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  1. I wasn't the one who mentioned bankruptcy. I was adding to the joke of casting actors for an Ataribox documentary.
  2. Bruce Willis would probably be willing to play "Hands in Pants Guy" just for a paycheck.
  3. Glad to have surprised you! And, glad that you had the persistence to try other paths. Until you just mentioned it, I hadn't even thought about the fact that the slide from the uppermost path cuts you off from ever reaching the Hall of Fame since it drops you directly onto the Flagpole. Oops! That slide actually wasn't in the original Wii U course. I added it in to the Switch version when I was stretching out the end sequence to fit the Hall of Fame entrance door and exit pipe in. There's a Squirrel Suit in the very top left of the course that makes the middle path accessible as well. Now, I'm wondering how many people missed the Hall of Fame area due to the lower path being trolly and the middle path requiring an out of the way powerup.
  4. Sure thing! I was happy to use the opportunity to thank you and all the other players and creators who have most supported my work in the game by playing and liking my courses. Which path did you take?
  5. On Saturday, June 20, 2020, I reached a personally significant milestone as a course creator on Super Mario Maker 2. I finally crossed the threshold of 500+ Likes and 5,000+ Maker Points. I have seen other creators that I follow create "Thank You", or "Celebration" courses when they achieve personally significant milestones, and so I wanted to do the same. Rather than throw together a simple or "Refreshing" course as I have seen, I thought this was a good opportunity to re-upload the first course I ever created in Super Mario Maker on Wii U. The spirit of the original level remains intact with some aesthetic design additions as well as tweaks to the flagpole sequence. The most notable addition was a "Hall of Fame" area for thanking the other creators and players who have given me the most support in Super Mario Maker 2 and most helped me achieve these milestones. Thanks to everyone here at Atari Age who have played and liked or commented on any of my levels whether I named you directly in the "Hall of Fame" or not. Original Concepts: Up, Over, or Under (5000MP Party) Course ID: VY9-PL7-WRG Description: Celebrating crossing the 500 Likes and 5000 Maker Points plateau by re-uploading the 1st course that I ever made in Super Mario Maker on Wii U. This is a very short course featuring 3 different paths to the flagpole. You have a choice of going Up, Over, or Under as the course name implies. The first jump can be tricky for those not used to bouncing of enemies to extend jumps, and one of the paths is trolly. Since this was my first ever level, I was experimenting. You will notice a free Key at the Start. You can take this to the end of the course and enter the "Hall of Fame" room where I personally thank 16 different Mario Maker Creators and players for their support of my courses. Maybe you are featured here? Likes: 8 Played By: 11 Clears: 7 Attempts: 100 Clear Rate: 7.00% World Record: 0:22.260 (milly!) Uploaded: 6/21/2020
  6. Here's a new course I uploaded yesterday. I'm not sure what got the idea into my head. I guess I was thinking about how many minigames I could possibly cram into the same level, and it made me want to do a version of Action 52 where some of the games would be glitched, unplayable, or have softlocks. Due to the limitation on transporting Pipes and Doors, I was able to create 16 games accessed from the start screen and a sub start screen laid out the same as the start screen. By using a P-Switch to the right of the main start screen, I was able to add a 17th game. And then doing the same with the sub start screen, but moving this start screen over one screen, I was able to create P-Switch accessible minigames to the left and right for a total of 19 games. The last game is behind a locked door and can only be accessed by creating a Key from 9 Key Coins distributed throughout the other minigames. Once you know which 9 minigames contain the Key Coins, you can avoid the other minigames (some of which are purposely broken anyway, but only one of which kills you instantly). This is my first ever course to successfully feature a Recyclable Checkpoint. Meaning, you can save your progress after every successful Key Coin collection. (I had originally attempted this in my Mega Man Returns course, but I didn't understand how it worked at the time.) I also added a Powerup Mushroom to the Checkpoint, which means you can power up every time you save your progress. Not all of the minigames are designed to be traversed while powered up, so you will have to take intentional damage upon entering some of the minigames in order to progress. Because of the Recyclable Checkpoint, I had to beat the course from start to finish without dying 3 times to upload the course. Recreations of Existing Games (both Retro and Modern): Action 19 Course ID: 1Y7-7FP-DLF Description: 1 Course. 19 Games. Unlimited Saves (use the Blue Checkpoint Pipe often). This is my homage to Action 52 on the NES featuring a collection of barely functioning games with mostly broken mechanics. The first 18 games are "Ricochet", "Splat", "Crystal Cave", "Mister Claw", "Dante's Mineshaft", "Tank", "Fortress of Solitude", "Wholly Moley", "Mister Roboto", "Booby Trap", "Bouncy Castle", "Doctor Livingstone", "Head in the Clouds", "Crush", "Bomb Squad", "Treasure Vault", "Star Battle", "Arctic Escape". "Cheetahmen III" is the 19th game which must be unlocked to be played. Likes: 2 Played By: 9 Clears: 1 Attempts: 52 Clear Rate: 1.92% World Record: 16:21.681 (milly!) Uploaded: 6/15/2020
  7. Downland1983

    NES in Virtual Reality

    NES games in Virtual Reality using 3DVRSEN
  8. New course uploaded over the weekend. This is another "Deluxe" version of one of my previous courses. It utilizes the Super Mario Bros. 3 Underwater theme in conjunction with the Frog Suit Power-up that I have seen other creators use for a more fluid recreation of Pac-Man. Deluxe Versions of Previously Uploaded Courses: Pac-Man Arcade Deluxe Course ID: C0S-QXV-F0H Description: This is a recreation of my previous Pac-Man Arcade course. After the Version 3.0 update added the Frog Suit and other power-up items to the game, I noticed that some creators were using this in combination with the underwater theme for their Pac-Man themed courses. (Prior to the update, I had seen one creator use vines for easier upward mobility, and other creators crafting smaller mazes.) It makes the maze so much easier to navigate and feels more like Pac-Man, so I decided to give my Pac-Man Arcade course the Deluxe update treatment as well. I added a new Title Screen, through in some bezel artwork over the top and down the right side of the maze, and an end screen art of Pac-Man with Ms. Pac-Man. The rest of the course design remains true to the arcade in terms of maze layout, 240 pellets, 4 power pellets, 4 ghosts, and 1-Ups serving as the Fruit. I first saw the Underwater/Frog Suit combo used as a mechanic for a Pac-Man level in a course created by Jaky20. While I was working on updating my course, I saw the same combination used by milly! . Accordingly, I credited both creators in the description of my course for the inspiration. They both incorporated Pac-Man music into their courses, which is an extremely nice touch. I'm still studying how to create music in Super Mario Maker 2, so that is a step beyond where my current creation skills are at for the time being. I highly recommend both creators if you want to check out their courses. Jaky20 's Pac-Man course ID is: K4D-GW2-YRF & milly! 's Pac-Man course ID is: 55L-HM5-V1H Likes: 7 Played By: 13 Clears: 12 Attempts: 16 Clear Rate: 75.00% World Record: 0:57.516 (Jaky20) Uploaded: 6/6/2020
  9. Examined and tested a few of my games yesterday (counted my physical collection at 40 games). Here's what I found: No Pinholes: Nintendo Land Madden 13 Super Mario 3D World Pinhole: Super Mario Bros. U Yoshi's Wooly World Super Mario Maker 2 I think I am remembering that right from yesterday afternoon. Regardless, not all of the disks had them for sure. And there didn't seem to be any correlation to age of the disks, and the pinhole being present. Nintendo Land and Madden 13 are some of my oldest games, and they did not have any pinhole, but Super Mario Bros. U which was just as old did. All of the games booted up and went into gameplay as normal with zero issues regardless of whether the disk had a pinhole or not. Most were a single pinhole, but the Yoshi's Wooly World appeared to be a double pinhole (2 pinholes extremely close together so that they converged). Again, Yoshi's Wooly World gave no trouble booting and entering into gameplay despite having a larger pinhole than the others. I can check more, but I am of the opinion that the pinholes were there the whole time, and did not just suddenly appear later. The holes are in a very specific area on all disks they are present on, and there is no indication of flaking on the top of the disks or new pinholes starting to wear through.
  10. I have a pretty extensive Wii U collection. I'll have to check my disks tonight. I've never had an issue with loading one of them. I don't use the system nearly as much as I used to since the Switch came out. But since Madden 13 is the only football game on either system, I've literally logged thousands of hours into it between 2012-2020. My best friend would come over most Friday nights (pre-pandemic), and we have played several years of franchise mode together through a number of different teams. I also recently booted up and played Super Mario Maker with no issues while I was copying one of my courses from there over to Super Mario Maker 2 on my Switch. I'll check for those pinholes and do a boot of each disk and post results.
  11. New course uploaded last night and updated to OP. This is my second and final entry in my "Easy Mode" series. It's a redo of my "Smurf Rescue (Coleco Vision) course. Enemies (bats and spiders) have been removed since they do not appear in the first playthrough of "Smurf: Rescue in Gargamel's Castle" by Coleco on Skill Level 1. The Plains offer less difficult jumps, and now Gargamel's Castle in the background on the second stretch of the Plains is no longer an obstruction to your jumps. Even though this is an "easy" version that can be breezed through, just like in my "Dragon Fire Returns (Easy Mode)" course, I still couldn't help but add something for the more completionist/hardcore gamer. There is a completely optional Red Coin Challenge present here as well that also leads to the "True/Top of Flagpole Ending". Easy Versions of Previously Uploaded Courses: Smurf Rescue Coleco (Easy Mode) Course ID: TYC-83W-7NF Description: This is a recreation of my version of "Smurf: Rescue in Gargamel's Castle" as if played on Skill Level 1 on Coleco Vision. Smurfette has been kidnapped by Gargamel again. Your Smurf must still leave Smurf Village and travel through a forest and cave to reach Gargamel's Castle to rescue her, but this time there are less difficult jumps, no bats, and no spiders. Two checkpoints have been added. I also added springs before each jump. But you only need to use the springs if you intend to collect the Red Coins which are necessary only for the completely optional "True Ending". Likes: 1 Played By: 4 Clears: 2 Attempts: 14 Clear Rate: 14.28% World Record: 1:04.030 (kirbyboiYT) Uploaded: 6/1/2020
  12. Yeah, I wondered about that too. But, I guess they didn't feel the need to implement it since each creator can only upload 1 World. Yes, I completed all of them. I didn't find all of the shortcuts that Jo Li KMC did though.
  13. Played through your Super World last night. Fun and creative courses with nice use of the theme. I left a Like on all of them.
  14. Sounds cool. I'll check that out later today. Thanks!
  15. New course uploaded over Memorial Day Weekend. This is actually an "Easy Mode" version of my "Dragon Fire Returns" course. Ironically, at the moment, it has a similarly low clear rate to the "harder" version. I'm planning to add an easier version of my "Smurf Rescue (Coleco Vision) to this series as well, but have no plans to take the series further than that. I just wanted to take the 2 games that I had recreated utilizing their most difficult hazards and offer alternate versions at their lowest difficulty for contrast. Easy Versions of Previously Uploaded Courses: Dragon Fire Returns (Easy Mode) Course ID: 85R-2H1-M9G Description: This is a remake of my "Dragon Fire Returns" course at an easier level. There are still 3 drawbridges and treasure vaults, but the drawbridges do not have added hazards on subsequent crossings. Also, 2 checkpoints have been added after the completion of the first and second drawbridges. For completionists, there are Red Coins to collect which will open a True Ending path to the top of the Flagpole, but this is not required to beat the course. Likes: 1 Played By: 5 Clears: 2 Attempts: 15 Clear Rate: 2.79% World Record: 0:52.834 (Jaky20) Uploaded: 5/24/2020
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