first year). I enjoyed hunting the items and seeing what everyone else got, as well. I hope to participate in this again next time around!
  12. Well, shoot, not sure what the problem is that I'm having. I don't own either of these on cart, and when trying to fire them up in ProSystem Emulator (v. 1.3), Santa just loops the Atari splash screen and Water Ski is just a black screen. Not sure if there's anything I can do about it with what little time is left.
  13. If it's not Ticonderoga, then it's crap!
  14. I appreciate you resurrecting and running the HSC! I'm not sure if I like mixing originals and homebrews together (original, homebrew, original, homebrew, etc) or separating them into separate seasons better. I'm cool either way and will likely participate in any approach.
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