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  1. I have 4 Original Xboxs, 2 have K4D263238F-QC50 ram chips and 2 have K4D263238M-QC50. I can get better deal on the "F" ram..Are they interchangeable? meaning can I install the "F" chips on the xbox's with the "M" ram?
  2. Im having no luck installing addons in to xbmc4xbox 3.5.3 is it even possible? All the tuts I found say to go to system then addons which doesnt exist. I did install this on a pc and it was there but not on the xbox version...any advise?
  3. Is it possible to mount a second hdd in a tsop xbox removing the dvd? Dont need permanent replacement want to copy my f partition to put on other xboxs and xplorer360 sucks and the xbrowser with xboxhdm i cant mount a 2nd drive of format.
  4. Ok Bad new for me....the XBOX that I deleted the hdd accidentally is a ver 1.6 by the chart http://www.informit.com/articles/article.aspx?p=367210&seqNum=2on Table 3.4...my video chip is an Xcalibur...so I guess the only thing I can do with this one is put ion a mod chip and build a new hdd...
  5. I am going to try a few of your suggesions..especially the TSOP flash., I am actually about to make a eeprom reader I found on saturday here http://www.instructables.com/id/XBox-EEPROM-ReaderWriter/ I bout the diodes and resister yesterday so I can extract the info from the board.
  6. None are 1.6. I accidently wiped the original hard drive to one of these. My problem is i have not been successful using xboxhdmv1.9 to lock the drives so the will boot. They lock fine but not with a password that the xboxes can open. While chimp2.6.8 locks and unlocks perfectly bur again neither of these will run chimp properly. One of them will boot chimp with no video making it useless and the other will boot chimp with fatx missing from the selections. I have made paperweights out of 5 hdds using xboxhdm to lock them.
  7. I have 3 Original XBoxs. All of which I was able to softmod. The first one flawless, added a SATA HDD using an adapter(after reading that a 80 wire IDE cable was needed). They way I did was: 1 - Copy Splinter Cell game same to hdd 2 - Copy SID 5.12 game save to hdd 3 - Launch Splinter Cell 4 - Create Backups 5 - Load the dash 6 - FTP to my PC 7 - Copy CHIMP 2.6.8 to hdd 8 - Copy C, E, X, Y, Z drives to PC 9 - Run Xboxhdmv1.9, putting files where they need to be 10 - Run the linux.iso, option 1 11 - Run Xboxhd 12 - Generate Eeprom (opt. 6) 13 - Create Dos Floppy w/Locking tools (opt. 7) 14 - Build New Xbox HD (option 1) 15 - Start Xbox (original Softmodded hdd) 16 - Attach new hdd as slave removing the DVD 17 - Run Chimp 18 - Lock Slave Drive from eeprom.bin 19 - Reboot with new drive as master..Works like a champ Now for #2 and #3 same steps followed but with both of these I could not get chimp to run, was able to lock the disks with xboxhdm but the xboxes would not unlock them. (ERROR 06) And yes I used the eeprom.bin files from the appropriate xboxs. I went through the same process each time. I am able to unlock the drives using xboxhdm. Also, tried 4 different versions of CHIMP no different. Any advise, besides buy a modchip?
  8. Another question...will a softmod xbox play original media with a non xbox dvd rom. Since it can play backups should this work?
  9. I was able to do the softmod..found an old digital camera which worked for the splinter cell exploit. Now my question is with the modchip how do you load new dashboards software etc..is it built in on chip.
  10. Hey..I have 4 Original Xbox Consoles that I acquired from a yard sale. They all power up and play games nicely. I could care less about Xbox games, I want to make these in to Emulation/Media Boxes. I read dozens of posts and instructions and it all seems fairly straight forward for the softmod with the exception that I do not have a memory card and in October of 2016 you can find a usb stick (off the shelf) that can be read in the console or formatted FATx. So before I spend more money and run into road blocks I had a few questions: 1. Softmod or Mod Chip, do the both do the same thing? Again I don't care Xbox games/backups/Imports, just emulation and a larger hd 2. Which Softmod technique 3. Which Mod Chip Thanks for reading...I always get the best answers here..
  11. Another couple questions... 1. Is there a wire pinout for the controllers available not what wire to what pin but what function each trigger 2. Can a new flex circuit and side buttons be purchased 3. Facing the machine which controller is player 1, the left like Atari or right What i got so far is if I remove the left controller and plug the right into the left i can start and play games. I opened the left and the flex circuit looks burned at a few places. I think this is coming from the side triggers not springing back keeping the power flowing which caused the burns...any advise would be awesome.
  12. Never opened before..i just looked at rhe board..looks like its still 1979 in there. Controller connection look good. But while hot plugging player 1 controller the game started couldnt get ot to do much after that so im thinking about disassembling the controllers to clean and corrosion or to see if anything is shorting
  13. I bought out someones collection of retro games and this was with it. I want to repair it so I can trade or sell it. But being a computer/network tech I need to fix it rather then an as is sale.
  14. 3 Carts Moved them around and messed with the controller buttons. I think it may be the controllers, what is the first step in troubleshooting them?
  15. I have my first ever Intellivision, the original woodgrain console. When I insert a game cart the green splash screen comes on saying Mattel Intelivision and the game name. After that is just sits there. I have pressed every button and the directional on both controllers but nothing happens. Any clue?
  16. Ok, now I think I followed correctly yet not working as expected. When I check the resistance of Up and Left when the stick is centered it reads 500+ when engaged they both go to zero. As for Down and Right when centered they both have no continuity when engaged they have continuity. The pots seem to act like indivual controls (like a normal 5200 controller). I have attached pictures of so you can see what I have going on and if I made mistakes, which is likely. I know it's follow so I numbered the wires on the pic....
  17. I see a typo mistake...my pots are 1 meg or 1000k leaving out that 'M" changes everything....thanks for the help...I will let you know how this turns out.. BTW what do you mean with " i try to stay away from pin 12 cause its use with the trakball is magic"? Just curious..
  18. Oh...I understand the Matrix Keypad and SRP buttons...thats straight forward from the diagrams..the way the pots wire up is what killing me. I am gonna try this by the end of the weekend. If you see anything wrong with my joystick hardware let me know. One mre thing..is there enough power from the +5V pin to power my 2 5V leds on the buttons?
  19. Here are the pictures. I will add a matrix keypad or a bank of momentary switches like I used for Start/Pause/Reset once I get this working. My Pots may be to big, they are 1Kohm as they were originally for a different project but I didn't think that would matter, if it does let me know please. The parts are from my MAME cabinet bought from Paradise Arcade in Hawaii, all top of the line. What really sucks is I didn't have room for my MAME cabinet, it was a completely customized pedistol style cabinet that I modified into a media/game center with a 50inch plasma and subwoofer.
  20. Please Help!!! I don't know how to wire this controller, even though I know there is a diagram above. I don't know how to wire in the pots, I have tried using the this site, this link http://old.pinouts.ru/Inputs/JoystickAtari5200_pinout.shtmland this link https://hackaday.io/project/1021-atari-5200-custom-controller-build#j-discussions-title. I have other mods like adding the cart adapter to a Flashback 2 so I am capable but need instruction like: Pin 9 to Pot Center pins Pot Center pins to Joystick Down Switch Common Pin And so on... I would truly appreciate someone taking the time to spell it out or even further simplify the drawing above, as it looks like all the pot pins are used and connected together but the pic above it show only 2 pins used. THANKS!!!!
  21. Can the coleco controller be fully used on the 5200? Taking advantage of the 2 fire buttons and the keypad?
  22. Ok..plan was one set of wires to a db15 atari one set to the lono which turns to micro usb for pc and havent tested yet but is supposed to be ps2/3 compatible. Jave all the parts since i had to down size my home so my pedistol full size custom mod arcade/mame machine with a 50 in plasma display is too big for where imat.
  23. Do you think that if i built one is it possible to have 3 different pinout connected to the switches at the same time but only connected to one system at a time? For instance wire it to a 5200 going to a db15 then at the same time comnect another set of wires to the switches pined out for a ps2 and finally a set connected to the Lono 2 arcade to usb adapter
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