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  1. If someone takes advantage of you then you can either take it or take advantage of them back. But for like the 50th time a jailbreak is obviously coming so it doesn't matter.
  2. *deep sigh* You're not "putting anyone in their place" because it would absolutely go through. The people that investigate the claim are still going to hear a bunch of tech jargon they have no clue about, will see that I'm willing to return the product, maybe google search it real fast, still have no clue wtf I'm talking about, and then refund the payment. Also that entire situation doesn't matter because Analogue isn't hanging us out to dry, and it wouldn't effect Kevtris at all. All you're doing is continuing a pointless tangent for no reason. Have you been put in your place enough or should I go on?
  3. Can we drop this already? Banks don't understand tech. The second someone starts talking to them about field programmable gate arrays not performing correctly the mid 40s heavy smoker chick I'm talking to is going to roll her eyes and stamp a paper. It's a bank not a patent office.
  4. Well the thing is the cores are already written for the nt mini, and whatever code needs to be added to run snes roms already exists because it has built in games so that's already coded for fpga use and on top of that the fpga used in the Super Nt is the same kind as the one used in the nt mini just with more resources. I don't mean to make it sound overly simple to port the cores because I couldn't do it but for the person that wrote them porting them would be as Kevtris himself said in the MLiG stream "easy". Also I really think if the cores didn't happen it would be a company policy and not something decided by Kevtris. If he decided not to do it on his own because he didn't have time or something I'm sure the community would find a way to raise a high enough bounty to motivate him to do so. If the special chip games aren't included in the jb I have no problem hanging onto my sd2snes. Heck if rom support at all isn't added for the snes I wouldn't be that bothered because my sd2snes has me covered. My main concern is that the systems from the nt mini get covered because I'm just not going to buy another mini.
  5. I'm not going to hold onto a $500 console that can easily be entirely covered by a newer generation that includes an additional system. It simply isn't happening. But no that isn't why it bothers me. It doesn't matter though because I don't think Analogue is a company that would not comment about something to falsely inflate the appeal of a product.
  6. Sorry, truth is I have a lot of anger issues I'm poorly working through and the thought that a company would deliberately withhold information about their product to sell more units behind a wall of non-refundability and just leave people with a device perfectly capable of being jailbroken but won't be is just really really frustrating. I obviously don't think that is the move Analogue is planning though and it was a stupid tangent to go down. The thing that bothers me the most is that the Super Nt is legitimately a near perfect experience and if it doesn't get jailbroken that means all the systems the nt mini covered wouldn't be supported. At that point I'd probably just give up and switch to emulation because I sold off my nt mini and I'm not going to buy another one even if by some miracle it got a plastic shell and dropped $250 in price. The Super Nt is really amazing but so much hinges on this one piece of news that hearing all the theories that it isn't going to happen for months has really taken it out of me. If it is like the Nt mini then we'll get confirmation of a jailbreak one week after it was released and the embargo dropped on the 7th so it is pretty telling that the release would fall on Valentines day and it is just a few days away so getting angry about bad theories now when we're probably about to get confirmation was stupid but I really can't believe people would think Analogue's plan for not commenting was to preserve sales with people that would be less happy with their product but pick it up anyways because they didn't know for certain. That's just... terrible.
  7. It's a date then. (Don't tell your significant other)
  8. If you want to make a bet about it I'll take one without a file in it. Actually will that even travel well?
  9. I didn't say no one gets caught. I said at worst they would deny the refund for not meeting their criteria. But the point is irrelevant because a jailbreak is obviously coming.
  10. People have nothing to gain by returning their consoles as long as Analogue isn't deliberately keeping people in the dark about massively important features that are not coming. They are not doing that, but if they were it would only be fair to fight fire with fire. But as they are not, lets move on.
  11. Put money on it or move along. I'm tired of explaining how wrong you are. Say $180? That way if I'm wrong I can pay you with the money I get from my refund. No one is. If you file a claim for a single $180 that shouldn't get approved but are completely honest about why you want to return the device and the bank doesn't understand what is going on and approves it anyways then you haven't done anything illegal. And people dispute charges that shouldn't get approved all the time and at worst it gets rejected. No one gets prosecuted for jail time because they refute a single $180 charge.
  12. Wrong. Letting people buy something because you don't want to tell them the truth about your product and then saying "No givsies backsies!" is a total d-bag move. But a jb is coming so lets stop talking about how obviously horribly bad it would be if they tried their current sales strategy and didn't come through. And I'm also not going to debate you about the extremely dumb logic that "it's okay not to tell people about leaving a feature out to temporarily sell more units" but if you're salty about it I'd be happy to put money on it to end this conversation.
  13. If Analogue didn't want to say "no" and let people buy a "non returnable" item and find out for themselves that makes them the d-bags. Luckily they are not and a jb is obviously coming.
  14. You're retarded if you think everyone that filed a claim that got rejected on a $180 charge is sitting in prison with a 15 year sentence. Edit: Now people that lied about shipping charges and used the extra cost in some kind of slush fund... those guys get in some trouble. Usually fines though.
  15. That's literally never going to happen. At the absolute worst after wasting hours of both mine and Analogue's time (totaling a higher cost to them than just accepting the return in the first place) the bank would deny my return. It isn't fraud if I'm telling them exactly what it won't do and they rule in my favor, which they will because even if Analogue has a point about not confirming rom playback they would still be bastards for saying nothing and leaving it up to people to invest in a "non refundable" item to find out for themselves. Also I doubt they want anyone poking around their finances lest the banks find out what shipping the consoles actually cost and where the majority of that $40 shipping charge went.
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