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  1. Dishaster: 209120 - Could I have rolled this? probably. Did I want to? hard no. I won't do it unless I'm forced to in a medal round game Cosmic Corridor: 920 - Didn't have much patience left in me after Dishaster.
  2. 70, 2 under par! After a disastrous start (some resets were involved), think I found a decent groove. MINIMUM 2 putts every hole. I bet I can still improve, if I get the opportunity to try again. Including a chip shot from the sand on hole 7!
  3. Amazing! A hole in one! I was about to post a chip shot (still will), but I can't out do a hole in one!
  4. Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back: 4351 Frogger: 2236 I got ~2300 in ESB and was happy with that, then I realized I didn't have the difficulty settings correct! 😡 Turned out to be a blessing (not for my hand) since I did better!
  5. Massive improvement after watching a bit of Kermit's video! 256520
  6. No Escape: 2587 Star Voyager: I'm a Leutnant!
  7. I would've thought this was easier with how many 2600 games start with the word "Space" or "Star". So instead, let's go a bit off script! Strawberry Shortcake Musical Mashups - the sun!
  8. 17223 Bonus: 8266 Pretty good for my 2nd game of the evening! I hope I have more time to make more attempts!
  9. 10-0 - 4:42.9 Bonus: three of a kind (4's) w/ 9 2 kickers My only "tip" on this one after legit playing it the first time is to never let the computer get the ball. If they get it, I never figured out how to take it away from it
  10. This is cool that I've had the cartridges for everything so far this season (except Venture). I remember liking this one a lot when I was a kid. I've not played it in a while, but hoping it still holds up from what I remember!
  11. Internal Dialog: Let's see how I'm doing in the standings. Wait... did I submit anything? Crap! (runs to the Atari to get something in the last hour!) Millipede: 87479 Wish I had more time on this one. There's A LOT of stuff happening in this game and too frantic to figure it out on the fly. DK Jr. bonus: 11600 Great call, Vocelli! This was surprisingly addicting to essentially have a mini speed run on this. I hit the reset button A LOT in a short amount of time and fairly certain I got about as fast as you can get on this one without reading the forum thread.
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