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  1. Parker games was also releasead in Brazil and they´re relatively common. Comando Noturno is not that hard to find here The rarest game here is called Missão Impossivel/Viagem Programada ( Mission Impossible/ Scheduled Trip)
  2. You also can joy our WhatsApp group, since you seems to be an Odyssey fan
  3. Well, You can try some new releases😉: http://videopac.fr/ http://www.2600connection.com/features/features.html http://www.ataricompendium.com/game_library/classifieds/o2carts.html
  4. There are some exceptions like Backgammon, 4 in a Row, Air Battle...
  5. Colocou minha música favorita na abertura, merece um joinha. (Put my favorite song in the opening, deserves a thumbs up.)
  6. VP 59 is something like Choplifter meets Battlezone. Check my video:
  7. Today is the premiere of the new Odyssey website: Odyssey Experience. The site was developed by our friend Ricardo Silva, who was also the one who developed the cover of Haunted Woods! Ricardo is one of the biggest fans of the console I've had the pleasure to meet, is one of the few people whose eyes sparkle when he hears the word Odyssey and the result is reflected in the caprice and beauty of the site. At the moment the site is only in Portuguese, but it is worth taking a look. One of the highlights are the Odyssey commercials including one of my favorites, Turtles! www.experienciaodyssey.com.br
  8. Scott, It's quite sad to read about one of the most active members of the Odyssey community (which is already so small). I hope you can be well as soon as possible and have fun again with Odyssey.
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