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  1. That's because it's "GI Joe: A Real American Hero" for the NES by Taxan. I don't know why so many YouTuber's list their videos from that game as being on "SNES". There were 2 GI Joe games on NES. This one by Taxan released in 1991, and "GI Joe: The Atlantis Factor" by Capcom released in 1992. But, there weren't any GI Joe games on the SNES at all.
  2. Donkey Kong Jr. (Screen 1 Challenge) - 22,100 points Neat challenge. Reminds of the stuff James Rolfe & Mike Matei have been doing on James & Mike Monday's recently.
  3. GI Joe (the arcade game) was 1992, so I guess that would be wishful thinking. Seriously though, it should go however far the hardware implemented allows it to go while retaining the arcade perfect quality you are aiming for.
  4. Wow, that Adam box Zaxxon has a $200 bid on it?
  5. The back of box picture in the listing shows "Package 2012 Collectorvision" in the bottom left corner if you hover the mouse over the picture to zoom.
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