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  1. The slowness of Analogue news updates, no mini stock, no whatever.....gives other companies the opprtunity to step into the arena. As Anaolgue is a commercial company I like to see some competition and speed up development. Do not get me wrong, I like their products. I just like to see a much better customer oriented business from them.
  2. This one is the perfect C64 fpga: https://ultimate64.com
  3. Hi, I like to buy an Nuon controller for my Toshiba dvd player. Please respond. Thanks! Jack
  4. Hi, Is it an idea having one updated file for all roms Downloaded hours, but having a lot of fun with my new cart..... Really, really..enjoying...... Thanks for all new roms!!
  5. Hi, I like to order one. Please give me the details. Thanks!
  6. Please add me to the list too! Thanks!
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