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  1. Good experience with xucaen. Games were securely packaged and in great condtion.
  2. I would have paid 1 bitcoin for it....back in 2011.
  3. That's how I got "lockjaw", didn't hurt that it was when storefront listings were not comingled with regular listings.
  4. I would like to sign up for the mystery box as well.
  5. He is a drop shipper hoping to find a sucker on ebay so he can order on Amazon and tell them that it's a gift to ship directly to their customer. Automatic software generates those odd prices.
  6. Magazines don't qualify for media mail since they contain advertising. Just know that if the package gets audited there will be additional postage due.
  7. I think I understand the implications of this, but what I'm still not clear on is let's say I exceed the $600 and some of it was items I bought a while back and sold for more than what I paid originally, but it also consists of personal items around the house that I no longer need and sell for less than what I originally paid. Do I get to count that as a loss?
  8. This post has been very enlightening. First I learned about the $600 threshold change that was snuck into the bill and now I've learned about Self-Employment tax. Thanks for all the information even though it's bad news.
  9. Haha. The name actually comes from when I used to buy tax lien certificates.
  10. They always are putting stuff in bills unrelated to the main purpose for years. Now if I sell over $600 and some of the items were intended for profit, but others are for junk I had laying around the house, I wonder if I can count the junk items as a loss since they would be less than what I paid for them retail.
  11. I did not realize this. Heavy sigh....more ways to take my money away from me.
  12. My first purchase was for some games from @ATARIPITBULL 17 years ago, but I don't remember what the games were.
  13. There's a reason Ebay will provide you with lifetime sales stats but not lifetime purchases.
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