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  1. There was an issue with incorrect shipping costs being shown. It's corrected now.
  2. Was an issue with incorrect shipping amounts being shown. It's fixed now.
  3. It's corrected. It's set to $4.99 shipping and orders over $25 ship free.
  4. It shouldn't be that high. Let me look at the store. Hold tight.
  5. The TI screen logo pins I made went over well, so I made a few more. Pixel pins of the Parsec ship, Munchman, the Burgertime chef and the TI Invader aliens. http://pinhippy.com/ti-99-4a/
  6. Made a few TI pins and thought the C64 group might appreciate one. Limited run of C64 console logo pins. http://pinhippy.com/old-computers/
  7. I am! Christmas is coming - make it a good one for TI lovers! Parsec, Munchman, TI Invaders, Burgertime and TI pins. http://pinhippy.com/ti-99-4a/
  8. All the pins are in. Gold, silver and black nickel plating. For those that said they would like pins, they are $4.00 each plus shipping costs. Going to sell these online soon, so it's best to get them through me now.
  9. Hey guys, ti99iuc & arcadeshopper just told me this thread was here. I have just run out of the silver plated TI Screen Logo pins and have a few gold ones left, so I am making more. This time I'll add the black nickel plating color too (looks black half the time and silver half the time depending upon angle of view.). They are 1.00" hard enamel pins (metal with enamel coloring), have smooth surface and one spur nail post on the back. They should be ready a couple of weeks after I submit the order. That said, let me know here in this thread how many you'd like and whether you'd like gold, silver or black nickel plating and how many of each you would like. I'll put an order in next week. They'll be $4/ea plus UPS shipping. Morgan
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