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  1. I played through 3 of the courses you posted so far and left Likes and Stamp Comments on them. I played "Arrid Wiggler Village: Coin Hunt" last week. That one took me a few tries to get the required amount of coins during the timer. It was a well laid out level for that kind of challenge. Today, I finished "Tip of the Hurts" and "Enter Thwomp Summit" and enjoyed both of those courses as well. I started "Higher and Higher" before my lunch break ended. I'll get back to that one and complete it as soon as I can. Thanks again for sharing these!
  2. Very cool. Thanks for posting these! I can't wait to check them out today.
  3. New course uploaded over the weekend. With the news that the Super Mario Maker servers would be permanently shut down on Wii U on March 31, 2021, I had decided to create and upload a few last courses into the old game before that happens. I hadn't spent nearly as much time in the original Super Mario Maker, or created anywhere near the amount of courses that I have on the Switch, but I did enjoy the game very much all the same. So, I created and uploaded a couple of courses earlier this month to show my appreciation of the original. The first course was a simple and original concept that also celebrated the start of a brand New Year, so I had it in mind for also uploading to the Nintendo Switch as soon as an opportunity presented itself. I'm currently working on 2 retro themed courses, neither of which is finished, so this weekend seemed as good a time as any. Since I was very rusty at using the Wii U toolset, I completely neglected creating a sub-world for the course. And so, I fleshed one out in this Nintendo Switch version. The second course I created is a Wii U version of my Power Punch-Out 3!! courses. Since I already have the original and deluxe version in Super Mario Maker 2, there is no reason to upload a copy of this Wii U version at any point, even though it stands on its own as a unique version from the others. One of the things that makes it even more unique is that I was able to use my Little Mac amiibo so that you actually play as Mac throughout the course with the costume mushroom powerup. This not being a feature in Super Mario Maker 2 gives even less reason to copy this course over to the Switch. Original Concepts: Propelling into 2021 (SMM2 NSW) Course ID: 1SL-WC8-04G Description: Enhanced version of a simple course that I created in Super Mario Maker on Wii U at the start of 2021 to get some more courses uploaded to the old game before the server shuts down for good in March. Likes: 3 Played By: 8 Clears: 2 Attempts: 37 Clear Rate: 5.40 First Clear: Potatotos World Record: 0:37.184 (Potatotots) Uploaded: 1/23/2021
  4. New Course uploaded this weekend. I had posted a teaser a few days ago that I was working on a "Deluxe" version of "Mario Maker Kart Quadruple Dash" course now that it had officially crossed the 1,000 Players mark last week. So, I set about creating a completely new and longer "track". This one takes place across 2 Laps, but each Lap is it's own track. The 1st Lap has each player confined to his/her own lane. The 2nd Lap opens this up to a free for all, with the player in the lead car able to leave obstacles behind to slow down opposing players. Recreations of Existing Games (both Retro and Modern) Mario Maker Kart 1000 CC Course ID: 5VV-1XX-TLG Description: Another Mario Kart inspired level designed with multiplayer mode in mind. There are 4 available "karts" (Koopa cars) and the ability to activate an obstacle in your opponent's paths along the track. This course was created to celebrate the milestone of my original "Mario Maker Kart Quadruple Dash" course reaching 1,000 Players. As such, the course is a 2 Lap Championship Cup held in Bowser World. Likes: 3 Played By: 17 Clears: 15 Attempts: 25 Clear Rate: 62.80% First Clear: 1eeeeeerr World Record: 0:41.849 (Se7h) Uploaded: 1/17/2021
  5. This just happened over the weekend. "Mario Maker Kart Quadruple Dash" crossed the 1,000 players mark. So, I'm already working on a deluxe version of the course to commemorate the achievement.
  6. Screenshots from my created courses in Super Mario Maker 2 on Nintendo Switch.
  7. New course uploaded over the weekend. This is another retro inspired recreation. This time, I attempted to recreate the classic arcade and early console game, "Frogger". Just like in my Pac-Man Arcade Deluxe course, I again used the Super Mario World underwater theme and Frog Suit. This aids both with vertical screen navigation, and also stays on theme with crossing the river and playing as "Frogger". I used semisolids to represent the highway and riverbank. I placed enemies on tracks that run back and forth across the highway. After the riverbank, there are more tracks with both "logs" and more enemies running back and forth. The biggest alteration is that Frogger does not get harmed by touching the water when not on the logs (because the whole level is water!). So, in addition to the obstacles moving back and forth, I also put scatter some spike traps in the river. There are 5 homebays. 4 of the homebays have red key coins in them, as well as new Frog Suit in case you took damage along the way. These homebays have a One Way Wall across them to keep the Frog Suit from floating into the river. One of the homebays also has a locked door in it, so save that for last. The locked door takes you back to the start where an On/Off Block is now accessible. This opens the previously blocked pipe in the center homebay that leads to the You Win screen at the end of the course. As far as recreations go, I'm very satisfied with how this one turned out, and it has gotten some nice feedback already. Recreations of Existing Games (both Retro and Modern): Frogger Course ID: 9JL-BLK-XKF Description: Guide 5 Froggers across a busy highway to reach the riverbank. From the river, cross floating logs while avoiding hazards to safely reach the homebays. Likes: 10 Played By: 18 Clears: 11 Attempts: 36 Clear Rate: 30.55% First Clear: Luigi05 World Record: 0:21.001 (Se7h) Uploaded: 1/9/2021
  8. Special Note - The 2nd course that I had mentioned temporarily deleting, "7 Labors of Hercules", has been updated and reuploaded. I redesigned the City Wall Tower at the end of the course which has a Locked Door necessary to pass through to reach the Flagpole and complete the course. In the original upload, I foolishly used bricks down the center of the Tower which crafty players easily exploited to break through to the flagpole without completing the Red Coin challenges to create the required Key. 7 Labors of Hercules Course ID: L0M-X25-GWG Description: The Golden Apples of the Hesperides (Red Coins) have been scattered across ancient Greece. King Eurystheus tasks Hercules to reacquire the apples in order to gain entry to the city of Mycenae and continue on his legendary journeys. 7 Golden Apples were stolen, and so 7 "Labors" must be completed to regain them. *This course was taken down to remove an exploit that allowed the player to break through the City Gate Tower at the end of the course to reach the Flagpole without completing all of the courses challenges required to create the intended Key for the locked door. Course ID and Stats have been updated to the reuploaded version. Likes: 3 Played By: 8 Clears: 1 Attempts: 37 Clear Rate: 2.70% First Clear: Se7h World Record: 17:26.134 (Se7h) Uploaded: 1/2/2021
  9. Special Note. I recently deleted 2 courses from my uploaded course list. Both courses contained unintended exploits that allowed the majority of the course to be skipped to the flagpole without actually playing through the course itself. I didn't recognize these exploits until seeing the insanely short world record times being posted. The most egregious of these was seeing my course "Greatest Hits: The 700 Series" beaten in 3 seconds. The problem here was the direct result of my using a semisolid as part of Mario's house on the opening screen to provide a partial background behind the bricks and windows of the house as I have done on all my course with the "Mario Plays NES" theme. Unfortunately, since this course needed to be combined with Mario Maker Kart Quadruple Dash, the Koopa Car requires the 3D World theme to be used. And in 3D World, there is only 1 variation of semisolid, and it does not allow for anything to cover over the top layer of the semisolid rendering it a permanently exposed section. Not thinking this through, I simply placed the bricks of Mario's house above and below this layer. This left a small Mario sized gap that was able to be used to pass directly through Mario's house to the Warp Box that was intended to be used from the Flagpole jump at the end of the Super Mario Bros 1-1 section of Mario Plays NES Games to the back of Mario's house to obtain the Koopa Car for warping to the Mario Maker Kart Quadruple Dash section of the course. In essence, this resulted in the course being able to be beaten in 3 seconds by passing directly through Mario's house on the opening screen and warping straight to the now open Flagpole jump. I left it as is for a while, but once I started tracking more statistics in this thread, it never looked right as the "fastest World Record" among my courses, since the entire course itself was being skipped. So, I decided to take the course down and tweak the design of Mario's house, so that the exploit was removed. The course has now been reuploaded and I have updated the Course ID and Stats in the Op to reflect the Reuploaded version. The fastest World Record mark among my courses has therefore reverted to the 0.13.194 mark set by ★Lime★ on Defend Yoshi's Island (50s). The 2nd course that I removed for a similar reason was the "7 Labors of Hercules". I have done the necessary tweaks to the course and will reupload it after the New Year. Apologies to anyone who used the exploits to previously defeat or speedrun either of these course. I hope that you will return to complete the intended paths. Greatest Hits: The 700 Series Course ID: 8VK-75B-9GG Description: Celebrating 2 Courses that achieved the milestone of having been played by over 700 different people. Greatest Hits: The 700 Series combines Mario Plays NES Games with Mario Maker Kart Quadruple Dash into a single course. Mario Plays NES Games maintains the core of Mario going home to play a level from "Mario Bros.", "Donkey Kong Jr.", and "Super Mario Bros.". But, the theme has been upgraded from 8 bit to 3D in order to combine with the Super Mario 3D World theme of Mario Maker Kart Quadruple Dash. In addition to this upgrade, the first screen level of Donkey Kong Jr. has been swapped out for a rendition of the 2nd screen with the spring and moving platforms. This was mainly due to the unavailability of vines in the 3D World theme, which the first screen of Donkey Kong Jr heavily utilizes. Most of the vines in this rendition of screen 2 have been represented by Twisters. After finishing the three levels of Mario Plays NES Games, the player is transported to the back of Mario's house to obtain a Koopa Car and then enter the final level, Mario Maker Kart Quadruple Dash. This version has been completely reinvented, but stays true to the spirit of the original and can still be played in multiplayer. *This course was taken down to remove an exploit that allowed the player to pass through the roof of Mario's house and transport directly to the Flagpole without actually playing any of the course. Course ID and Stats have been updated to the reuploaded version. Likes: 4 Played By: 7 Clears: 2 Attempts: 29 Clear Rate: 6.89% First Clear: Se7h World Record: 3:01.098 (tangmaru) Uploaded: 12/28/2020
  10. New course uploaded recently. Having reached the milestone of 1,000 total Likes received as a creator so close to Christmas Day, I decided to create a course in the theme of Christmas that would also double as a celebration of the achievement. Nothing complicated here, but fair warning, if you wander into the toy line of Santa's Workshop, you will find yourself recruited as a permanent toy maker elf. Each house contains a Christmas Card by the tree with Holiday wishes for 6 SMM2 players and creators that have supported my work, for a total of 24 in all. Thanks for all of your comments and support in the game! Original Concepts: Merry Christmas 1K Likes Special Course ID: V1G-LRR-6PG Description: Embrace the giving spirit of Christmas by delivering gifts to your fellow Super Mario Maker 2 players and creators. Start off at the North Pole with a tour through Santa's Workshop. Then, take off in Santa's Sleigh and fly over to a nearby village. Enter the houses through the chimneys and fill the base of the Christmas tree's with gifts. Pass by a snowball fight at the edge of town before hopping back in Santa's Sleigh for a return to the North Pole. This course was also uploaded in celebration of reaching the milestone of 1,000 Likes as a creator. Likes: 9 Played By: 28 Clears: 12 Attempts: 56 Clear Rate: 21.42% First Clear: Bradilaya World Record: 1:05.066 (3 Amigos) Uploaded: 12/18/2020
  11. After seeing that the course had been attempted over 1,500 times since uploading it, I did a quick Google search of "Great Hall of Bowser" to see if my course had been shared somewhere on the internet. Sure enough, a SMM2 player and course creator, LunyRem, uploaded a video to her YouTube channel of her completing the course as she does with many other courses she has played. It's only been viewed around 40 times, but it has been commented on by some other SMM2 players/speedrunners. So, it may have potentially driven some traffic this way, which has been a very pleasant surprise. And, it was pretty cool to see a playthrough of one of my courses on YouTube. Here's the video if anyone wants to check it and see the full course. Great Hall of Bowser 30 sec SR - Super Mario Maker 2 SUPER EXPERT Level Showcase
  12. Thanks for giving it a go and sticking with it. I put in a lot of different hazards and techniques to differentiate it from the average speedrun. Still, I've been wowed by how many plays it has gotten since upload. It's going to have more player attempts on it soon than any of my previous courses (probably already does since last time I checked). I guess speedruns just have an addicting nature to them that makes players more willing to put in repeated attempts where they would normally quit on a different styled course. Anyhow, best of luck. Let me know when you complete it. Originally, the P Switch jumps were later in the course, but then the P Switch bridge was active so long, the bridge itself wasn't a challenge anymore. With them at the front of the course, it's really tight to get on and off the bridge before it deactivates. You have to be jumping off already before you get to the edge of it, because it won't be there anymore.
  13. New Course uploaded this weekend. I've been dabbling with some course types that I have not previously done before, and this weekend I was inspired to do my first ever "puzzle/quiz" type course. I've seen a lot of "choose which one is different" picture courses, and other similar ideas, but I wanted to put my own unique spin on the concept. So, I came up with the idea of being able to play 21 Blackjack. I had to modify the rules a bit in order to meet the restrictions on # of parts that could be used. So, the player and dealer will only be able to draw 1 additional card after the first 2 cards have been dealt. There is no option to "Split" or get "Insurance" either. I was able to work enough with the parts restriction to create 4 separate hands followed by a bonus minigame. I included 2 checkpoints, so that it wouldn't get tedious having to redo earlier hands if you bust on a later hand. I created my own deck with 4 different suits (Note Block, ? Block, POW Block, & Cloud), and the numbers and face cards represented by various powerups and enemies. For example, 2 Bob-ombs would represent the #2, 3 Goombas would represent the #3, etc., a 10 Coin represents the #10, I used Lemmy and Wendy for Jack and Queen face cards, and 1Ups for Aces. All in all, I'm happy with how this one turned out. Original Concepts: 21 Blackjack Course ID: BWM-87S-TXG Description: Play 4 hands of 21 Blackjack against 4 different dealers. The player is dealt 2 cards and can only see 1 of the dealer's cards face up. The player can than choose to "Hold" (Stand) with his/her 2 cards. Or, the player can "Hit" and receive an additional card. The dealer will then show his 2nd card. If the sum of the dealer's first 2 cards is lower than 17, the dealer will take an additional card (unless the player has already busted). After winning 4 successful rounds, the player will be asked to make a wager on 2 final bonus cards. The player must choose whether or not to place a "Max Bet" before seeing the cards. Do you have what it takes to beat the 4 dealers and successfully take home the winnings? Good luck! Likes: 3 Played By: 8 Clears: 7 Attempts: 27 Clear Rate: 25.92% First Clear: edison()[] World Record: 0:35.095 Uploaded: 12/7/2020
  14. 2 New Courses created and uploaded over the Thanksgiving holiday. The first of the two courses is dedicated to Softlocks, and therefore is aptly named "Softlock City". After seeing and experiencing Softlocks in other creators levels, both intentional and unintentional, I was mischievously inspired to create an entire course around softlocks. It is worth noting that I purposely chose not to exploit the use of Hidden (Kaizo) Blocks to create any of my softlocks. I wanted everything to be in plain sight, while still luring the player into the traps. The 2nd course is my first ever attempt at creating a speedrun. While thinking of what setting I wanted to use, I settled on one with a lava floor. This idea led me to return to the ornate Bowser's castle them I utilitzed for my "The Great Hall of Bowser" course. Reusing that theme while changing up the layout to accommodate a full speedrun, I appropriately named the course "The Great Hall of Bowser 30 sec SR". Original Concepts: Softlock City Course ID: NVL-3B2-CMF Description: A course dedicated to Softlocks. Mario arrives in Softlock City and must navigate a myriad of hazards and deadends, many of which have no escape once the wrong path has been ventured. There are a total of 8 course designed softlocks. All softlocks have a hazard available rather than a forced restart or timeout. Welcome to Softlock City. Population: You. Likes: 14 Played By: 42 Clears: 7 Attempts: 187 Clear Rate: 3.74% First Clear: BrownBird World Record: 0:31.700 (★☆Mr.Fire™) Uploaded: 11/26/2020 Original Concepts: Great Hall of Bowser 30 sec SR Course ID: BTD-R4N-T1H Description: My first attempt at a speedrun course. Revisit "The Great Hall of Bowser" which was previously explored in another course. The layout is not the same, but the aesthetic of the courses inspiration is present. So, the speedrun can be considered to take place in another area of Bowser's fortress near "The Great Hall". There are 30 seconds on the timer, and the timer itself is not that tight. The course opens with 2 P-Switch jumps, followed by falling platforms, swinging claws, Koopa assisted jumps, a row of Thwomps, a parakoopa assisted jump, a spring, and finishes with a required POW Block hit, and some On/Off Switch platforms. Likes: 15 Played By: 32 Clears: 11 Attempts: 583 Clear Rate: 1.88% First Clear: TheThorik World Record: 0:21.065 Uploaded: 11/28/2020
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