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  1. nice! a game I can play... and one of my favorite games of all time..
  2. Hmm... Be a lot cooler if it did... I don't have high hopes... hope I'm wrong
  3. Stupid question ... does the retro joystick twist? can you use it for paddle games?
  4. Haven't seen mine yet but put me down for set #2
  5. I live in Chicago.. i'm 37.. and I'm quite poor... but I'm willing to contribute whatever I can... since I don't have to worry about travel expenses.
  6. Mine is like that too... I've wondered if it's a repro
  7. djugel

    Wyvern Tales

    I totally understand,.. I just don't trust my email... saying things are spam when they are not. I still haven't heard back either.. take your time buddy... it's amazing you pulled this off...
  8. "I also found myself wishing for wraparound rather than chasing the worms. ;)" oh really? ... you son of a...
  9. gonna put my gloves on .. and give it a good go before the final bell... real TI Atari CX40 controller
  10. I thought that at first .. but It's actually an important aspect of the game
  11. Sorry guys.... back from a hiatus.. been awhile... gave this game a good ten seconds and I know already I'm gonna grind at it.. just thought I'd warn ya
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