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  1. Guy's just trying to make a buck before Christmas. I recently purchased an entire library of several Atari ST magazines in pdf from eBay. Much easier paying a few bucks than tracking them all down and downloading them myself. He's marketing convenience.
  2. You live and eat in the dorms -- no hotels. I believe $350 total is all I paid for the event and five nights billeting in the dorms. Price includes three meals a day!
  3. For details on KansasFest 2020, twitter: @kansasfest I just found this regarding ticket sales for the 2020 event: Posted Tue, Oct. 1st 2019 in News KansasFest 2020 will be July 21-26. Look for registration details around January. But, you don’t need to wait that long to relive KansasFest 2019 sessions. Please enjoy our videos, session archives, and HackFest archives.
  4. One guy came from France. Another from Australia. A few from Canada and at least one from the UK. Several drove from the east coast. I met a few NASA guys from Houston. Several came from the SF Bay Area. Turns out Kansas City is in the middle of the Universe.
  5. I believe I purchased my tickets for the 2019 event in the spring of 2019? I was early. I'm not aware of KansasFest 2020 tickets being sold right now at all. I'll ask and post my findings. The 2020 event dates are July 21-26. It'd be great to have more TI-99/4 folks there...great! The Rockhurst University dorm had extra rooms this year as the crowd was about 85. That's at least 25 less than they've had in recent years -- same facility. They are definitely not experiencing peak attendance these days. This reply seems oddly short...as they were open to a TI-99/4A presentation for 2020. I mentioned it on their post attendance feedback form. Peter's reply here is more cautious than definitive. EDIT: Tickets for the 2020 event won't even go on sale until January 2020. How's the space nearly full? Reading between the lines I'd say he's being cautious. They have a great Apple // event and probably don't want it turned into anything too non-Apple. I'd like to offer encouragement on this plan because everyone there (I met and talked with dozens) seemed interested when I mentioned I was a "TI-99/4 guy." I ran into retro Mac people as well as a big time CoCo programmer. Even a few Atari-800 guys...lots of non-Apple specific podcasters too: Jason Scott (archive.org), Kevin Savitz (Antic Podcast), Joe's Computer Museum on YouTube, etc. The tickets are always sold on a first come first serve basis. I'm not aware of any annual reservations. The 2019 event was not sold out to my knowledge. I did notice a few empty looking dorms. They do seem to have a very busy presentation/workshop schedule. It's my understanding they are still building the schedule for 2020 and will continue to do so for months -- maybe 6 more months? There we're random events each evening. More than enough time to slip in some daily TI-99/4 tomfoolery. "There might not be enough space" has me thinking this is an inaccurate statement. Here's how it works guys: All the interested players purchase tickets to KansasFest 2020 and we meet up at the event! Before we go we offer to do a presentation. We can be a special interest group within a special interest group. The event is awesome and open to anyone interested. I agree with FarmerPotato that this would be an excellent venue to meet up with like-minded TI-99/4 fans....whom also have curiosity regarding the Apple // and all things retro. It's the ultimate retro computing kitchen hall pass. Think the film OLD SCHOOL but even nerdier. Cost was far less than one would expect to pay to stay in a Motel-6. The dorms are comfortable and the food was good. It's an awesome value.
  6. Seems right. NanoPEB....TIPI....FlashGROM99...Matt's 32K....all giving us relatively inexpensive NEW options.
  7. Via this link https://team-europe.blogspot.com/2019/05/flashcartsmulticarts-for-tomy.html I asked around and discovered the following: The Tutor's entire library consists of 28 games which fit on a 8/16kb cartridge, and four others which require a 32k cart. Team Europe's Prices as of 12/01/2019:
  8. TI 99/4A CORCOMP CC9900 MICRO EXPANSION SYSTEM WORKING RARE TEXAS INSTRUMENTS $249 BUY IT NOW available https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F174113410103
  9. In the TI-99/4 community eight people just may constitute a majority.
  10. I just sold my TI-Writer binder, cart and diskette on eBay.
  11. Since when did having a point stop any of us from doing anything TI related?
  12. Just download this issue and WOW! Flight bliss! THANK YOU Sparkdrummer!
  13. Worse than Intellivision joypad but not as bad as the 5200 analog nightmare.
  14. Back in early 1997 Zach told me he had "so much TI stuff I don't even know what's in there." He added, "I wish I had someone knowledgable on TI to come visit Waterloo to help me figure out what all I have." He never offered payment for such a trip so I ignored his statement. My take away from that conversation was that he had very little idea of what it was he was selling. He asked me what an Assembler/Editor was for, etc. The final thing he said that made me want to go up there and snoop around was, "After a few years of selling I've only sold maybe 5% of everything TI related in the lot." Wow. Safe to say there's a lot of NOS remaining.
  15. My big question is how did all of that hardware end up in such a remote location as Waterloo, Iowa? Dhines was some regional distribution center apparently. How? Why didn’t the original owner liquidate it to then file for losses on his taxes? It’s an amazing haul for Zach. Good for him! People get in a huff over his prices but he’s simply selling items at what he can get. I paid $49 for a NOS E/A package which was Unobtanium elsewhere. They’re down to $39 now. Was kind of fun to open a pristine 1980s sealed package. He probably sold the NOS PEBs for less than he could have.
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