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  1. I have seen it evolve and am hyped to release it to the public. Only few more days to wait.... Great work by all involved !!!
  2. All, for collaboration purposes I have created slack page, free to sign in if you like to help out with the demo https://ti-994megademo.slack.com
  3. Hi Guys, short introduction here. I am Ramon de Bruijn also known as RamonB5 of DESiRE. We are a (originally) an Amiga demo group and after short break of 15 years we started doing demos again. But now we target anything we can get our hands on. I guess if you know our name it is probably from the 8088 MPH demo that won Revision last year. I asked orbitaldecay for a new demoscene challenge and he presented me the TI-99/4A. To see all your reactions makes me very happy, so we are not the only two enthusiastic on creating a demo for the TI-99/4A. I am sure if we pull our collective knowledge and spirit together we can make a kick ass demo for this hardware.
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