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  1. That model 4 was a showstopper. I may have gone for it had I seen it in time. A real gem. This is just a basic model III. I made a decent offer to the seller and was declined. I guess I will check back in 6 months when its still up for auction and see if they want to do realistic business then.
  2. https://www.ebay.com/itm/274755333257?_trkparms=aid%3D1110010%26algo%3DHOMESPLICE.DISCCARDS%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20200818142323%26meid%3Dee589e558c8d4130afbc62129c94471c%26pid%3D101123%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D1%26mehot%3Dpf%26sd%3D124563997133%26itm%3D274755333257%26pmt%3D1%26noa%3D0%26pg%3D2563228%26algv%3Ddefault%26brand%3DRadioShack&_trksid=p2563228.c101123.m1982 Classic example of unrealistic expectations. I would love a model III but that price is more than an Amiga or rare Pet. Plus I just saw a pimped out Model IV with built in FreHD go for a much lower price.
  3. I always enjoyed Redhawk. Just because being in your own superhero comic strip was a novel way of presenting an adventure game.
  4. I loved Quake 1. With Sandy Peterson on board it had a nice nod to the Cthulhu Mythos. NIN soundtrack. Loved the setting and theme. That Ziggurat low gravity death match arena. Happy memories. I worked at a tech repair center and we had a bunch of machines set up on a LAN in the back for lunchtime matches. We used custom player skins. I had Han Solo and another guy had C3P0. Which meant he couldn't hide in the dark as his eyes glowed haha. Probably my favourite FPS until Half Life came along. I didn't care so much for the sequels as they went back to the usual Sci-Fi Tropes. Where did those 25 years go, eh?
  5. Pure gold. Complains about 8-bit guy being pompous and arrogant, then acts in a pompous and arrogant manner when asked to elaborate...
  6. BBC Basic was awful? I read that and checked out. BBC Basic was great. Probably the best of the ones I used in the day(CBM Vic/64, TI, Dragon 32, Sinclair, Sharp, Plus/4,128)
  7. Learning C and RiscOS Wimp Programming. Writing a C64 game in assembler. Recapping a classic mac Getting my SE/30 online. Assembling a Mockingboard kit. Not spending too much time playing Football Manager.
  8. I bought one of these. https://www.pagetable.com/?p=1306 A Blue Chip 5.25 FDD for my C64. It was utter s**t. Many games failed to load. It wouldn't even format disks. It would start the format then disappear up its own posterior for 10 minutes with the drive spinning before finally stopping with an error. I sent it back and was refused a refund because I didn't want a replacement. Had to get the Office of Fair Trading involved. Or rather my Dad did as I was a spotty teenager at the time. Got money money back, added some more to the pile and got a 1541-II which worked beautifully. Not sure if I just had a faulty one or if they were all crap.
  9. This. I was a hard core Apple fan from 2002-2012. I will never buy another Apple product again. Burnt too many times by substandard hardware design and refusal to admit the problems until class action suits are filed. And of course their continued attack on right to repair and 3rd party repairers. But Apple II/IIGs are great and a good choice for retro computing.
  10. I agree. The explosion of and affordability of the internet is what brought in the masses. Before that it was just geeks like me using dial up at great expense to play things like Everquest. Then suddenly everyone had the internet in their home. My father then asked me to build him a PC to email his golf buddies and distant family. phones became smarter and getting online became cheaper and faster. No turning back now.
  11. What a nice find. Probably the best 8-bit machine Commodore ever made. You may have a new favorite computer soon! I had to google fujinet to see what you were talking about(and they look cool and I may get one for my 800). As stated above you will need more than 1 device on the 128 to accomplish the same things. For disk drive emulation you have a lot of choice but I would recommend Backbit or Ultimate II+. There is a Wi-Fi Modem too. Also there are ways to take the 80 column display to a standard VGA monitor. As for printing. Well to be honest it is something I never do but I am sure other folks can suggest something. The 128 really brings the best of everything. CP/M. Great Basic. 40/80 column display.Plus it becomes a C64 too when you need to run all the games. And most importantly, the PSU is decent. I hope you have a great time with it. I use mine for BBS access mainly. Plus games.
  12. So, like a few people, I caved a bit. Got a Mac SE/30 and Apple //e Platinum. Plus a Sharp MZ-80b as I was looking for one of those for ages. Still given up on the Amiga though. The insane price of the flaky hardware plus a visit to the Amiga forums convinces me I am not missing anything regarding the 'next gen' machine either. Emulation is all I need. I actually get more pleasure fixing stuff up these days.
  13. In my UK school in the early 80's we had a Research Machines 380z locked away in an office. Had to be a part of the computer club to get access to it. My Technology teacher had a Commodore Pet and there was a BBC Micro that got wheeled around on a trolley into various classes. When I went to college it was all BBC machines and a big Cobol mainframe.
  14. Yes. I use one with my 'The Vic20' and it works fine. The PSU that came with it is also 5V 1A.
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