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  1. If I tell him that it's authentic and we tricked him so that we could get the cartridge at a significantly reduced price, maybe his greed kicks in more and he raises the price again so that nobody will BIN.
  2. What did you do with your collection? I was out for quite a while too once I had kids, but now that I am back, it's good that I kept everything.
  3. taxman


    Bought a Nintendo 3DS XL from Fujiskunk. It went smooth from start to finish. Well packaged and very nice condition.
  4. I reported the first and the second listing when they came out. Let's hope Ebay listens.
  5. I'm looking for the combined shipping deal along with those Michael Jackson albums.
  6. Could be. I remember seeing this pic long ago so I looked it up on the web.
  7. I took care of it for you with a sharpie.
  8. $11.41 Ebay bucks. I can't compete with the big boys.
  9. I don't think he's allowed to Ask a question about a particular item, but I believer there's a backdoor where they can just contact you in general. Good luck on your auctions.
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