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  1. I have one with tv hook up and it does come on! shows sega on screen. But I have no game to see if it works! pm me for trade!
  2. you got any thing to trade on?
  3. I was thinking the 2600 then the 5200 = 7800 But I like your thinking also! 26+52=78
  4. Generations totally slipped my mind! I knew that! Brain overload!lol
  5. Why is the computer line of games called the 8bit? Wasn't the 7800 an 8 bit system also? I have always thought on some games it looked as good as a 16 bit in some aspects!
  6. What is recommended for just gaming in the 8bit line! 65, 130 or XEGS! And why that one over the others? Is one better than the other?
  7. Ok so I finally got some Stompers but now I'm needing parts! ( battery covers motor covers,Gears) If anyone has any parts please contact me! Thanks.
  8. Yes, but Atari probably didn't want the Famicom sound! After all every console had it's own unique sound! At least back then! Think AC/DC and Def Leppard! Both great bands but you can hear one and the other and tell them apart just form the music! Very unique and distinct sounds! I myself would not want an Atari with Nintendo sound! At that point why not just buy a Nintendo? I think Warner made the right choice!
  9. Ill be in touch with ya as soon as I get some thing squared a way (2 year old! house remodel, work, Etc.) in the mean time let me know what else you got!
  10. Dude that is straight up what I have had in mind for years! I like it! A new twist on a old classic! You are the man! Any chance of getting it on a cart?
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