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  1. Bummer too because he sold out. He had a ton of them.
  2. Mine is missing the F7 key and it acts as if it's being pressed. I have to manually hold it up for the system to boot up properly. One of those projects that I'll eventually have to get around to.
  3. I think this is the link for FB group. He wants $5 each plus shipping in groups of at least 10. https://www.facebook.com/groups/atariagemarketplace/?post_id=1628319764008103
  4. There's someone selling a bunch of these on the AtariAge Marketplace Facebook group.
  5. Hope you didn't buy these the other day. Can't believe how much this got bid up. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Musicmate-Modular-Tape-Organizer-Storage-Case-LOT-Atari-Game-Cartridges/383547869722?hash=item594d3c0a1a:g:1I8AAOSwhC1evu5y
  6. Someone just bid on it yesterday
  7. You don't need Sears Picture Label Superman?
  8. This posting has me depressed for 2 reasons: 1) Makes me feel old and 2) My kids are gonna have to sift through my junk one day. Good luck with your sale.
  9. Saw this at the end of this listing: "I have the right to cancel this order if the shipping cost turns out to be prohibitive to ship to the location of the buyer I will do my best to work out the best deal on shipping with any perspective buyers" Didn't think seller could back out due to this.
  10. Have you tried Paypal Ship Now page. I think you might get much better than retail pricing that way too. See what it quotes you. https://paypal.com/shipnow
  11. Yeah 50,000 free listings doesn't do much for me either. Regarding the Ebay bucks, I agree it's easy to forget, but I did notice this time the Ebay app on my phone reminds me every time I open the app so that is a bonus.
  12. The one I own I found at a Value World. Came in the box and I think I paid somewhere around the $10 range some years back.
  13. Your SNES Dr. Mario cartridge just reminded me that I am overdue to play mine.
  14. I'm really surprised nobody is jumping on this Speak & Math. It is one of my fond memories as a kid to play it at my Grandma's house at Thanksgiving time frame every year.
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