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  1. Yes, I make no guarantees on the paint if opened. Machine is getting this for a friend who is a Q*bert nut so I am guessing that they will not open it.
  2. I have never seen another one of these in my life so maybe this is ultra rare, but it's time for a new home. It is a paint by number Q*bert with the original 86 cent Kmart price tag on it. It has never been opened or used, but the box has been crushed and has a few tears in it. I guess you can consider it video game related, but I would love to see this go to a Q*bert collector that can appreciate this in his or her collection. Shipping is free as well as long as you don't mind it going in a bubble wrapped envelope. It is already crushed after all. 😊
  3. Got my package today. Awesome note inside and bonus candy! Thanks, Joe. Getting ready to post my free item next.
  4. This is my first time claiming something in this forum. I did not see anything in the rules about it and just sent PM like the post said. Next time I will be sure to post a message in the forum also. P.S. When I put my item up, I will also be offering free shipping to pass it on.
  5. I bought those long time ago too. Now if I could only remember where I put them.
  6. Global shipping program will not apply in the case of buyers who have their confirmed paypal address as a freight forwarding company.
  7. Maybe a delay in paypal. Wonder if they paid with bank funds which could take a few days to clear. In that case it should show as payment pending.
  8. I stopped by my local walmart hoping to find one of these on Monday, but I don't see any Flashback 9's around so I guess they're already sold out.
  9. Usually for bigger heavier packages, Fedex or UPS ground beats out USPS for pricing from my experience.
  10. Or could it be that summer is the slow season for your items and that coincided with the new GTC rule? You could always end the listings right before they auto renew and create a new timeframe to relist on your own terms and that should get you better search position assuming someone searches by newly listed.
  11. That makes sense to cancel bids if you had to change the contents. Good luck with the new auction.
  12. Why did you end the listing?
  13. This belongs in the Wanted forum instead of here.
  14. I hope they don't ship it in an envelope and then it gets crushed during transit.
  15. Agree, I use one just like this one https://www.ebay.com/itm/ATARI-2600-5200-7800-Colecovision-Intellivision-NES-RF-Coax-TV-Adapter-F-Plug/333288876673?hash=item4d9990aa81:g:cxEAAOSwTWxdSFxK
  16. Ended Listing Early. Someone got a side deal for $2000. LOL Actually they relisted is as auction style with reserve. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Atari-2600-Jr-STILL-SEALED-BRAND-NEW-RARE-Video-Game-System-LOOK/293196881714?hash=item4443e55f32:g:lrUAAOSw51tdXeZb
  17. I think I have them both already, but I'll have to see if mine is sealed. If not, I may have to pick them up too.
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