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  1. Hi Guys, sorry to revive this topic but I just got an Timex Sinclair 2068 and hooked it to my PAL/NTSC compatible monitor and tried to output colors from the MONITOR composite output and for the avaialble colors, I just got GRAY scale output, so my question is: Is the composite monitor output mono or color? Thanks!
  2. A friend just found this video and looks like it is my problem, probably as the head moves back when J10 pins 1-2 are shorted, I may have a dead sensor.
  3. Hi all. I am trying to fix my Atari 1050 floppy drive. When I got it, the stepper motor was kinda stuck. I ordered a new one and a PIA IC too because people told me as the motor was "stuck" the PIA could have been damaged too . Today I replaced both but its behavior didn't change: when I power it up, power led lits, the main motor spins (I replaced the belt too), the head moves forward a bit and the activity led won´t lit. If I continue to power off and on again the head will reach the "upper" limit and keeps there. It happens connected or not to a Atari XL (tested on a 600XL and a 800XL) I was worried someone tried to mess with it before and double checked all cable connections inside. But now, I don't know what is happening. Any clues? Thanks
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