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  1. Birthday Mania: 448 Fireball: 2022 Solar Storm: 290
  2. Despite the 3 weeks, I still waited until the last day or 2 (shame on me!) Not 100% if I'll have time for another shot at improving. The End: 16180 Robot City: 2331 Tower of Rubble: 107
  3. Pole Position II: 30940 Motor Psycho: 214622 Been a very long time since I played Pole Position and a bit better than I remember. I don't think I could qualify on Suzuki when I was a kid. Motor Psycho, first play. It's... fine? If I find it in a store, I'm less likely to pay full retail for it. Hopefully it'll come up as one those things where people just lump it in with common 2600 carts. :)
  4. Pencil ink it in for next season, y'all! The stats/pattern doesn't lie! Season 7 Taz: No one got loner Season 8 Silver Pick/Gopher: Loner = Dr Moocowz Season 9 Polaris: No one got loner Season 10 Adventures of Tron: Loner = Dr Moocowz Season 11 Super Cobra: No one got Loner Season 12 ???: Loner = you all know!
  5. 11170 Will see if this turns into the custom loner that I seem to be a natural at getting. :D
  6. California Games (BMX) - 37150 Mountain King - 3810 Spike's Peak - 3000 California Games - BMX specifically has been a personal favorite for me for a long time Mountain King - Obviously wasn't "getting" something in this one Spike's Peak - Either I couldn't figure it out or something was messy with my emulator setup. I was pressing a button to move forward, but couldn't figure out how to move backwards or jump or do literally anything. Best I could do was make it to the thing on the right and stand there until I died. I'm not sure what the issue is for me.
  7. For reals, how!? I thought I used to kick ass at this when I was a kid and get 40000+
  8. Nothing like waiting until the last minute, especially since I like this one! All on me though for not putting the time in on it! Astroblaster: 20110 Makeup Bonus: Pac-Man Collection (Plus, Random, Cola) : 12620
  9. Opportunity to share a desktop background I made once. I forget how many screens it is for the BMX race (30+?), but that wasn't reasonable to do them all and still be able to see any detail, so this is good enough. Enjoy!
  10. M*A*S*H (3 B/B) : 999-966 = +33 M*A*S*H (7 B/B) : 999-579 = +420
  11. Congo Bongo: 23990 (can appreciate the isometric attempt, but I just don't like those games) Jungle Hunt: 17470 Pitfall II: 65827 (best I got for time constraints for now)
  12. Asteroids: 16850 Asteroids Deluxe: 11950
  13. As much as I'd like credit for rollage, I purposely said "good enough" at 209120.
  14. Dishaster: 209120 - Could I have rolled this? probably. Did I want to? hard no. I won't do it unless I'm forced to in a medal round game Cosmic Corridor: 920 - Didn't have much patience left in me after Dishaster.
  15. 70, 2 under par! After a disastrous start (some resets were involved), think I found a decent groove. MINIMUM 2 putts every hole. I bet I can still improve, if I get the opportunity to try again. Including a chip shot from the sand on hole 7!
  16. Amazing! A hole in one! I was about to post a chip shot (still will), but I can't out do a hole in one!
  17. Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back: 4351 Frogger: 2236 I got ~2300 in ESB and was happy with that, then I realized I didn't have the difficulty settings correct! 😡 Turned out to be a blessing (not for my hand) since I did better!
  18. Massive improvement after watching a bit of Kermit's video! 256520
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