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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i3MSiESdgb0 i did a review of the great bentley bear's crystal quest here it is ! also i should warn people it contains bad language !
  2. i do find it staggering that there has to be a ringleader in all of this. in reality there is only one ringleader and he is in a circus with no customers and it is kieren hawken. everyone else is just defending themselves from his batshit allegations and attempts to destroy their reputations. the thing is that thanks to this thread he can no longer continue with this behaviour and this will remain forever as a testament to the awful things he has said and done to turn good people against one another for no discernible reason other than to bring people down to the level he inhabits wherein no-one is to be trusted and everyone is trying to stab everyone else in the back. genuine reasonable people do not behave like this and by placing all his eggs in the basket that suggests they do he has effectively taken a hammer to them. there is no "out" at this stage and from what i have seen regarding what he's said above recently about octavius it just shows that he will stoop to the lowest of levels in order to try to get people to do his bidding with a cavalier disregard for them or the outcome just as long as they sow discord. the email he sent to octavius is just absolute fantasy and as i have said contains several things that are legally actionable and he has made them so by sending them to someone and claiming that the garbled nonsense he presents are facts. in particular i take great offense at his insinuation that i have no right to sell the titles on my site when in actuality a great many of them are licensed from the very person who graciously permits him to release his toilet paper publications. kieren knows this and i have spoken with the person involved about this and he is far from happy either. as i have said before when people do underhand things and think in a bad way about their life and others then they tend to presume that everyone else does the same when in reality most people are just trying to get on with things and dont revel in causing discord. many have said here about kieren repurposing their items for sale on ebay and i can only presume that as he has taken others content and sold it without permission that he thinks everyone must be doing the same thing. he is a sad little man. there is such a thing as quitting while you are behind and i think it is in his best interests to do just that now as if he becomes yet more erratic his wild flailing will become even more ridiculous and far fetched if that is even possible and yes eventually he will have to answer for a lot of the stuff that he has said and the more he continues to make such outrageous claims and statements the more he will potentially have to pay for these crimes because make no mistake they are crimes.
  3. most people don't act like conniving arseholes and have no interest in being better than others most of us just want to get on with what we do and represent ourselves with our own words and deeds instead of inspiring others to hate other people so we can step into the vacuum that hopefully results from some idiotic war that we're trying to cause. madness. the way he sees the world is disgusting and so is he !
  4. this presumption that everyone thinks they are clever too lol i will admit i am a bit of a dunce and went to a special school and if i was able to orchestrate half of what this twit accuses me of then i would not have enough hours in the day with how slow i am at doing things currently ! it also belies a mindset that shows that all he cares about is who is smarter or on top of others and will not rest until he is in the top position and getting the appropriate respect from everyone for being so all seeing and all knowing ! grow up you stupid little boy and wipe the chocolate off your face ! (if that is chocolate of course !)
  5. "Kieren would never stand up to a cross examination in a court of law" well as soon as coronavirus is in the rear view mirror he can find out 🙂
  6. and now we are at the stage where he is just making up easily disprovable stuff because he is scrambling to remain on his perceived "platform" when in reality he sank into the shit months if not years ago in most people's eyes. he is trying to latch onto anything he can which is i presume why he now perceives everything mr fogarty has said to be absolute gospel when a short while ago he was in agreement with EVERYONE ELSE ON THE ENTIRE INTERNET that everything the man says is bitter, fantastical garbage. as i said, lee accused me of being someone else and not existing then in the same sentence said that he had electoral roll information about me (creep). even a dull mind would be able to see the inherent flaw in this. when the desire to exonerate yourself is so strong that you are asking others to suspend disbelief and ignore the fabric of reality then you know that you are onto a bit of a loser, imo. it is the same with these twitter accounts "definitely not related to kieren hawken" i mean who in their right fucking mind would write that as their tagline ? it is like a child coming into the room with chocolate on its face then denying its been in the cookie jar. fucking idiocy.
  7. Quite right mate he just goes round the houses. he will knock on one door and when they tell him to fuck off he will go to their neighbour and tell them that the person he just spoke to said something bad about them and he can "help" them with it if they want because of course he is a good friend and just wants to see the truth come out etc etc and he hasn't been forcing shit through their letterboxes for months/years no definitely not. then when they tell him to fuck off he goes to the next neighbour and tells them that the two previous people he's spoken to have nothing good to say about them and so on and so on it just goes on. it is obvious, tiresome and absolutely pathetic.
  8. okay so here goes, thanks for giving me the opportunity to waste more time with this, simon. 1) no information ever came out on twitter about me being behind any of the accounts kieren mentions, which is understandable as i have fuck all to do with any of them. he can prove these accusations in a court of law, and may well be asked to. if he had the information there and then, why not just give it there and then instead of the usual "watch the skies" bullshit. 2) yes i did take a random photo from a google image search. i had a youtube channel previously, "Fun And Games" which i have already gone into on numerous occasions. i appeared on camera on this channel and was trolled relentlessly and not being as thick skinned as i am now i deleted the channel. a few years later i started my new channel with no desire to ever appear on camera and picked an avatar that i had gotten from a google page. since then a couple of people sent me different pictures of the same person in the avatar, which i also used. i don't think using pictures you've found online as an avatar is a crime really, despite how much lee and kieren would wish it to be. also, this "george has a fake picture!" was not really news to anyone, as most of the people i know knew (obviously) that it's not a picture of me and that i don't look like that. 3) kieren had nothing to do with my interview in retro gamer as far as i remember and i communicated with darran about it not kieren. 4) i do deny that my real name is "duncan james bell" or "jamie ball" or whatever. my real name IS actually george cropper. kieren should know this as i think either he or fogarty said elsewhere that they had found me on the electoral roll. this makes zero fucking sense as why the hell would they say i am someone else when they claim to have my electoral roll information or my house information etc etc. and people say I am a spastic ! i have a video on my patreon account that has me and jamie playing a game together i am not sure how i can fake that either. also the "trolling" that we did yes i will 100% admit that is from the same IP as jamie does the artwork for bumfun for me as pretty much everyone knows and yes i 100% admit we did that but i think kieren or someone said forums as in plural when in reality we just went on world of spectrum multiple times to ask lee about the vega+ and to help expose the sham. EDIT FOR CLARIFICATION: jamie comes to my house to do artwork for the games in batches so i have a few to release before he needs to help me again and we will watch some films or play some games too or as was the case before lee banned my ip lol we would go on WoS and ask questions about the vega+ and suchlike i dont think this is particularly hard to comprehend and has been explained before. however these were the only times when this took place and unlike k-stains i don't have a stream of burglars entering my house over the last 15 years to post multiple times a day from sockpuppet accounts under the same ip before letting themselves out again only to return 10 minutes later to spew yet more bile from the same ip on many different forums and social media outlets. 5) my house has disabled access as i have shown to simon and others and people who have been to my house can attest to this. fogarty was saying there are stairs up to my house or something. he is a creepy cunt. however there is also no google street view of my house so i have zero fucking clue where he is pulling this bullshit from. kieren is a vegetable for parroting this without actually thinking about the feckless stupidity of what fogarty is saying. 6) i can't remember if this was in the email above or not but kieren has said recently that apparently i was furious about his documentary he made with slopes about the vega+ and that i messaged slopes in a rage demanding to know why i had not been namechecked or mentioned or something like that. this never happened. if slopes can provide any such messages i will put my own head in a blender. it is absolute garbage. 7) i have permission to sell ALL of the games in my online store and once again this is a comment that kieren will have to defend in court as it amounts to tortious interference. everything we sell is licensed and above board and for him to say otherwise is cretinous in the extreme. how would we possibly get away with selling unlicensed titles? oh, then again, he's done that all over ebay hasn't he so presumably he tars everyone with the same brush as himself. anyway that is it for now and in future i would appreciate if my business and associates were kept out of this as i have been round the houses again and again with this and have no wish to continue explaining for the benefit of those late to the party.
  9. i don't really know why you felt the need to post this entire email when craig had already posted what was relevant. it just means i will most likely have to once again go through every point one by one and disprove all the bullshit he has said as of course as well as kierens name coming up in searches for this thread so will the names of others and he and others have already done enough damage to my business etc without absolute bullshit like this being perpetuated. i have made clear the inaccuracies and lies in this post to many people yourself included but would now probably be wise to do it all over again and waste more time on this shit because you were insistent on giving his nonsensical ramblings more airtime when what craig had posted already sufficed with relation to the topic at hand.
  10. landstalker you are right, there are a lot of people who didn't speak previously now working together to do good creative endeavors. myself and others are now working on books for various uk publishers which they're all very excited about and have said a lot of positive things about the work so far ! then again, those of us involved can actually write and we know what we're talking about, so that's understandable. this idiot will remain in the rear view mirror, out alone in the desert, while we all move on to greater things.
  11. i have really wondered about this and why in gods name anyone employs him to write anything. he could not write a parking ticket. until i saw that review that kicked this all off i had no idea how unprofessional his writing was, having only heard about it mainly through posts he'd made himself talking about how great he was at it. i was absolutely stunned. i mean, there is unprofessional writing and then there is writing that probably wouldn't pass muster for a primary school summer project. so, all these projects he's unfortunately darkened by his involvement have just mainly had him on board "in case he rocks the boat if he's not allowed" and then have to basically use his writing as a mere shell and build actual proper text atop this ? the mind boggles. then when he talks of having complete creative control on his own books and how he can really do what he wants he apparently turns in books, time after time, that are borderline unreadable and certainly the work of someone with no creative or literary flair whatsoever. there must be several neurons not synapsing correctly as it takes a special kind of arrogance to unleash such low quality content to market before proclaiming them to be works of award winning genius. it is all very bizarre and very, very sad. as people have said above, and they are right, there's not much more impartial than a court of law. be careful what you request, kieren, as it's on the horizon.
  12. exactly. personally i would doubt he is getting any grief on xbox and if he claims he is then the problem lies with him if he is letting his kids log into his account when he knows full well what may be waiting for them. it is completely irresponsible and is no-one's fault but his own. he is (apparently) an adult and will have adult settings on his account. if his kids are online they should have children's accounts with parental controls. for someone who seems to spend a lot of their time policing others content and being offended on behalf of his children, well, pot calling the kettle black, much ?
  13. the level of manipulation on display here is an absolute disgrace. seriously horrible, cynical behaviour designed to create as much distress as possible whilst simultaneously exonerating himself. classic sociopathy 101, "i wish i hadn't said anything, it's clearly upset you a lot !" - yes but you did say something, and you said it because you knew it would upset the person in question.
  14. why is he talking about his kid getting abuse on xbox live ? what a total moron ! how does that work out ? it's just another absolutely fucking pathetic angle from which to attempt to mine pity. how would anyone have his kids contact details on xbox live ? HOW is that possible ? it just isn't, and i think that has to be written off for the obvious bollocks that it is. once again, with no proof he just expects people to believe. surely you know by now, kieren, that you're marked as a pathological liar, therefore no-one will believe anything you say without evidence - which is, of course, the one thing you NEVER provide. also, this "he now knows the word cunt" bullshit is very similar from one of kieren's sockpuppet account postings on one of my videos, actually a wotsit video, wherein he went mental about the language because he discovered his kids had clicked on the link. it was genuinely pathetic. for starters, kids would never find my youtube content, as it's utterly marginalised and there's no reason for them to be there. secondly, if he wants to whine about hypothetical (made up) situations wherein his or someone elses offspring find my videos then get offended then, hm, he should work on his parenting skills. youtube is not a valid babysitter and, regardless of "parental controls" or whatever, it is extremely bad parenting to just plop your kids down in front of a computer/tablet and expect that all is going to be okay. there is no real excuse for that and it certainly is not the fault of the internet if they stray down odd paths. thirdly, the account he posted from used a name that he'd used previously to make some pissy reviews about a pub in the luton area (found by googling), where he'd taken his family for a meal and they'd subsequently been subjected to hearing swear words and the whole incident had apparently been an outright disgrace. i mean, can you imagine ? swear words. in a PUB of all places. interesting that kieren will quite happily say revolting things and make incredibly hateful insinuations or spread invented "facts" about people, yet chooses to take the moral high ground from time to time. bizarre and, frankly, absolutely pathetic. once again, the notion of his kid logging in to xbox live only to receive a pile of abuse is farcical bullshit and, if it IS true (which it isn't) then it's merely showing that, once again, he can't control the kids online experience which, as a parent, it is his responsibility to do. again, this is not anyone's fault but his. furthermore, suggesting all this bullshit about family disharmony is actually him USING HIS FAMILY as a pathetic totem for sympathy and as if they are some kind of shield. no-one brought your family into this, kieren, apart from you. if your wife is crying then you need to look at your behaviour as it is you that has caused this. no-one else. you. craig merely noted that there was no one at his wedding and those who were present were merely there because they felt "very, very sorry for him". that's a reasonable thing to do, surely ? hardly a vindictive stab into the hearts of those involved. sounds like if the people kieren spread lies and hate about hadn't been at his wedding then there would have been no-one there. hardly a vote of social confidence, is it ? hardly the image one would expect for someone who is both revered and admired throughout the gaming community. also, craig said nothing remotely derogatory about kieren's family. nothing. there are no angles you can come from and no seams you can mine in order to paint yourself in a good or injured light here, kieren. what you have done to people over the years is a fucking disgrace. once again it seems that you can give it out ad infinitum but cannot take even a micro sampling of what you've done to others. let's face it, what's taking place here is simply people speaking the truth about your horrible, insidious and cowardly attempts to ruin people's livelihoods and online reputations. making a pathetic post on twitter about how your family have been "dragged into it" is just that, absolutely pathetic. no-one, save for yourself, has dragged them into this. it also, to me, seems like you've completely invented the scenario with your kid and xbox live just in order to try and garner sympathy. is that how you think relationships work, held together by pity ? do you think "pity" can be converted into "love" easily ? newsflash - it cannot. this is heading into nick roper territory now, really, in the realms of how farcical it all is. he cannot actually prove any of the bullshit he claims, nor can he deny his devilment over the years, so instead the "attack my family !" angle comes into play. the thing is, as stated, no-one actually did. in fact, in order for anyone in his family to have seen this page, or the information therein, he would have had to have turned them on to it. the only person that has upset his family (if indeed anyone is remotely upset) is him. as for this "i can take it" angle, well, it's clearly obvious that he can't, otherwise he wouldn't be using bullshit about his family as a backstop. kieren, you are a pathetic little coward. once again, i urge you to just stop all of this and go away but, of course, you can't, can you ? however, know this. you will never be listened to again. you will never be trusted again. you will never be asked to assist in any community projects again. you will always be regarded from here on with suspicion and contempt, and rightly so. you cannot do what you have done and get away with it. you coasted along for numerous years but the buck stops now. much like yourself, it seems, this is never going away. thankfully, though, it's all now out in the open, and it seems there is much yet to be revealed.
  15. yes sauron, you would do just as well as Simon but this must be done live and person to person, not a list of questions or whatever. a live podcast where we can all pitch in with questions that we must see 100% proven evidence, one way or the other, to prove or disprove the veracity of his claims. he will not do it, he will just whine and say that we are all "vile" etc etc the usual kieren sob story and that'll be that. then there'll be a tweet along the lines of "well i offered them the chance and they chickened out so it looks like they refuse to handle and take the truth once again i am 100% in the right !" sigh.
  16. he's never going to go on anyone's podcast. he wants, as has been stated, a "pro kieren" podcast. good luck finding that. if he does, it'll just be another absolute chimp who will, as has been stated, let him run riot with bullshit and self aggrandizement. everything we've said about him here that is of any consequence has been proven. everything he's said about most of us has not. from my own point of view, he's only recently emailed someone else in the gaming community with a load of pathetic excuses, a half arsed apology, and yet more absolute gobbledigook regarding myself, none of which is true save for the fact that i used someone elses image as my avatar (which came as news to pretty much no-one). he has accused multiple people of multiple ridiculous things, none of which can be backed up by evidence because they're outright fabrications from an idiotic mind. Simon offered him the chance to go on his podcast, but of course he will refuse this so, in turn, we should refuse to give him a platform. nothing that he says in a "safe space" can be remotely trusted, he just wants to get somewhere, ANYWHERE, from which to spread yet more bullshit and scorn on pretty much the entire internet (basically anyone who has "wronged" him). it's just more pathetic bullshit and if he thinks posting that tweet will give him the right to say "I offered, but they were all too scared to take me up on it" then i say that he himself has set up a situation wherein the stipulated arrangement can never take place, as there is no neutral ground where this cretin is concerned, there are either crazy people who believe him (although i have no idea who such people would be in light of the mountain of evidence against him) or people who are already pissed off with him. this is not a get out of jail free for him, it's just more pathetic bullshit from someone who thinks he's a lot smarter than he actually is. it's a transparent cop-out and will result in nothing. just go away, you're done. stop trying to involve yourself in the community, stop baiting the community, stop staring at this forum 24/7 and go and do something else in life. the door is closed and you will never get back onto the other side of it. you can just imagine him sitting there and concocting this bullshit in his own head "yes, this will show them all !". no, kieren. no, it will not. also, once my lawyers return to work you will also quite probably have to prove all of your allegations and defamatory emails etc are true in a court of law. if you don't, you will have to pay damages to those involved. so, you could use this podcast as a "dry run" for your potential appearance in the high court. might be a good idea to test out the weight of your "evidence" before it costs you, financially. If you have the guts, go on Simon's podcast. That is the option. Go with someone who will debate your points and not just let you fabricate bullshit to push things aside. If you have facts, then there is literally no reason why you would not do this. no caveats, no stipulations. if you believe Simon is your "enemy" then it should surely make you happy to be able to prove him wrong in a 1 to 1. if you truly have evidence to back up your claims then the person you are interacting with should not matter. facts are facts and if they are supported by evidence will be accepted as such. sadly, your infantile attempts at torpedoing your own plan before it gets underway have done just that, simply showcasing that, once again, this is just another farcical attempt to get your self important, deluded foot in the door. you are not in a position to make demands. you may be the center of your own world, but here's a newsflash, it's got a population of 1. stop stalking people on twitter, stop whining like a little girl about people who are righteously indignant about your behaviour, stop continually attempting to stir and create attention for yourself. just STOP.
  17. at this stage in the game i don't know why he is still bothering. he should just go away and never come back. go and find another hobby as no-one is ever going to accept him again in this community. what he has done and continues to attempt to do to many people is a disgrace that he will be taken to task for. sadly for him, too, even his supposed "supporters" as listed in his 15 pages of toilet paper think he is a twat and want nothing to do with him. as mr t and others say he has done far too much for this just to be shrugged off and everyone of sound mind knows this. at this stage of play even a full apology would not excuse him as he has chosen to behave like an absolute freak and a creep since all of this came to a head, doubling down every step of the way. he has chosen to continue with his turnip headed wild orangutan behaviour merely in a vain attempt to bolster his own self image, or at least that must be it as no one else is listening aside from to casually observe the human car crash taking place. he's literally scrabbling around in his own shit. does he honestly think posting garbage back and forth between his twitter accounts etc is fooling anyone - or, more importantly, of interest to anyone ? same with his comments on youtube where he (beast666 or forza77 or any of the others) asks himself questions and talks about how brilliant he or his content is. kieren, regardless of whether you admit this in public or not (and let's not bullshit we all know those accounts are yours you chump), are you really that daft that you think this is acceptable and not totally transparent behaviour ? it's unreal. literally no-one cares what you say aside from those watching you to confirm that you have learned nothing from your recent escapades and that you should continue to be ostracised from now on. also, you don't decide you are professional at something, or good at something, that's for the public to decide and the public have very much spoken on this one. as was said above in a post about one of his books, even a young child knew it was written by an absolute moron. also, to have tracked down this person merely because they left a bad review is genuinely beyond pathetic and shows how few copies he must be shifting of his rubbish books. he is beyond sad and really needs to get a life at this stage although he has demonstrated that this will never happen as he has zero else to do. if he is this shit at writing books and making videos etc, which he claims to be his grand skills and his "livelihood" (presumably he gets benefits too as neither of these things will pay him anywhere near a living wage), then what on earth would he go to do if he left these things behind ? i predict a future of getting sacked from multiple outlets for being unable to ask "do you want salt and vinegar with that ?" without getting into a heated, pointless argument with everyone present. if all he plans to do from here on in is talk shit to himself on twitter and send emails packed with bullshit, lies and requests for pity to people then, really, he would be better off actually getting a life and doing something genuinely constructive elsewhere. there's nothing for him in the retro community any more. it's over, the cat is out the bag and the more he tries to jam it back in the more it will scratch at him. he's banned from all events, he's a known liar and troublemaker and all of his "friends" in the industry have deserted him to go to e-hospital for treatment on the knife wounds in their backs. if he is trying to delude himself into believing that 99.99% of people don't think he's an absolute scumbag then he had better be able to lie to himself better than he lies to others !
  18. will there be physical copies of this available mate ? if so then count me in 100% !
  19. here is my review of the game so far and i must say i am extremely impressed. i really love the original and what champ games have done here is incredible and i will definitely pick up a finished copy when it is ready as i must add this to my collection !
  20. well i have been sent a brand new atari 2600 game that i decided to review and what a barnstormer it is ! very addictive although i suspect the gameplay might get tiresome after a while !
  21. well my lawyer will be interested to see his evidence as the onus is on him to prove his allegations and i have recently taken receipt of an email containing all kinds of spurious claims and cast iron defamation and lies relating to myself and my business so in all honesty if he cannot prove these claims with fact (he cannot because they are all bullshit and i can guarantee this unless i have been making all these accounts i'm supposedly behind in my sleep) then he will have to pay financial compensation for willfully damaging my reputation and that of my business in the community and my lawyer will 100% push for this to the fullest extent of uk law. he will be called to high court to account for his behaviour. it's as simple as that and i wash my hands of him now as it is in the hands of specialists in dealing with this kind of nonsense. i am behind none of the "troll" accounts he accuses me of and i have not even heard of half of them and i have also forwarded the information to the others he has accused of being behind them who were as surprised as i was. this is not looking good for him at all and my lawyers are confident that this is an easy win, it is just a matter of deciding how much they will go after him for as the list is very long. you cannot fabricate the truth. the truth is what it is and both relating to this situation and as a concept in general it is clearly something that mr hawken is completely divorced from. that is his folly and the very childish hobby of making things up should have stopped in childhood. taking it on with him into adulthood has now done him a very major disservice. i will most likely no longer be commenting on this post but people will most assuredly hear updates on the situation on social media as and when there is progress. at the moment with the coronavirus situation things will no doubt move slowly but as soon as it is possible i will pursue him under the fullest extents of uk law and he WILL be made to answer for his crimes, as he is fully in the realm of confirmed criminal behaviour now.
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