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  1. "Fingers crossed I can get it done soon. Believe me when I say I want this done as badly as everyone else, and I feel really bad about how long it has taken." No problem, I'm still looking forward to the MkII.
  2. Thanks, but the boards aren't the issue, it's avoiding BOM hell. And I'd love to have someone share their Digikey BOM with me if they've built one up because I'm not having a bunch of luck sourcing the parts on my own... I'll just wait a bit longer for the Mk2 to come out, but thank you anyways.
  3. Any chance of getting a kit that I can build myself? I'm set up to do soldering of just about any kind (my skill level is a different matter entirely, but I manage).
  4. Oh, okay. I'll have to get one then. Thanks!
  5. It probably isn't compatible, but you ought to try partitioning it into two smaller partitions as a last ditch effort. As for old cameras, I bought one the other week so that I could use its on-camera formatting utility to format CF cards for use in our Motoman robots. Formatting it on Windows won't work for the Motoman.
  6. I took a look at the Kipper adapter as well, but I was concerned about having my V2 hanging out in the breeze. What keeps yours from working its way out?
  7. rootboy

    Amiga 2000

    That's pretty much all there is to it. And as far as I know, you can't even write to them from the Amiga (because each .ADF file represents an individual floppy). Anyone else know if this is correct?
  8. rootboy

    Amiga 2000

    Hmmm, mines still working, I haven't had a failure as of yet.Is it getting written to continuously?
  9. rootboy

    Amiga 2000

    Try a 4GB or smaller USB drive. I couldn't get mine to work until I used the smaller drive. Not to beat a dead horse, but... We can add a re-capped ZX Spectrum +2 to the list of my computers that have taken a bath. And I have modified my procedure, I now rinse my board in 91% IPA to dry it out (the IPA absorbs the water left over after rinsing the vinegar off) before using my hot-air rework station to dry it off the rest of the way. Much quicker. He's a picture of it after the re-cap, sound mod installation, and the removal of the UHF modulator (I used the hole for the video connector for the audio jack) as well as a shot of the back of the board. It really does look brand new. And to be fair, there wasn't any leaky caps (that I saw anyways) when I replaced them. So there wasn't any trace damage that I could observe.
  10. I've gotten one of those "We Care" baggies too. I bought some replacement drive belts for my MSX and the seller sent it in an envelope. Somewhere along the line the package got snagged in something and the belts were ripped out. I really couldn't blame the Post Office, and the seller sent me a new one for free. This time sandwiched between two pieces of cardboard...
  11. I bought two 2000's that were for local pickup only in the city where my son lives. I got a great price on them, and one of them came with a MegaChip. Nice surprise!
  12. rootboy

    Amiga 2000

    Nope. Your Amiga will run just fine without a battery.
  13. rootboy

    Amiga 2000

    Keep in mind that the negative terminal is the one that's going to suffer from the "Redox reaction", meaning a lot of corrosion. And since it's tied to the ground plane, it is going to be a bear to get unsoldered since the heat of your iron will radiate outward with the copper plane. Clipping the battery leads, and then trying to get the tabs off with tweezers could be very difficult.
  14. rootboy

    Amiga 2000

    It does a nice job of getting at where the alkaline gets that is next to impossible otherwise. Also in places that you wouldn't see. As for harming anything, no, it shouldn't. Don't leave it in there for more than a few hours without checking on it. And be sure to dry it off thoroughly after you rinse it thoroughly.
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