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  1. I've said it before, but I am excitedly (and patiently) looking forward to the new 5200 stick. Edladdin's 7800 stick made my good Atari gaming to an even higher level. To have a similar product for my favorite Atari system? Sky's the limit!
  2. I'm pretty sold on the RAD2X. Looking forward to them becoming available again.
  3. Great job on the paddle controller. It looks quite ingenious.
  4. This is one heck of a collection. I'm not sure I've seen the clear case before. This is a prototype she'll, yes? Very cool.
  5. I second this. Happy for the Coleco crowd, but envious of the Phoenix. I'd love to to see an equivalent happen for the 5200, as unlikely as that may be.
  6. This sounds great. I need to move the Atarimax cart higher up my priority list. I'd love to see how this plays on the 5200.
  7. Dual Masterplay Interfaces? Beautiful sight.
  8. ace2184

    Rikki & Vikki

    Something I was wondering regarding properly balanced Pokey audio. Like others, games using a Pokey chip are quite a bit quieter on my composite modded 7800. At the time my mod was done I was under the impression this is just how it had to be. Not terrible to just adjust the volume, but having everything operating as intended would be great.
  9. ace2184

    Rikki & Vikki

    I say take your time, I'm a patient man. We'll all be ready to play when you decide it's all good to go.
  10. ace2184

    Rikki & Vikki

    That's pretty interesting. I definitely see the pros and cons of each. I'm very content with my composite modded 7800, though it makes me think I should do an s-video mod if I ever get another 7800.
  11. ace2184

    Rikki & Vikki

    Exciting indeed. Unfortunately/fortunately I'm a self proclaimed luddite and do not own a PC. I do look forward to getting a copy to play though. I like the art style and am a fan of the music.
  12. Ya know, a year or two ago I gave some serious thought to selling off my 5200 and picking up a 400 or 800 series computer. Ultimately (and thankfully) I couldn't go through with it and kept the 5200. I have respect for the Atari 8 bit computers, but for me, they're just lacking that magic.
  13. Looks like a pretty good lineup of games. Will this be available via the AtariAge shop?
  14. Excellent! Looking forward to playing games I missed out on the first time around.
  15. This is good news. I'd love the s-video mod, buy for now I just have a composite mod on my 7800. I pre-ordered my retrotink in October (third wave I think?) and am excited to get it. My 7800 is one of the systems I'm.most excited to try out.
  16. This looks great. I love how quick it is.
  17. ace2184


    I enjoy this game, and I do like to play the 7800 version, though I wish it were a little closer to the arcade version like the Master System version. I always wondered if the 7800 could pull it off.
  18. Hmm, it depends I'd say. If I were just to be sit down and play it, I'd probably be done with it after 10-20 minutes. That being said, playing two player with a friend really makes it more appealing for me.
  19. So many good games to choose from, though if I can only recommend a couple: Legend of Zelda: Link Between World's Mario Kart 7 Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon (the main reason I got a 3DS initially.) Donkey Kong Country Returns
  20. There are a lot of good portables out there, but I'd pick 3DS if I could only have one. Great library, backwards compatible with DS plus access to a bunch of games on the eShop.
  21. Can't say for sure, but I imagine there are more collectors in the community that would enjoy a re-release of Painter. It's a fun game that more people should be exposed to.
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