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  1. As much as I'd like credit for rollage, I purposely said "good enough" at 209120.
  2. Dishaster: 209120 - Could I have rolled this? probably. Did I want to? hard no. I won't do it unless I'm forced to in a medal round game Cosmic Corridor: 920 - Didn't have much patience left in me after Dishaster.
  3. 70, 2 under par! After a disastrous start (some resets were involved), think I found a decent groove. MINIMUM 2 putts every hole. I bet I can still improve, if I get the opportunity to try again. Including a chip shot from the sand on hole 7!
  4. Amazing! A hole in one! I was about to post a chip shot (still will), but I can't out do a hole in one!
  5. Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back: 4351 Frogger: 2236 I got ~2300 in ESB and was happy with that, then I realized I didn't have the difficulty settings correct! 😡 Turned out to be a blessing (not for my hand) since I did better!
  6. Massive improvement after watching a bit of Kermit's video! 256520
  7. No Escape: 2587 Star Voyager: I'm a Leutnant!
  8. I would've thought this was easier with how many 2600 games start with the word "Space" or "Star". So instead, let's go a bit off script! Strawberry Shortcake Musical Mashups - the sun!
  9. 17223 Bonus: 8266 Pretty good for my 2nd game of the evening! I hope I have more time to make more attempts!
  10. 10-0 - 4:42.9 Bonus: three of a kind (4's) w/ 9 2 kickers My only "tip" on this one after legit playing it the first time is to never let the computer get the ball. If they get it, I never figured out how to take it away from it
  11. This is cool that I've had the cartridges for everything so far this season (except Venture). I remember liking this one a lot when I was a kid. I've not played it in a while, but hoping it still holds up from what I remember!
  12. Internal Dialog: Let's see how I'm doing in the standings. Wait... did I submit anything? Crap! (runs to the Atari to get something in the last hour!) Millipede: 87479 Wish I had more time on this one. There's A LOT of stuff happening in this game and too frantic to figure it out on the fly. DK Jr. bonus: 11600 Great call, Vocelli! This was surprisingly addicting to essentially have a mini speed run on this. I hit the reset button A LOT in a short amount of time and fairly certain I got about as fast as you can get on this one without reading the forum thread.
  13. Venture: 11700 Berzerk: 4560 Venture commentary: I REALLY dislike that you can't get points from shooting stuff until after you collect the item in the room. Berzerk commentary: Ok... bear with me here and I promise this is probably funny to you! So, I've always pronounced the game as "buh-zerk" and never gave much thought ever to writing the word out in any other aspect of my life. With that in mind, I could've sworn it's normally spelled "Bezerk" based on how I say it. Trying to find the rom in Stella with no results for "bez" was like "huh... how do I not have this?", only to find out the game is called Berzerk. Then as I typed out Berzerk here at the start of my post, I noticed the underline indicating I have a spelling error! Then I'm like "well... is the word actually spelled 'bezerk' on how I've always pronounced it!?". Then I google/dictionary it to find out the REAL spelling of the actual word is "berserk" !? !? !? I listened to it pronounced several times. It's going to take me a LONG time to correct this with my speech and spelling out the real word when it comes up! So, damn you whoever came up with this game name 40 years ago and taught me wrong all of these years! Other commentary: I'm going to try to personally track the "Two favorites, two surprises, two hates" thing this season as I go along. Venture is currently on my hate list. Berzerk is on the favorites... for now (won't be tough to knock it off).
  14. 123110 Sorry about missing last week. Think that's the first round I've missed in either the 2600 or 7800 HSC since I started participating in 2017. Stuff just got away from me.
  15. In my particular case, I'm pretty good at selling my duplicates and extras ASAP, which doesn't help for Secret Santa time. My 2 years with Secret Santa, I buy all the gifts "minty fresh" from local game stores or online, and hope that I'm on point with the info provided and not buying duplicates. I can definitely appreciate when my recipient can give A LOT of detail about what they want, especially since I know it's basically impossible for my family to shop for me and know it's complicated to worry about repros and all that stuff.
  16. Finally had a chance to get a game in. I know I've done way better before, but best I got for now. Will see if I have time for another before the deadline. 18280
  17. Sonic shot glass! You gotta drink fast! 😆 That was a great haul of stuff (that metal sign is awesome!). @CaptainBreakout - very nice to send the bonus gift, as well! Really cool! And of course, thanks for making the video! Good stuff!
  18. @SoulBlazer, what does the other side of those Steam and PS Store cards say... 😂 Nice haul!
  19. @Isaiah Austin awww yeaaaah! Atari and Sega! The ultimate combo! Good stuff!
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