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  1. I think you should send him a bill just for the time you spent replying to this post. 😆
  2. I decided to mail these out for free to those that responded. Will be dropped in the mail tomorrow morning on my way to work.
  3. I think they can just type in the info for the cases where the magnetic strip is not reading.
  4. OK, so I bought these some time ago and they have closed down near where I live so I would like to give them out to fellow AA members who still have a Macaroni Grill near them and would put them to good use. I have 4 of these total and am thinking I could send a picture of the back of the card which has the serial # and PIN on them to be used locally. This way I don't need to actually ship out physical cards. Only rule I have is one card per member unless there is not enough interest after a week in which case I will make an exception. I have verified that each card still has the $25 balance on them.
  5. Same as this photo I found on the web. Too lazy to take my own picture Shipping is free too. Will send to recipient in a regular envelope.
  6. I never saw one with the 4 prong adapter before. And good to know there is an easy adapter to use.
  7. That seller has nearly all their listings at that price. Most with Best Offer option. Crazy.
  8. Long time ago I remember crunchysuperman picking one up for 700
  9. Very cool. I think my neighbor had something like that which was Evil Knievel.
  10. Maybe post in the Free Games and More section?
  11. Yep, feedback rate on Ebay is over 40% while on Amazon probaby less than 1%.
  12. With that impeccable feedback, how can you not trust what they say?
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