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  1. Wow. I always wanted a Lynx. They looked so awesome when they were announced. But alas the dream was not to be.
  2. Plus now the latest version of the telnet software CCGMS now uses the network port on the UII+!
  3. Here is a link for the Ultimate II+ and as of today they are in stock. https://ultimate64.com/Main_products It really is the best thing you can get for your 64 and even at the price you will be very happy with the results.
  4. Yes you can easily convert the power supply in a master to US Voltage. I have one here in CA. I would check in with Mark at RetroClinic as they can get you a really nice pimped out one for a reasonable fee and convert it for you. All you would need then is a conversion for the PAL output. I used a Beeb to Scart connector into a converter box that outputs HDMI. Looks amazing.
  5. Thanks Robert that looked great! If only there was something like that up here in Sacramento!.
  6. Amok was a ton of fun but Cosmiads was the big hit with me and my two mates who used to come over to play it for hours, chasing that high score...
  7. Agreed. Easily the greatest add on for the C64.
  8. Does anyone know a good source of CF2 Floppy disks? These are the 3 inch ones that Sinclair, Amstrad and Tatung used in their machines. I have an Einstein 256 and would like to have some disks to save stuff on. They are probably hard to find but any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
  9. I'm not interested in the equipment but I send best wishes for your health Curtis. I don't like too see any TI'ers in poor health. Wish you a speedy recovery.
  10. Depends. If they are games that do not scroll the screen then you may be fine. Otherwise you will get a jumbled display due the the Hz difference between PAL and NTSC. The good news is that there is usually an NTSC version of all but the most obscure titles. If you are looking to run euro demos then you may want to look to a PAL C64 or replace the VIC chip and crystal in your existing one with the PAL timed option. That then means your output monitor would need to be able to support PAL. There is more than enough NTSC stuff to keep you happy for a long time so it's not something you really need to worry about.
  11. Welcome to the wonderful world of the best selling computer! There are so many great things happening on the C64 scene. First up, the power supply. Do NOT trust the commodore one. They can go bad and fry your C64. Here is everything you need to know https://www.breadbox64.com/blog/c64-power-supplies/I would recommend getting a new one from Ray Carlsen. For monitors you can get a variety of leads to connect the C64 to a CRT or LCD screen. Try and get one with S-Video and get a cable like this one https://www.ebay.com/i/142845591642?chn=psor you can get a standard video lead for composite. The C64 uses a serial port for peripherals but there are many adapters to let you connect different types of printers. Here is an example of one https://www.vesalia.de/e_wtc64parint.htm Enjoy your C64!
  12. Dr. Floyd's Desktop Toys was always my favorite Windows 3.1 suite of apps. Aside from the Doctor's quips, Wallop was just so addicting.
  13. I would say the Atari 800. Never had one in the day and finally got a hold one one and it's a bit of a beast! As for the Plus/4 and 1571 drives remember the Plus/4 had a drive all of its own, the 1551, that plugged into the cartridge port and it was super fast. I loved my Plus/4 in the day, despite it's shortcomings and it is a damn fine looking machine.
  14. Mine was also the C2N tape drive for my VIC-20. It was the old style looking one and not the 'soap bar' one. It came with a cassette that had 4 programs on it which were Blue Meanies From Outer Space, Biorhythms and the other 2 escape my recollection. I got it two weeks after the computer and then finally I could save my programs!
  15. In 128 mode it interferes with the disk drive mode. Fine in 64 mode though. It works with the Reloaded Mk2 but causes a lot of screen jitter due to issues I will not go into here and to the OP, I assumed you meant the commodore version since that was the one you referenced. The same source has a standard RS232 version which I use on my TI-99/4a.
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