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  1. thanks a lot for watching mate i'm glad you enjoyed it - it's a great game. deceptively simple but really fun to try and push your score to the next level ! great, abrasive sound, too. i like atari 2600 shooters a lot as the blasting noises are usually really earthy and meaty :-)
  2. Here's my review for the excellent "Alien Ooze" by Scott Dayton and what a game it is ! (sorry I've forgotten how to link again so that the video appears here :-/ ) https://youtu.be/_4E7-tNb8bA
  3. it's amazing, mate. i can see them clearly - in my mind ! sometimes i imagine that the truck is the size of a giant shopping mall and that there are thousands of kids composing that line ! i've been playing it for about 7 hours now - it's extremely addictive !
  4. have you thought of making a laserdisc version ?
  5. with regards to making the kids look more "kid like", how about just stick men and then we could use our imaginations to imagine they're several deep rather than just a line of 10 or so ?
  6. no problem at all mate i couldn't sit by and let these game drift past an unaware community. this is incredible and needs shouted from the rooftops ! well done mate !
  7. Hello mate ! WOW ! What a game ! I simply had to do a review of this and the original. You've really done something amazing here mate it's so addictive i cannot stop playing it and i urge others to do the same. 10/10 !
  8. Here's a brand new FUNKYSPECTRUM video detailing the contents of the recent package i received from my friend and for which I am extremely appreciative ! Watch this video to see what was inside and also hear some interesting information about guy fawkes, 9/11, tennis players, blanche off of the golden girls and MORE ! Don't forget to hit "like", either ! thanks ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pScGIIifiH0 http://https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pScGIIifiH0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pScGIIifiH0
  9. A new and exciting chapter in the REALM OF NO where YOU can choose the outcome by posting A or B in the comments to decide what happens next. Please get involved and help shape the course of destiny ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8dsrbdNfkSw&feature=youtu.be https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8dsrbdNfkSw&feature=youtu.be
  10. did you ever fix the problem, mate ? i have the exact same issue now :-( :-( :-(
  11. Hi there. My Vectrex has thrown a wobbly and I don't know what to do, I'm really frustrated. I have a white dot slightly off centre and up a little in the middle right of the screen. This just sits there. If I unplug the x,y,z inside then the dot jumps to the centre. Not sure if this means anything. I've checked the voltages from the board where the -5, gnd, 5 and 13 connector goes and they're all okay. I just don't know what's wrong. Have tried re-siting all the chips, too. It was fine last night now it's doing this. Please if anyone knows how to help I would love to hear from you !
  12. Here is the latest video on the topic as I thought it was time for another one with an update on the crazy amount of lies that RCL are spreading ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=91EMZgEhxBI&feature=youtu.be
  13. also, there is much less focus on this project from the international gaming community as not many people outside of Europe are familiar with the ZX Spectrum and there have been so few details that, without digging, there's not much for the average onlooker to mock. The Coleco Chameleon was an open wound for some time that everyone/anyone could poke at :-)
  14. in a way you are correct, mate, BUT i would say that while the CC was an absolute disaster of biblical proportions, the vega+ is a far, far more toxic product, whether or not it actually gets released. Their "social networking" mouthpiece is one of the most disliked people in retro gaming and the people now left at the company have a history of massive legal/financial problems in everything they've been involved with (i've touched on this a little in my videos but it's really a very deep pit to get into). The fact that they employed someone to represent them who is known to be one of the most toxic members of the community and is a bully, a known liar and a twit shows how little they know about the scene and how little regard they have for anyone in it. Basically these people are not deluded like the creator of the CC was, these people are deliberately lying to members of the community to continue to get money from them despite no product showing up. In all honesty, what they've done so far could have been done in one week by anyone who knows what they're doing. They have provided next to ZERO updates throughout the campaign, presumably they're au fait with the CC campaign and didn't want to play their deck of lies too soon. I was told, categorically, that everything was on track, the device would be out (by now) and the detractors would be left with egg on their faces. It seems that the only people with egg on their faces here are the creators themselves. Furthermore, they've not paid either the original production factory OR the concept artist, now saying their design will be "true to the design featured during the fundraiser" (basically a not so smart way of saying "it's not the actual design, though, because he is thoroughly pissed off with us"). The people behind the campaign have also been in touch with 3 different police forces in the UK to report anyone saying negative things about the campaign. I was, again, told about this by THE MOUTHPIECE at the company who said "it's a jailable offence" (lol). There are many people on twitter railing against the campaign, myself included, and telling the actual truth about what's going on. This has led to a number of people requesting refunds which has in turn made RCL furious and they're looking to lash out at anyone saying anything detrimental (true) about the debacle that they're behind. This is a far, far nastier happening than the CC, which was basically laughable. These people have almost 1/2 a million of other peoples money, some of which seems to have flat out disappeared, and have done a weeks work in almost a year, constantly lying all the time as they've done so. There was meant to be a video of the "final device" working uploaded a week or more ago. No video has been shown. Their "updates" (scant as they are) involve saying they're going to do something "in a few days" then, well, not doing it. They seem to presume that people are so stupid as to not actually bother requesting further information (that they've been promised) and that yet another smokescreen will be completely appropriate. The sad thing is, they have the money. These people are really dragging the name of the ZX Spectrum through the muck. Certain people are only involved because their reputation is so tarnished in the spectrum community that this is almost some kind of dig/strike against their detractors "look at me, i'm involved in this ! i AM important ! you MUST listen to my bullshit (again)" and the rest of the folks behind it have been involved in far more nefarious things in the past, collapsing several businesses due to massive financial skulduggery. The CC was one mans idiotic dream that went wrong and fell apart due to hilarious lies. The VEGA+ is a wilfully toxic project that is mocking the community and the backers. Even if the device DOES get made, it's going to be garbage. Funding these people is a bad thing to do, regardless of the product. Also, they are hiding behind the name of Clive Sinclair, who is merely a small shareholder in the company and has NOTHING to do with the product. They keep billing it like he has but Clive had a bad fall at the start of this year and has been convalescing since then, far from the world of technology with his wife (who also drew her shares/investment out of a sister company owned by one of the RCL bosses in the first quarter of this year which is also covered in one of my videos)
  15. "they produced some images of what can only be described as an alpha board. no i/o connectors or proper switching etc etc, definitely not a production model" note: this was after I'd been told that the final design was in production and had been for some time. They even said they'd visited the factory to see them being made but all of them forgot their cameras, no evidence at all is available and the supposed production partners have denied that they're producing the device. what I think has happened is that they've scrambled to get an alpha board produced in china and have no real clue what they're doing. Even the "new" tech spec information they released last week was simply the original VEGA tech information, written by the people who left, that they've very slightly (and I mean VERY slightly) reworded in some places, mostly just changing "VEGA" to "VEGA+". If there was ever a textbook example of how not to run both an indiegogo campaign and a piece of equipment production, well, this seems to be it.
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