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  1. I have a very nice PET 2001 with the original chicklet keyboard. While it looks really cool, the keyboard is not very useful (especially 40+ years later when I'm spoiled with a normal keyboard on my PC). I didn't want to change the look of my PET, so I purchased a very nice external keyboard made by Century Research. It looks and works fantastic, only one problem. One of the keys is broken. The plastic that holds the keycap in place is broken off. I don't have the missing pieces of plastic. Any ideas of how I could "fix" this so that it will attach to the key stem? Any advice would be appreciated.
  2. I am interested. Please add me to the list. I can prepay if necessary.
  3. The download link for the PET version no longer works. Anyone know where else this can be obtained?
  4. I'm selling a VIC-1905 Pac Man cartridge on eBay. It came from Japan where Commodore had the rights to sell the home version of Pac Man whereas Atari had the rights for the rest of the world. These are very uncommon as the VIC did not sell well in Japan. https://www.ebay.com/itm/323238962987
  5. I see someone is selling one of these on eBay (at a significant markup). I hope they didn't just buy it in order to turn around an resell. http://www.ebay.com/itm/182526073040
  6. I'm looking for a Luxor ABC80 home computer. I believe these were sold primarily in Sweden. I'm looking for one in good condition that you would be willing to ship to the USA. I would of course pay the shipping cost. If you have one, or know someone who does, send me a message and we can work out a fair price. Thank you.
  7. Would an Atari 2600 power supply work? It looks like the right plug and the right voltage.
  8. I have an RCA Studio II and TV switch box, but not a power supply. I've looked but can't find an original power supply. Is there an alternative that someone could suggest? The spot that it plugs into the TV switch box says "Power 9 VDC", which I assume is 9 volts DC, so I should be able to find something that would work. Any ideas?
  9. Chess already exists on the Channel F. It was released in Germany by SABA. http://channelf.se/gallery/images/box.back.saba.20.jpg
  10. If it would help, I would be willing to donate a case for my multicart and I'm sure others who are purchasing one would be willing to do the same.
  11. Any updates on these orders? By the way, you do great work, so I don't mean to be a pest...
  12. Just wondering how these are coming along? I know I'm toward the bottom of the list and I don't mean to be impatient...
  13. Flip is sending me a cart without a shell. Very excited. I plan to take apart one of my other cartridges as a donor shell for this, but my question is what is the easiest way to take these cartridges apart? I've taken apart dozens of Commodore cartridges (C64 and VIC-20) which are held together with screws and plastic tabs. Studio II cartridges, on the other hand, appear to be held together with rivets. I don't see an obvious way of taking it apart without damaging the cartridge. Is there something I am missing?
  14. Are there any multicarts still available (with or without shell)? If so, I would also be interested in a box.
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