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  1. Last time I was there, which was last week, they had one.
  2. It's digital press! They are hands down the best prices. They seem like they are one of the only retro game stores that are not money obsessed.
  3. The game library I am not that familiar with. What are the best games? Please, no games more expensive than $20. And I am buying a European controller because my retro game store sells them with American controllers.
  4. I don't know much about the atari 7800. My retro game store is selling them for $65 with all cables, a game and a controller that all work. Should I pick it up? And, what are the best games? I already have a bunch of atari 2600 games, and I have NOTHING atari 7800 related. I am only 11, and I am very new to the forums. Oh, and one more thing. "Have you played atari today"?
  5. What is the rarest version of the atari 2600? I have a six switch woody and it is a heavy sixer. Please do not tell me versions that were not released to public and no unlicensed consoles like the coleco Gemini. I am also curious about the tele games, and please tell me how rare it is. I have seen it twice.
  6. Any mods to any system that do not require making my console look like a Chinese bootleg version of a system with extra external stuff I don't mind. Oh, and one more thing about the atari 5200. How big is the 4 controller port version and are there any other differences between the 4 port and the 2 port besides the controller ports? This forum is awesome and people on the forums are very nice and friendly.
  7. Thanks! I will pick them up in the event I get one. And, I am not a fan of multicast because bootleg stuff to me goes in the garbage. And multicarts in my opinion are bootleg. Because they aren't officially licensed.
  8. No matter where I look not on online websites, I NEVER SEEN ONE. I have seen the box and controller and a couple of games in person, but never I have seen a console in person. Thank you for the suggestion though. I always check garage sales.
  9. Thank you! I personally don't like mods because for one I don't have the skills and two if I fail, I wasted a ton of money. Lastly, I think mods kind of ruin the esthetics and for a system like the 5200, you are endangering the stock 5200 systems even more. I love the atari 2600. I will look into the 8 bit atari computer. Thank you guys for your help!
  10. What are the best 5200 games and how much do they cost on average? I am looking for games $20 and under. Nothing more expensive.
  11. I am only an 11 year old and I picked up a heavy sixer woody atari 2600. My mind is set on the 5200. They seem pretty expensive. How much will a working atari 5200 with all the cables, a working controller and the 4 controller port version cost on average? I will make another post about which games are best. I am an atari noob and only own an atari flashback 3 and an atari 2600 heavy sixer woody.
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