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  1. This one was a fun one to record. I'm always impressed how well these games are done and in 4k! Impressive.
  2. This is freakin' amazing! Well done. Can't wait to get my mitts on this. You'll need to pop up a PayPal tip jar or something for this!
  3. If it is the non-mylar style keyboard (the one with the contacts that touch when the key is pressed -- looks like two little fingers touching) I can use even a non-working keyboard to swap the parts. If it's the mylar style, I probably can't use it. I can send you pics if you can PM me an email address or check my pics on Twitter (@duhproject).
  4. That would be awesome! I have two different type keyboards now, so any type would be helpful.
  5. Thanks for the tip. I've determined the issue on the beige TI I have is due to the white plastic sleeve being cracked on all the keys that get "stuck" when pressed down. I was able to fix it by gently melting the plastic corners back together. With that said, some keys register multiple presses when pressed just once. These were not the original keys that were getting stuck. The silver TI I have is the membrane type and only three keys work. All the rest simply don't.
  6. Not a bad idea. Would help me in my quest to find parts to get these TI-99/4A's running (like the keyboard).
  7. Thank you for the reply -- to keep my headache from getting worse and worse, I'd like one that is tested and working. But thanks!
  8. Two weeks ago I jumped into the TI-99/4A world by grabbing a beige system locally for $10. Five keys stuck when pressed and it had the dreaded 2.2v GROM. I found a cheap silver and black TI-99 untested on eBay and grabbed that. Keyboard doesn't work (only the 1, 5, and space keys work). I was able to swap the GROM out and get the beige system running, and even fixed the keys to a point they are usable, but the entire keyboard is a bit sporadic. Does anyone have a spare keyboard that works that they would like to sell? I'm okay with either beige or black at this point. I just need one that works reliably. Thanks!
  9. I have a MiST and absolutely love all the cores available to it (too many to list). A TI-99 core would be absolutely amazing.
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