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  1. It uses a 3.6v battery. Easy to obtain and only about $8-9. Easy to replace and like all batteries it can leak. Have fun!
  2. You can play Duke Nukem 3D! and games of that era. I would replace the drive with an IDE to SD card adapter. Add more ram and enjoy. They are pretty easy to take apart. Just flip it upside down on a towel, undo a few screws and pull out the system board. Fun little machines in their day.
  3. One early experience that sticks with me to this day concerns my first computer, the VIC-20. The year was 1981 and I was 14. I took it over to my best friend's house on a Saturday and we hooked it up to the 'big' color TV in his parent's lounge. We were playing Scott Adams' 'The Count' with the VIC lying on the light green carpet in front of the TV and we were sitting on the carpet as well. It was our first exposure to a text adventure. Anyway we were stuck on the bit where its dark. At that moment my friend's Dad came back from a lunchtime session at the pub. He was a few sheets to the wind and he plopped down in his chair and stared at the big text on the screen for a few minutes as we tried to figure out the puzzle. Then all of a sudden he blurts out as he reads the screen.. 'It's too dark to see!' and then followed it up with 'LIGHT THE TORCH!'. My friend said 'Dad we don't have a torch'. We kept typing and trying to figure it out and his Dad kept yelling 'Light the Bloody Torch!' and friend was yelling back 'Dad we don't have a torch!'. This went on for several minutes until he lost patience with us, grabbed his newspaper and left the room. To this day my friend and still chuckle when we think about it.
  4. I would say nothing higher than a Pentium 200 MMX. You want something that will run 6.22/Win 3.11 and then Windows 98 via dual boot. 3DFX Video card, Soundblaster 16. That for me was the sweet spot of gaming up to the year 2000.
  5. 17/20. More familiar with the Fall than Spectrum games. RIP M.E.S.
  6. Sid Meier's Pirates! - I could just stop here really. PSI-5 Trading Company Space Moguls Airborne Ranger Times of Lore Wasteland and for just fun.. Mancave!
  7. and of course this is a handy book as well if you can find a copy... https://www.amazon.com/Dead-Mac-Scrolls-MacIntosh-Thousands/dp/0940235250/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=dead+mac+scrolls&qid=1634423345&sr=8-1
  8. I presume you know of this one? https://68kmla.org/bb/index.php
  9. Another interesting product now priced beyond interest.
  10. Hey, your choice. To each their own. I hope you get a lot of use out of it and it doesn't just become an expensive paperweight gathering dust. Out of the people buying it, how many are actually going to use it to contribute anything apart from bragging rights? For all those boasting Dev Kits there is precious little actually being developed. The reason the C65 is so expensive is because it was a non-released prototype from 30+ years ago and only 100 exist and a lot of them are missing pieces. It's a collectable. Why you would really want one though is beyond me, because it has no practical use. It's just an object to have and then eventually sell on. Cool if you found one in a loft but otherwise not worth buying at collector price now. The Mega65 is a modern FPGA system that just happens to be in a knock off C65 case. It will never be as collectable or expensive because it has no real footnote in history. It's a copy of something with a few embellishments. It has no more practical use than a Raspberry Pi or MiSTer and those are far less expensive. And at that price its the Atari VCS of modern retro systems. Spectrum Next is a much better project IMO and less than half the price. Hurts me to say that as I am a Commodore fan.
  11. $800+ dollars basically(without taxes and including shipping). No thanks. Way to expensive for what it is. Thanks for testing it for us though! Those with deeper pockets (and maybe less sense?) can iron out all the bugs for the rest of us. If they ramp up production on a Version 2 and sell it for $499 I am in. Otherwise I can always get one from someone with buyers remorse.
  12. I still stand by my PCW8256 for Infocom stuff at least. However I did play Lurking Horror on a TI-99/4a with a PEB. The noisy disk loading and delay after you typed in commands kind of added to the tension as well haha. I really wish there was more stuff for my Sharp MZ-80B. That machine screams text adventure with its all in one design and nice keyboard. Or A TRS-80 Model III/4/4p. That green screen is essential. No colors for text adventures please!
  13. I hear you. I got the 'next' on this go around. It was pricey and is the upper limit of what I will pay for things like this but I did it to support retro efforts as I want to see more projects come along. The Mega 65 was on my radar until I saw the anticipated price. Frankly the X16 looks a more likely contender.
  14. Well maybe there will be such a demand that a second, higher production run will be done at a lower price. I would love one but the wife may not be too happy on me dropping $1000 on such a hobby item. Its going to wither on the vine if the machine is to scarce and too expensive.
  15. Color me excited for this one. Hopefully it is not a silly price.
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