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  1. In the older days, seller would have run off with the money and Paypal would have said you won your case, but we couldn't recover any money for you. Have a nice day!
  2. Damn, this game has gone up quite a bit lately. I guess if I am ever going to sell mine, will have to buy one of those special screwdrivers to open it up and prove it's authentic.
  3. Bought some SMS games from Rhomaios and they were packaged securely and shipped fast. Kept me informed of the status the whole way through.
  4. They even say in the description that they own 2 of them. haha
  5. That's about what I paid for Lochjaw back in the day. Seems fair.
  6. Seems like a lot of activity over there. I never sold anything on it, but I have bought there.
  7. I use ebay shipping and they just deduct the cost from my pending funds so that hasn't been an issue for me.
  8. I sell on ebay, but rarely do I sell video games. I am thinking that if I get to the point of selling off parts of my collection, that AA group on Facebook might be a good option.
  9. taxman


    I always miss out on these.
  10. $5000 is only the definition for high volume sellers. For those who hit this mark with 200 transactions still are exempt if they don't have a business address, just a residential address where the online marketplace won't give up the personal address, etc.
  11. And high-volume constitutes 200 transactions totaling $5000 or more.
  12. Shouldn't impact most of us: (i) If the high-volume third party seller demonstrates to the online marketplace that the seller does not have a business address and only has a personal street address, the online marketplace may direct the high-volume third-party seller to disclose only the country and, if applicable, the State in which the high-volume third-party seller resides on the product listing, and may inform consumers that there is no business address available for the seller and that consumer inquiries should be submitted to the seller’s email address.
  13. Just to clarify I was trying to clear up any misconceptions as to how they designed the system to work. I am in no way in support of this as I am just as upset as the next person on here about all the extra hassle involved with taxing us.
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