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  1. New original titles. I'm personally burned out on Video Game Karaoke. Is yet another (lesser) version of any classic game really necessary? With RetroPie, or MAME, or Mister...we can play the actual ROM versions at home now. Something original with a new game design and mechanic. Preferably something for the trackball controller which is under served. Something NEW and exclusive which plays off of the strengths of the system.
  2. Because you're the authority on cool? lol
  3. For me this is the equivalent of receiving a new title for the TI-99/4A. One which I find interesting. This makes me want to compare and contrast with the Coleco version as well. Thank you for the manual. This is a really great initiative.
  4. That worked! After a system reset that file works under EA5! Onward to see if I can get Fred Kaal's utility Module Creator 2.0 to make me a .bin for the FlashGROM99. Edit: YES! The resulting EA3-to-EA5 conversion resulted in three files (ENKA,ENKB,ENKC) which fed into Fred Kaal's Module Creator 2.0 properly! I have a working cartridge binary!!! Yes! Who knew seeing your own title appear as option #2 on the TI Boot/Menu screen would be so exciting? Grateful for: @HOME AUTOMATION, @Lee Stewart, @Tursi, @apersson850, @senior_falcon, @PeteE, @Asmusr, @mizapf, @GDMike. Great team effort guys! THANK YOU!!
  5. @HOME AUTOMATION has been very helpful so no, I will not overlook his comments. Welcoming any and all comments at this point! As you say, I do indeed have code starting at the (newly renamed) label SFIRST. As mentioned earlier this label name works with the EA SAVE routine, E/A manual, 24.5, p.420. Before SFIRST I have multiple EQU, DATA, and BYTE's in order to set things up. I'll try inserting "B @SFIRST" as the very first line like so: EDIT: Adding this first line of code did not change the situation with the (screen) name table at >0000 reading all blank character >20s, after a system reset and EA5 option selected.
  6. After using (F1) I took this snapshot of the code running which appears to be familiar as this code involves moving one my enemy vehicles: @Tursi, the program appears to be running yet I cannot see the playfield due to the (screen) name table being all blanks?
  7. The name table is fine on EA5 without a system reset. After the reset it seems blank? Here's the pattern table at >2000 after system reset... This part seems alright.
  8. Hmm...not sure what I’d be looking for here. What exactly would one expect to change?
  9. I’m only making an EA5 as an intermediary step towards making a cartridge ROM. Basically, I want to test my game using FinalGROM99. It’d also be a kick to cut a cartridge when it’s finished.
  10. Perhaps I need to return the conversation towards the notion of headers? I have not tried PeteE's header initiative. Will in the AM...
  11. Interrupts are turned off and left off the entire game. KSCAN is not used. Wanting to preserve the scratchpad. Not using any console routines.
  12. Here's while running the game under EA3 While running via EA5, and before a Classic99 Cold Reset. Note: I used the EA disk SAVE utility to convert it from EA3 to EA5. The game ran fine here as if the EA5 conversion was successful. While running via EA5, after a Cold Reset of Classic99. The game locked up into a black screen with a few seemingly random characters. Is this what you mean by looking at the VDP registers?
  13. Wilco! You’ve been helpful in the past so going to try that now.
  14. Correct. Safe to assume my VDP registers are not the issue then?
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