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  1. This course page contains group reports from the Advanced Digital Design course at CMU. Both the success and failures make for an interesting read. http://ece545.com/S16/project_reports.html Interesting that the SNES and Apple IIGS projects got a 65C816 cpu core from WDC. I'm looking forward to the future, with so many cool things made by smart people like Kevtris.
  2. Would it make sense to release a first iteration of zimba with limited scope? Maybe just those 8-bit cores that are ready. This could help establish demand and identify issues with design or implementation. Not to doubt Kevtris' skills, but the 16-bit system cores will be a huge challenge to get right. Is there a "buy Kevtris a beer"page anywhere? Kevtris'projects are all impressive and I wish the best of luck, no matter what the result.
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