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  1. Ok then ignore the add I just sent as black0panther. I'm like 102 or so on the list already. Thanks!
  2. I'm already on the initial list? Do I need to do anything more as in the wait list posted on this topic. If so please let me know.
  3. So where do we pre-order? Seeing the list is no longer in use? Will PayPal be accepted?
  4. So how do we pre order this or just keep waiting? So confusing..
  5. I understand what you are saying. Wont argue much. But just watch. Soon S they leave his hands. People will be asking double or triple the price. It's only a matter of time. Been duped before with stuff like this in the past. Direction it's going. Very well may happen again. Soon as some jerk on YouTube like metal Jesus says they are great. Watch prices skyrocket because collectors feel they should now triple the price. .....
  6. So sitting on the waiting list for 2 years now did me crap. Also now going to 3rd party vendors or people now who can adjust the price to fit there best intrests resell. 100% not liking where this is going. With other people selling them. There will be price increases. Do you not realize this. They will charge people more because they know they can. Been gaming since atari 2600 days. Soon as its seen hard to find or rare or limited. The price tripples. Kind of pissed off after waiting patiently for so long. Now I have to go through a collector or another body only interested in making extra cash... honestly thanks for nothing. I applaud your work for creating these devices but in the end it's for cash not the love of the games or gaming.
  7. I am already on the 1st waiting list. Been on it a long while. Do I have to move do different list or something?
  8. Real funny. I want to get one when the time comes. It didn't do a thing when I clicked on it at all. Am I still on the original waiting list still or now on a new one? What did it actually do when I clicked for wish list or whatever.......
  9. Clicked wish list. How do I know it did anything. Screen never changed.
  10. Been on the list for almost a year. Curious on any update on how far down the list are they for shipping units?
  11. I have no issues on be patient thank you. I just want to know when the time comes and your unit is ready. Ho w will you even know it. Will an email be sent or will you be contacted via the forum? Im quite new to this and been watching email for months now not to sure how all of this even works. Thanks!
  12. 100% Interested. got Lynx 1 not to but will take the case with it just for protection when not installed into console.
  13. Try the Valkyrie game. It looks and plays amazing if you like space combat style games.
  14. Is thee a way to preorder or prepay for one of these as of yet?
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