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  1. This isn't exactly true though. At the Amico's pricepoint, it has boxed itself into a corner that anything that costs that range of money is a competitor. The average family only has so much money to shell out for a high priced luxury entertainment item in a given year. The Amico really needed to come out on its original launch date last year when a large number of consumers were on lockdown and freely spending their stimulus checks (see last year's phenomenal Switch sales). Now, Nintendo is already releasing a new model (OLED) with preorders sold out, Valve has the Steam Deck coming out (also sold out), and a large number of people are still trying to get their hands on PS5's and XBox Series X/S. Whatever mass market chance the Amico had, probably would have seen its best chance last year. I really think that at its current price point, by the time it releases, its going to be lost in the noise of other high value entertainment options already on the market with a much higher profile.
  2. Yes, I am aware that a console that was supposed to be released in 2020 is in the modern console section, as it should be.
  3. My best friend had NFL Football, which was the first NES football game to have the NFL license. I remember being particularly disappointed with it. If I recall the passing game was awful. We got a lot more fun out of Tecmo Bowl, which came out at the same time. While Tecmo Bowl didn't carry the NFL license, it did have the license for player names from the NFLPA (which NFL Football ironically did not), and the gameplay was just altogether superior.
  4. I wasn't the one who brought up the poll, or pointed to a lack of Intellivision forum posters in the Amico forum as some kind of proof that the Amico is not perceived as a retro enthusiasts console. I would, however, point to the fact that a largely retro enthusiast website was chosen as "the homebase" for Amico discussions by the Intellivision Amico team. And, the most hype for the system on YouTube appears to be coming from retro enthusiast channels. So, you tell me which demographic it clearly has the wider appeal with.
  5. Since it's currently 2021, if the most desired games on the console are versions of games originating from 1977-1987, that pretty much pegs it as a retro enthusiast console. I am well aware of there being games developed outside of that spectrum that are supposed to bring in a wider audience. But the poll that was brought up earlier shows that the majority of people on this site who have an interest in the console are by far more interested in the retro fare, whether they are frequent posters in the Intellivision section of the website or not. As you pointed out, reimagined versions of games from the early 80's would appeal to those who grew up with Atari 2600, ColecoVision, and other consoles of that era as well. So, saying that there isn't much cross-pollination between the Intellivision forums and Amico forums doesn't really do anything to disprove that the Amico might be more sought after by retro enthusiasts than anyone else.
  6. The people who would be more interested in an updated version of a retro game over a completely new game, are people who played/loved those retro games.
  7. The poll that was mentioned in this thread does not bare that out though. It seems the people on this site who are interested in the Amico and voted in that poll are overwhelming (75.56%) more interested in the classic games than in playing new IPs (14.81%) on the console. 2. What type of game are you most interested in for the Amico? Classics reimagined 102 New IPs 20
  8. I didn't even know about that until yesterday, but it was interesting to see that he called anyone who mentioned the low score (2.5) he gave Super Smash Brothers on Gamecube a liar and that he never gave it that score. Meanwhile, a video of the review has been found which proved everyone who remembered the score correct and that Tommy Tallarico was actually the one lying. I'm not a Smash Brothers player mind you (I had the first one on N64, but never got into it as a series), so I couldn't care less either way. But, don't outright call people liars who remember you gave an unpopular opinion on something. Either stand by your judgement, or say that your opinion changed over time, which would be completely valid. And if you don't remember what score you actually gave, then just say "I don't remember saying that". But, don't go to the absolute extreme of calling people liars, haters, and trolls for remembering correctly just because you don't think the actual review would ever be found to prove you wrong. It's that pattern of behavior that puts off casual observers, and makes others wary of trusting anything else he says as "the truth".
  9. Not a single Amico has been released yet, so Ben Kenobi's "certain point of view" doesn't work in this instance. There are posts in this forum that are bashing any article written in 2021 that reference the Amico as a crowdfunded console. The posters literally say "article is trash because they can't even get simple facts right about the Amico's funding". If some Amico's had been produced and released without any crowdfunding, then you could say that it wasn't a crowdfunded console initially. But, whatever timeline you want to put on it, it's being crowdfunded now. No one is a "troll" or "hater" for saying it. If IE thought there was a stigma associated with crowdfunding that they desperately wanted to avoid, they probably should have gotten a run of units manufactured and shipped before going the crowdfunding route in the first place.
  10. I don't think Topps had any say in it though. Topps reportedly paid out $20m in licensing fees to the MLBPA last year and were the MLBPA's largest source of licensing revenue. But, Fanatics offered an equity stake to MLB, MLBPA, NBA, NBPA and the NFLPA in order to swoop in gain exclusivity from all 3 sports. And apparently, the MLB had been in secret negotiations with Fanatics for months and didn't even inform Topps (who holds exclusive MLB rights until 2025) until about 2 weeks ago. So, it sounds like the MLB was planning to dump Topps at the end of this contract as soon as Fanatics began courting them.
  11. The Coleco Adam trifecta, but ouch at the price! ColecoAdam Arcade Super Game Pack Full Set CIB Donkey Kong Donkey Kong Jr Zaxxon I have Donkey Kong Jr and Zaxxon, but not looking to spend $1K+ to complete the set.
  12. I'm definitely going to be picking it up when it releases. I have a few games in the series, although the only 1 that I got so hooked on that I played it start to finish without getting sidetracked by other games was SMT Devil Survivor Overclocked on 3DS. I think it helped that I had a days long power outage due to Hurricane Irene just after that 3DS enhanced port released in 2011. So, I was playing a lot of 3DS at home with no TV or console games to distract me. Not to say that's the only reason I enjoyed the game though, far from it. I also have Devil Summoner Soul Hackers and Shin Megami Tensei IV on 3DS, which I started but haven't gotten back to finishing yet. And, I also started the SMT III Nocturne remaster on Switch recently.
  13. Wow, so according to that Panini is out of their deals with the NFL and NBA as well, since all 3 sports are exclusively going to Fanatics when the current licensing deals expire 2025-2026. On the subject, I've been collecting football cards on and off since I was a kid. I used to buy the packs at the corner stars and collect as many players as I could. But as I got older, I started to only work on team sets for the Pittsburgh Steelers, my lifelong favorite team. My collection was pretty scattered across the years having been originally built on cards my older brother had from the late 70's to early 80's when he was collecting, to the late 80's - early 90's when I started seriously collecting as a teen, and then sporadic team sets I bought off ebay as I got older. Every now and then, I would go to ebay to fill in holes in previous sets and buy full team sets from years I missed to catch up. And then about a year ago, I suddenly had the urge to try and form a complete team history collection which would comprise of at least 1 full team set per year from every year Steelers cards were printed (1935, 1948, 1950-present). I'm pretty close to reaching my goal, despite having gone down a rabbit hole of card collecting, picking-up Kellogg's 3D cards, Wonder Bread cards, and even Glendale (1969) and Sonoco (1972) stamps along the way. So, it wasn't until just recently that I even knew Topps had lost the NFL license back in 2016 when Panini gained exclusivity. And, now it looks like I'll be collecting Fanatics cards in a few years.
  14. I don't recall Macy's, because my family didn't shop there as much as JC Penney and Sears back then. But they must have, because I found this picture of a Macy's Star Wars toy section. I also do remember the toy department in J.C. Penney though. Mine had it down the leftside wall as soon as you entered the store. VHS rentals were on the second floor. There was also a restaurant at the entrance that my family used to have dinner at before shopping. That's long gone as well though. It's been a hair salon ever since. The JC Penney itself is still there. My wife and I still shop there from time to time. I usually pick-up a retro t-shirt or 2. I also remember Sears selling video games specifically, because that's where we bought Super Mario Bros 3 when it released.
  15. Ah, I missed your original question of being tied to whether or not the threat had anything to do with the retailer carrying competitors. No, the threat itself was specifically WoW withholding Teddy Ruxpin and Laser Tag (the hot retail items at the time) from stores who weren't interested in placing orders for the NES.
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