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  1. Thanks for running this, toiletunes! Oh and yay, I somehow won! :) What's the rough timeline for the start of the next season?
  2. Kool-Aid Man: 36200 (picked this up somewhat recently) Picnic: 4300 (wtf was that?) Frogs and Flies: 36 Checkers: 6?
  3. I hate that I'm kind of phoning this one in due to lack of time, but probably my only entry unless I get time late Sunday evening. What little I played, this one is kind of boring to me. A rare Activision miss? 17968
  4. Improvement for both the main score and the bonus. I can't seem to get the timing of the bird right post 200k. Dolphin: 219610 Bonus Lives: 8
  5. Lonely Bonus: California Games - Footbag. Look at him, just standing there on one leg in a weird position just holding the footbag up on his foot.
  6. Baby Pac-Man: 150560 (think I made it to level... 4?) Space Invaders: 6610
  7. Never fully understood this game until today (kinda). Score: 202020 Lives Bonus: 6
  8. Crackpots: 84390 That was actually my 3rd attempt at it for the day. Sometimes games just "click" with you and this one worked out pretty well for me.
  9. I've always been fascinated by the actual Arcade/Pinball version of Baby Pac-Man (and still don't understand it, honestly). So, I'm curious to try out a 7800 version of the game. :)
  10. I was (today) many years old when I realized there's a pattern to this game! I'm hoping to get another chance later today to crack the 3000 mark. I'd love to have a chance to get the Stampede patch! Thanks so much, @Rogerpoco for offering it up! Game 1: 2454 Game 8: 1685
  11. This one has always been difficult for me. The adversaries are relentless in this version! Worm was fun, too. Beef Drop: 52400 Worm: 2900
  12. Solid score, for a solid game that still holds up well today! 89950
  13. I'm not going to beat the first 2 bonus entries, so just going for the quick +3 before it's taken. :) Phoenix (8 things with wings)
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