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  1. Is there any writeup or demo of "SIO2BT mode" yet? If it's on, are any of the other Fujinet features still on? Mounted disk, etc?
  2. Have you tried the +++ during ATDT connection? It doesn't work for me and I always have to wait for timeout. Some people have already responded with some good stuff about AT commands, but I'll also gather those with my list and open an issue like you suggested, or add to one if someone's beat me to it.
  3. This part probably isn't as high priority as some of the other things being talked about but I thought I'd bring it up. Just a thought: The modem emulation/AT command set could be cooler by being more "standard"... Like ATDL to dial last number, or how A/ automatically does the last AT command, etc.. I've noticed that tcpser, at least the fozztexx one and maybe others, does those things. Is the code similar enough to look off of and port, maybe? Also the ability to send a key and cancel the ATDx command, when you make a mistake so you don't have to wait for it to time out.
  4. So mine finally arrived and I'm not sure if my issues are valid or not. I've had to restart the fujinet four times in the brief time I've been trying to use it. Two of those times it was while using it as a modem in a terminal program. I could still get to the menus in BobTerm, but the fujinet was just locked up mid-connection. Unfortunately I already forgot the circumstances around the other two times and will have to make notes if it happens again. Could these be just from bugs still present in the firmware or should I be concerned about the build of this particular unit? This may have already come up in one of these 72 pages in this thread, but I notice you can't DELETE back out of a site that you browse into (would be nice).. When you have only one image loaded, I would think that the A button would eject the image and let you reset back into the Fujinet's menu (would be nice), but I guess it tries to move on to the next image. Also I don't find an identifier of currently installed firmware version (would be nice).
  5. I tried looking back some pages in this thread to see mention of it, but it didn't jump out at me. Was the adapter in the 'shop' on the site ever in stock? Or is that page just a placeholder?
  6. Cool, I can probably figure out the commands. Do you think this adapter would work? Maybe it's not even worth adding that extra fix stuff if you just have a power switch and don't use it with other devices.
  7. Hi, what all did you have to do to get the firmware onto the Nano? Is it easy to extract the firmware from a working/set up SDrive Max and just flash it onto the Nano? Which SD adapter did you use? Where do you connect the SD adapter to the Arduino? Is that an UNO2SIO board in the pic under the Nano or something else? What is your experience with and opinion of it a year later?
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