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  1. In my opinion even the pic from Freedom Planet would look better with scanlines if those were done right. There are like two or three lines per pixel row. And I don't buy the sentiment that scanlines only look good on games that were meant to play with them. In my book anything 240p or less will benefit greatly from them, even Game Boy and Game Gear. One of the reasons I love my NT Mini and its analog output.
  2. You're right, you did not belittle me or my opinion and hence it wasn't geared towards you but the person following your comment. Your statement was left in there for context.
  3. There is no sudden love. I like it ever since I played it, for what it is and the some great games it has which are awesome and I dare use the word again: unique. And I never suggested the 32X should be covered in any speculative new product. What I find troublesome in this thread by now is this need to belittle others and their opinions, telling them how stupid they are and that the things they like are garbage. Why would you even bash something someone else expressed affection to? The opposite I could understand and would deem even consructive, but this is just outright bad conduct.
  4. I think I got misunderstood to some degree. My stance is not that Kevtris should work on a Genesis core only if he was including 32X and Sega CD with it. I believe that Kevtris should call the shots what he wants to do and when he wants to do it, since this will ensure him being satisfied with his work and the quality of the product overall. If this will mean a complete package of the three mentioned systems, awesome! If not, so be it. There is no point in persuading him not to work on the 32X, telling him it is a miserable system anyway with only subpar games when a) this is highly subjective (and not true ) b) he is surely capable of judging for himself and c) his efforts were never geared towards what is best for business when you consider the cores for obscure systems he created. The latter may have changed now that he is working for / partnering with Analogue, but as I said they will know best what to do next if they call the shots and they clearly don't need the input from anyone in this forum. This being said, I like the idea that Kevtris picks his projects based on his own desires, posts about them to the extent he want to, maybe uploads some great videos on youtube and us the community being bystanders admiring his work and appreciatinig whatever he likes to share with us. That and him making a pretty penny for the awesome stuff he gives us.
  5. I don't think so. I truly believe that Kevin does what a) he feels like doing or b) what Analogue pays him to do. Analogue would know just as good as you and me (and frankly everyone here) that the 32X will not be a factor for the success of an FPGA Genesis system. And regardless what Kevin might feel like working on, I am all for it as his stuff is usually pretty cool.
  6. No I don't. I found it cute how you tried to persuade kevtris as if it was even necessary.
  7. But i wasn't even interpreting anything Smoke (or his team) did negatively or talking bad about him (them). I just doubt that this "curating" should have taken hundreds of hours if he didn't dump all the games by himself. I commented on the following he has and those who excessively praise and aggresively defend him, the latter even when he is not attacked by any means. This says more about his followers than him to be honest. Also I didn't write in the context of this jailbreak he wrote or helped distribute and didn't express distrust towards him. I trust him as much or little as I trust anyone I don't know in person or have directly interacted with and so should you.
  8. I sure do. They work great with every No Intro rom I through at them. Sure, if you like it and it helps you, I won't argue about that.
  9. I honestly don't understand all the fuss about smokemonster as a person or his achievements, when all he did was copy together No Intro romsets with a couple of hacks and genre / game series collections and called it "curating". Maybe it's not too far fetched to call the following some people in this community have cultish.
  10. The 911's advertised and confirmed engine is a Super Nintendo There is not GT3 in production at the moment unfortunately, so don't expect to get one if you ordered a 911.
  11. Don't be pissed if you don't get a Porsche after ordering a VW I guess.
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