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  1. Ahh. My first computer. Yes it's a 're-badged' TheC64 but I will be excited to get one. Shame they couldn't get the carts like Scott Adams' stuff and Jelly Monsters included though. Amok and Cosmiads too please!
  2. Sadly not. My first computer was a Vic 20 which I sold to a friend. I used the money to buy a TI-99/4a which I then swapped for a bass guitar. I eventually sold the bass too. I wish I'd kept them all but money was always an issue in my teens.
  3. I ended up working at a UK computer games company based on my Amiga background and they phased out Amiga games in favor of the growing PC game scene. Once I played some of the titles in house that was it for me. I ended up ditching the Amiga and getting a 486 DX2-66. Then Doom came out and the rest is history..
  4. Went over to my friends house who just got an Amiga 500. Saw Populous running. Went home and looked at my C64. Felt sad. Talked Mum into ordering Amiga 500 from her catalogue the next day with a promise to help with payments.
  5. Sid Meier's Pirates!, Elite, Pool of Radiance or Wasteland for me. I'd probably go with the first one for its replay ability and open world design.
  6. All I know is that my 30 year old cheap C64 breadbins are still going strong whereas my $3000 crApple iMac I bought back in '08 died one day after its warranty ran out. Those power supplies though...
  7. Necessity forced me to unload a few of my items but it did get me thinking about what I really wanted to hang on to. So much stuff just sat there. I lost interest in the Amiga too and sold all my Amiga stuff. Ended up getting a MiST which scratches that itch if I ever get one since all I did was play games on it. Not interested in the modern 'Amiga' at all either. Got rid of my Pet, Apple stuff etc. I'm now just down to my C64s/Sx64/128/Vic, Atari 800 and BBC Master. My hobby room is still full but it's not 'hoarder' full like it was before. Plus I work in there so I needed to clear some space. Like most I enjoy seeing people talk about these old machines and see some of the cool things that are being produced but I don't want to get anything else any more. The machines I have will be the last things I hang on to I expect. Retro collecting and restoration is so popular know I no longer feel any of these older machines are in any danger of becoming extinct. Plus the emulators are getting so good these days. Saying that, I always wanted a Sharp MZ-80B back in the day so if ever one of those crosses my path.....
  8. Hey everyone. The seller was me on this one. I had to sell a few items to cover some legal costs for a younger family member who went and did something stupid that 20 somethings sometimes like to do. Lets just say she was charged with three letters and leave it at that 😉. I was very reluctant to let this one go but together with a few other sales and some savings I was able to cover her bail money and atty fees. A very nice guy from SF drove up and got the TI. I chatted to him for a bit and he said he knew all about them so I assume it all went to a good home. Meanwhile the daughter has to deal with the guilt of making her dad part with his prized hobby items. Thanks again for all the support in the past from the wonderful TI community. I'll be with you still in emulated spirit.
  9. Wow. I always wanted a Lynx. They looked so awesome when they were announced. But alas the dream was not to be.
  10. Plus now the latest version of the telnet software CCGMS now uses the network port on the UII+!
  11. Here is a link for the Ultimate II+ and as of today they are in stock. https://ultimate64.com/Main_products It really is the best thing you can get for your 64 and even at the price you will be very happy with the results.
  12. Yes you can easily convert the power supply in a master to US Voltage. I have one here in CA. I would check in with Mark at RetroClinic as they can get you a really nice pimped out one for a reasonable fee and convert it for you. All you would need then is a conversion for the PAL output. I used a Beeb to Scart connector into a converter box that outputs HDMI. Looks amazing.
  13. Thanks Robert that looked great! If only there was something like that up here in Sacramento!.
  14. Amok was a ton of fun but Cosmiads was the big hit with me and my two mates who used to come over to play it for hours, chasing that high score...
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